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Money Saving Tips WIth Free Samples


When it comes to saving money, you don’t necessarily have to resort to living a frugal lifestyle, by spending a few minutes per day, ensuring that you are meticulous about your purchases you can save hundreds of dollars every single month. Here are 14 money saving tips with free samples.

Saving At The Store

1) One of the most effective ways that you can save money on your groceries is by double checking the items that you have in the shopping cart right before you check your items out. What you may come to realize is that you may just have a few unnecessary items that you don’t necessarily need for that week. By doing this each and every time you shop, you can save as much as $10-$20 per week.

2) One of the worst things that you can do whenever you”re shopping for grocery on a budget, is to shop when your hungry. Naturally, you will be putting items in the cart that you simply feel the need to eat right away as opposed to only purchasing essentials that you will use at a later date. For example, you may end up buying a few expensive microwaveables, just because the thought of eating as soon as you get home is constantly on your mind, as oppose to making smart decisive purchases.

Money Saving Tips With Free Samples

3) Another great tip consider is the fact that you can save a lot of money on your groceries by utilizing free samples as well. Not only is it a great way for you to try out different things, you will essentially gain the opportunity to get free food thus eliminating some of the costs associated with your grocery bills, in some instances you may come across a cheaper brand of a specific type of food that you usually purchase.

4) When it comes to saving money at the grocery store it helps to establish a budget that you will abide to along with bringing a calculator to come up with a rough estimate of the total amount of money that you’ll pay before you go up to the register. This is extremely useful in the sense that many people establish a budget that they eventually go over, simply because by the time they join a long line and cash out at the cash register, they don’t want to have to resort to rejoining another line or feel the embarrassment of telling the cashier to remove a few items.

Save By Executing Comparison Shopping Online

5) When it comes to materialistic purchases you can literally save hundreds of dollars every month by comparing prices in advance. Regardless if it is a book, hotel room or electronic, by checking a variety of the major retailers within your location’s website, you can see which retailer has the product that you want at an ideal price. A perfect example, would be the Samsung Galaxy 3 Tablet, at Walmart it costs approximately $139.99, while at Target it costs approximately $169.99 for the same item.

6) When it comes to refilling your prescription a good tip to consider is that you have a variety of websites such as pharmacychecker.com and pillbot.com, that give detailed information about the prices of all prescription drugs which are categorized under their respective retailer. By utilizing websites like these, you can see which pharmacy within your area, offers the best rates for your specific prescription.

Home Savings

8) As technology advances, more and more appliances are being manufactured to be more energy efficient than ever before. If you have an appliance such as an air conditioner or washing machine that is more than 10 years old, it’s highly recommended that you replace it for a more energy efficient appliance. While you may assume that purchasing new appliance is counterproductive if you’re trying to save, ultimately you’ll be saving money in the long run because your electric bill will be lower, month after month than it was before.

9) When it comes to your homes heating, one thing you can do to significantly reduce the costs associated with it, is by installing insulated windows. Based on statistics that was gathered by the NRDC or Natural Resources Defense Council, you can save as much as 20-35% off your heating costs by utilizing insulated windows because a majority of your home’s heat, escapes not only whenever you open the door, but through traditional glass windows as well, even when the’re closed.

10) Another thing you can do to reduce the costs associated with heating your home is by changing the filter. This will allow the heater to run more efficiently and will also reduce the chances that it may need to be repaired by a professional due to being congested.

Cut The Costs Associated With Doing Laundry

11) Gone are the days when you had to pour a cup of laundry detergent to effectively clean a load of clothes. In the present times, laundry detergents are now manufactured in a concentrated form which means that you really only need 1 to 2cork-fuls of detergent to get the job done. Many people still have that traditional mindset that more is good, but in most cases that extra amount of detergent isn’t just costing you more money in the long run, but it will essentially damage your clothes as well.

12) When it comes to leakage within the home, people typically think about the bathroom and kitchen. What few people know is that sometimes, washing machines have a tendency to leak due to loose piping and/or a malfunction within the machine itself. And in some cases, due to the rocking motion that the machine goes through, it can dislodge itself from the piping system behind it, which may cause it to leak. Ensure that you check your washing machine periodically to ensure that there are no signs of leakage.

Safe Money On Your Bills

13) Do you really need unlimited data, or based on the fact that your home has WiFi, it really isn’t a necessity ? Many people like the concept of acquiring a a phone and getting everything “unlimited”, but if your not a heavy mobile internet user, or if you spend a large majority of your time at home, you can save some money by reducing the costs associated with your phone bill by acquiring a smaller data cap plan such as 5 GB. Believe it or not, experts estimate that the typical smartphone user utilizes 2.5 GB of data on average, so essentially that extra $20 could be going to waste.

14) When it comes to your entertainment bills, a great way that yo u can save some money is to opt in for a smaller selection of channels and acquire a service such as Netflix or Hulu instead.

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