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The 21 Days Sugar Detox Review | Diane SanfiilppoAs the name of the product suggests (The 21 Days Sugar Detox Program), it is a method to detox the body from the bad effects of sugar. We have been taught from the beginning about various health foods. Everyone knows that we need to eat high fiber content such as oatmeal and whole grain bread and need to avoid certain foods. However, all of this is not true. If it were true, there won’t be so many cases of people feeling body fatigue and craving for cars and sugar all the time.

All of these healthy foods work together to take the body on a blood sugar fed rollercoaster each day. The result is that our body craves sugar and carbohydrates and we need to keep feeding our body to satisfy these cravings. Ultimately, our body becomes too dependent on sugar.

Diane Sanfiilppo is a certified nutrition consultant and also a holistic lifestyle coach. She is the author of multiple books on New York Times bestseller list. Before starting The 21 Days Sugar Detox Program, she also believed in the healthy foods hype. She used to have oatmeal or non-fat yogurt for breakfast along with a whole grain bread sandwich for lunch and mushrooms for dinner but still she did not feel healthy. Instead, her body craved sugar and carbs.

She knew that something was not right. She was constantly struggling with cravings and suffered from energy spikes and dips during the day. She also often felt tired and lethargic and had trouble sleeping. This is when she decided to take matters into her own hands. She started studying nutrition and so-called health foods. What she found was almost shocking.

She found that the foods that we have been told to fear not only help us in overcoming sugar cravings but also help in giving an energy boost. She also found that there are some foods that help in effortlessly getting rid of excess body fat.

When she started on her own diet plan, she not only became more energetic but also felt healthy and confident. Once she discovered the truth behind these health foods, she penned down two bestselling books on nutrition and decided to share her wisdom with the rest of the world in the form of the 21 day sugar detox diet program.

The 21 Days Sugar Detox Program Details

There are three different packages available for buyers. These packages are labeled basic package, premium package and plus package.

In the basic package, the buyer gets 50 page QuickStart guide in PDF form. There are five modifications guide (Athlete modifications guide, Kids modifications guide, Autoimmune modifications guide, New Moms modifications guide and Pescetarian modifications guide). There is also a 23 day audio support series. There are five bonus 21DSD friendly guides included in the package. These bonuses are Smoothie recipes, against all gain recipes, Paleo parents’ recipes, Workout guide and Yoga guide.

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In addition to these, it comes with real food discount coupons, expanded success journal, modification meal plans and modification shopping lists.

The plus package of the program comes with everything in the basic package and includes printed sugar detox guide book, 21 day meal plan and more than 90 easy recipes. It also comes with bonus printable meal plans and 15 egg free recipes and printable guide for alternative foods. The price includes priority mail shipping and handling.

The premium package of the program includes everything in the plus package. In addition it also comes with physical 21 days sugar detox cookbook, 21 day meal plan, over 100 easy recipes, printable meal plans and guides for food allergens and others. The price for this package includes priority mail shipping and handling.

All three packages come with lifetime access to updates and a community forum.


  • The 21 Days Sugar Detox Program covers everything you need to know on sugar detox. It offers information on the actual sugar science and offers many healthy recipes to get rid of those sugar cravings. There is also multiple effective detox methods included in the program.
  • The biggest advantage of this program is that it successfully helps in getting rid of the sugar addiction. In simple terms, you get rid of your cravings and start moving on the path to a healthier and more confident body.
  • The program offers a lot of flexibility. You can easily manage the intensity of your sugar cleans.
  • The information given in the program is practical. There are solutions offered for emergency situations that derail the detox plans.
  • There are separate plans for special circumstances such as for vegans, vegetarians, pregnant women or athletes.
  • The information is provided in an organized manner and the physical books that are part of the premium and plus packages really help.
  • It comes with a no questions asked, 60 days, money back guarantee.
  • The author and her team offers excellent customer service and answers all of the customer queries within 24 hours.
  • All of the recipes and alternative foods provided in the program are completely natural and the recipes have been designed to be easy to cook.
  • The program is available at only a one-time fee with lifetime access to the community forums where you can share your progress and also benefit from the experience of others.


  • Some of the buyers have found that they were not able to easily get some of the food recommendations included in the program. However, we are of the opinion that if you are unable to source some particular food options locally, there are enough alternatives provided in The 21 Days Sugar Detox Program.
  • The only other con with the program that we could find is that availability of three different programs sometimes makes it difficult for people to choose between the three. Ideally, only one package should have been offered that should have included everything in the premium package.

Overall, The 21 Days Sugar Detox Program is a very simple but informative product. One of the biggest advantages of this product is that everything has been defined in a simple manner including the science behind the sugar and carb cravings.

There are also a lot of bonus guides and modification guides included in the program that are aimed at specific conditions. Most of the buyers who have chosen to leave a testimonial at the product website have mentioned that they felt super healthy and more confident after following the program.

The quality of content provided in the product is amazing. This author is a certified nutritionist and has first-hand knowledge of the cravings. She knows how people, who suffer from these cravings, think and feel.

If you have been following the conventional wisdom and still feel unhealthy after eating the so called healthy foods, the 21 day sugar detox guide is tailor made for you.

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