10-Minute Trainer Review

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10-Minute Trainer ReviewLosing fat is one of the most common fitness challenges. It’s a challenge because there are so many workout plans to choose from. Thanks to this endless availability of fitness plans, diet plans and workout programs, it’s often difficult for an individual to find a plan that they would benefit from. Where most people go wrong when choosing a plan is that they go for something that just takes too much time every day. Given the hectic work schedule of most people, these plans are simply unrealistic and require just too much time. This is exactly what Tony Horton was thinking when he was designing his new workout plan.

He came up with the revolutionary 10-Minute Trainer, which as the name suggest takes only 10 minutes every day to follow. Although the plan requires only 10 minutes every day, it promises to be as effective as the best workout plans in the market today. This is effective because the training is high intensity and encourages fat loss and muscle toning simultaneously. Thanks to the popularity of the program, Tony Horton was even invited to the Dr.Oz show to talk about the program.To help you decide if this workout plan is the one for you, here’s our 10-Minute Trainer review that’s going to reveal the positive and the negatives of this program.

10-Minute Trainer Details:

The program revolves around a workout technique called Super Stacking. In layman’s terms, this combines different moves to give you a total body workout in the minimum amount of time. It works out several muscle groups simultaneously rather than just providing an isolated workout for a single group. The workout covers all major muscle groups and cardio in every single power packed session. This workout plan is by no means easy and definitely not for people who don’t want to do high intensity workouts. For it to be effective in only 10 minutes, Tony Horton had to incorporate cardio, toning, abs and resistance training all in the plan. The short 10 minute workouts claims to give the same fat burning effect that you would otherwise get from a 30 minutes jog. This makes the program a bit challenging at first.

However, most people who have continued through the initial shock period have experienced great results. The total 10-Minute Trainer package contains two DVDs which has six different 10 minute workout session aimed to give you a full body workout. These 10 minute workouts include a cardio workout, a total body workout, a lower body workout, a abs workout, and a yoga flex workout. Tony’s On The Go Workout Cards that’s included with the kit will help you do your workout when you are out on a trip. Apart from the workout videos you also get a resistance band kit, a cardio belt, a workout calendar, and a recipe book. The band and the belt is used by Tony in several of his sessions. The combined effect of dieting and high intensity 10 minute workout has worked wonders for hundreds of people. There are several examples of individuals who have lost more than 100 pounds of body fat following this plan.


Saves Time: All you have to do is devote just 10 minutes per day to achieve the fat loss results you desire. Compared to other similar workout plans, the 10-Minute Trainer saves you a lot of time. This is perfect for people who have a hectic work schedule or who want to spend more time with family and friends.

Effective: The short workout sessions not only saves time but are also effective. If followed consistently this gives good fat burning and muscle toning results. Several average individuals has used this program to lose several pounds of fat and get the physique they always dreamed about.

Total Body Workout: This workout program is complete. This means it covers all major muscle groups and includes cardio sessions, which means you don’t have to follow any other routine just to get a full body workout. This makes it perfect for individuals who wish to get a full body workout rather than just concentrating on a few parts. The total body workout concept of the plan, improves the fitness level of an individual from all possible angles. They get stronger, faster, and fitter.

Includes A Diet Program: Every workout program is doomed to failure if it’s not complimented with a diet program. A 10 minute workout a day cannot overpower 24 hours of unhealthy snacking. This is why the 10-Minute Trainer kit also includes a diet guide. The combination of the recommended diet and the high intensity workout is what makes this program effective.

Equipment Free: There are several programs out there requires users to be at the gym or use complex equipments. This where, this program is different. Everything you’ll ever need to follow the program is already included in the kit. The workout sessions mostly contains free hand exercises, making it convenient to follow them at home.


Not For All: Although the program includes some high intensity moves, this is not for an advanced level athlete. While it’s great for people who want to shed excess pounds, the program is definitely not for people who wants to get more out of there workout. At most, this can be a supplementary program for advance level athletes.

Resistance Band Provides Little Resistance: The resistance band provided with the kit gives very little resistance. This might make it necessary to buy another band for a more intense workout. The low resistance level of the bands are aimed to help beginners, however it can be frustrating for people who are used to lifting weights.


The 10-Minute Trainer has definitely more positives than negatives. This is a perfect solution for most busy individual who simply spare hours daily to pursuit their fitness goals. The program has helped a lot of people lose fat and overall is a dependable product. If followed correctly it can give you fast results. The program however is not for serious athletes who may find the 10 minute sessions a little too less. Therefore, if you are struggling with burning fat and simply don’t get the time to go to the gym, the 10-Minute Trainer is definitely worth considering.

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