21 Day Fix Review

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21 Day Fix Review21 Day Fix is a brand new weight loss home program – or eating plan – created by national level bikini fitness competitor and nutrition and fitness expert Autumn Calabrese. Produced by Beachbody, the program is claimed to help you lose up to 15 pounds in just 21 days using a single 30-minute workout per day. In addition, the 21 Day Fix is designed around a container-based system to teach portion control. The portion-control system comprises seven color-coded containers and a Shakeology shaker cup which are designed to deliver the right portions of food. This ensures that you never eat too much or too little.

According to the product’s website, most weight loss diets don’t work effectively because you probably would get tired watching what you eat and spend hours in the gym trying to cut off that extra pound and slim down the ever increasing waistline. Instead, the 21 Day Fix is claimed to follow a plyometric training technique that is meant to offer you the best results by adjusting the workout in your busy schedules with ease and getting visible fitness results.

21 Day Fix Details

21 Day Fix is broken down to seven easy-to-follow workouts which are contained in 2 DVDs. Each of the workouts takes 30 minutes with a three minute warm-up and three minutes cool down.

Cardio Fix: is said to help put your body in a perfect motion, and get your heart pumping and your body moving normally as you work your way to melting away the excess pounds. The workout also helps burn as much calories as possible within 30 minutes of a varying range of active drills that take you from the floor to your feet. Speed skaters, Burpees, etc. are all included to help you focus on your butt and core. For those who have bad knees, they don’t need to worry since the workout comprises various modifications for all levels of fitness.

Total Body Cardio Fix: During the total Body Cardio Fix, you’ll be required to combine various cardio exercises with light weights so as to help you burn calories fast and make you sweat. It is meant to increase the heart rate and body’s metabolism even after the workout is completed. It’s also designed to work just about every single group with several compound movements using the light weights. The workout is composed of 4 rounds with each round having two moves and these moves are repeated twice per round.

Upper Fix: The upper Fix workout is intended to offer as much resistance as possible during the training so as to help shape your back, chest, arms, shoulders, and abs. actually this workout is meant for your upper body and it is combined with some not-so-classic moves that will make your core to fire up and, at the same time, get a good workout. Exercises such as Bicep Curl/ Overhead Press, Concentration Curl/Kickback, Chest Press/ Close-Grip Press, DB Pullover/ Triceps Extension, DB Row/Straight Arm Raise etc. are performed.

Lower Fix: Is meant to help firm and tone your entire lower body while you burn calories and blast fat. It is considered more of a “leg day,” and it could just be that since it involves more than just your average squat and lunge. Autumn tries to mix it up so that it offers you a more dynamic workout that you are probably going to feel the next day.

Pilates Fix: Is meant to elongate your muscles, strengthen your core, and firm your thighs and hips. You may also feel your abs being engaged in the entire time. It may switch at a great pace so it keeps you engaged and entertained.

Yoga Fix: to improve your flexibility, balance, and strength as you’ll help relax your muscles. It involves 30 minutes of relaxing and a properly challenging Yoga exercise. You may Consider this your active recovery day.

Dirty 30: Comprise of 4 rounds of fat-burning exercises that are designed to help you carve out a stronger and leaner physique. It is a total body workout that combines a variety of weights and at the same time fully focuses on your upper body, lower body, and your core.

Also included in the 21 Day Fix package include the Essential Package, the Ultimate Package and the Challenge Package. The Essential Package is the least expensive and comprises six containers, a shaker cup and the seven workouts. The challenge package comes packed with all the components of the essential package together with a 30-Day shakeology supply. The third package – the ultimate pack – includes all the components of the first two packs but with two extra workouts, a resistance band and an insulated bag.


  • Each workout is only 30 minutes long
  • Claim to help you lose up to 15 pounds in only 21 days
  • The program has a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning that should you find the program not working for you as you would otherwise expect, then you can claim back your money.
  • Autumn also guarantees a 24/7 online support to give you access to weight loss experts and other 21 Day Fix users.


  • The workouts are pretty intense and physically demanding. And although they are only 30 minutes each, and some of them may seem easy at the time, expect to feel them the next day.
  • Depending on your weight and height, 21 Day Fix could be 750 calorie deficit per day. But remember that its takes 3000 calories burned to get rid of one pound. This means that, at that rate, you’ll probably need about 105 days to lose 35 pounds.
  • The food container looks bigger on screen than it is in real life.
  • You may have some trouble following the diet plan using the portion sizes.
  • The portion sizes, in the long run, may not provide enough calories to sustain a healthy weight at the workout plan’s activity level. After a few weeks, you’ll need to ramp up the amount of food, though it is required that you retain their ratio of foods like vegetables to lean fats and proteins.
  • Even though there are low impact modifications on the two DVDs, you may find them very difficult to follow. A lot of the exercises may actually feel very impossible for you to complete.
  • For the Upper Fix workout, the design of the short time frame still leaves little time at the end of a thorough stretch. This may not sound pleasant if you have areas of injury or you are battling with areas that are prone to injury. You’ll need to take a few extra minutes to give your body some cool down at the end of the program.
Bottom line

Sincerely speaking, most of the Beachbody weight loss programs barely have fairly positive online customer reviews. So, even though the 21 Day Fix program is claimed to help users shed off extra pounds and considerably tone up and slim down is only 21 days, just like any other workout program, you must continue to make healthy choices.

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