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10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes That Will Get You Started


When starting a website for the first time, people don’t just put real money into it, unless they are an organization, a company or a business with serious motives. However, if you’re starting as an individual with limited resources, it’s good to test and see how things work before investing in a real website with a real host.

So, what are the options available for free? Of course WordPress is one of the best platforms for starting a new website for free, whether it’s a blog, a portfolio or any other site. They have plenty of decent free themes you can use without spending a dime. Compared to Blogspot (for Google) and any other web platform, their free themes tend to me more professional, responsive and social-media integrated.

In line with that, we reveal free responsive WordPress themes you can rely on when you’re starting a free website.

1. InterStellar

Demo | Download
This theme is designed for portfolio blogs and is responsive and free to get. With this web template, you have the power to create and control your portfolio blog with clean and sophisticated designed inspired by InterStellar. It has multiple portfolio layout which lets you change color schemes, layout, and logo. You can even add your own Google Analytics code, Google maps, columns and so much more.

2. Arcade

Demo | Download


Arcade is a lightweight but fully responsive website with HTML 5 design. You can customize it using your own header image, layout, site width and so much more. Posts can be distinguished using one of the 8 supported formats; audio, video, link, quote, aside, and gallery.

3. vFlex

Demo | Download

This theme has been designed with bloggers and designers in mind. Of course it’s stylish, responsive and a free website theme that readers will love. It comes with an inbuilt flexslider, whose main task is to let you select featured images. It also comes with integrated VibeOption Panel, which supports imports and export settings, logo uploads, and many others. Because vFlex is responsive, it syncs well with iPhones, iPads and other smart devices.

4. Appliance

Demo | Download
This is a super-clean and minimalist theme that show posts in series of panels across the page instead of just a simple list. It’s code-light, which means it will load faster, plus it’s ideal for magazine websites where every featured image and story needs to stand out.

5. Zenith

Demo | Download
This is yet another feature-rich magazine theme that’s responsive and stylish enough to post stories that readers will enjoy. This template has built-in features that support gravity forms. You also get multiple layout options. Users can even customize their menus and templates to portray their preferences.

6. NoteWorthy

Demo | Download
Have you seen websites such as USA today? Well, according to the author of Noteworthy, this website was modeled on the USA today site template. The color scheme of this theme is modern, fresh and clean. The major standout feature is the area that showcases the most recent post.

7. Splendio

Demo | Download
They’ve done a really good job of finding the perfect balance between featured content on the page, combined with additional value content. You must promote other pages and posts on your site to increase page views and clicks. This is where the designers of Splendio have gotten it right. It also has great color and details to make it a perfect fit for your blog.

8. Polar Media

Demo | Download
Polar Media has a demo that speaks exactly on how it should be used. It’s ideal for blogs featuring news and latest updates that go by the minute. It showcases content in a new format. So whether you’re reporting on political happenings, or simply the showbiz arena, it should do you and your visitors a good favor.

9. Origin

Demo | Download
This is a premium and fully-responsive WordPress theme that lets visitors focus on content that brought them to your site. The free version is called Origin-lite, and it features two fixed column layout, custom widgets, responsive gallery, as well as social media networks.

10. Folder

Demo | Download
It has a slight retro feel in it. The design is dominated by pictures, which makes it a perfect theme for portraying projects or even products. There’s an admin panel, and 5 different widgets included in the form of latest work, recent posts, twitter feed, video, contact form and many more.

And the best of all is that they are free WordPress themes you can use at your own will. Therefore, sample and use them according to your preference and liking. It’s a good place to start when venturing into an online business of any nature.

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