4 Day Thyroid Fix Review

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4 Day Thyroid Fix ReviewAre you sick and tired of your stubborn fat? Did you try almost everything to lose weight but didn’t witness any progress? Are you suffering from menopause belly syndrome? Are you tormented by sleep disorder? Do you sleep for eight hours and still feel tired? If yes, then you are prone to thyroid dysfunction. However, you don’t need to worry at all as the ‘4-day thyroid fix’ by Dr. Anthony Capasso is here to take care of all your woes.

The thyroid secretes different hormones namely T2, T3, T4 and much more. The T3 hormone secreted by the thyroid is a fat-burning hormone. Due to thyroid dysfunction, the secretion of this hormone is hampered that makes it is difficult to lose weight. Moreover, our energy gets drained early and the process of aging occurs hastily.

The causes of this dysfunction are numerous. If you had ever been on a low-calorie diet in the past, then that also makes you prone to the dysfunction. Some of our mundane food also cause harm to our thyroid. You’d be shocked to know that food item like wheat, broccoli, soy and beans that we had always considered healthy are actually the root cause behind escalating the malady. Dr. Anthony Capasso researched for years and finally, he discovered that these healthy foods are damaging our thyroid. Furthermore, he came up with this ‘4-day thyroid fix’ program.

The program includes simple steps to restore your thyroid gland. This, in turn, leads to secretion of weight reducing hormone facilitating easier weight loss and assists you in getting rid of menopause belly syndrome. Furthermore, it leads to a resurgence of energy, proper sleep, stabilizing of appetite, and removal of the blues that improves your mood.

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The program includes simple food by which people of all age groups can drop more pounds and live the life they deserve. You don’t need to sacrifice your favorite food and you can get slim quicker than any other diet.

4 Day Thyroid Fix Description

This 4-day diet introduced by Dr. Capasso is a process of the reboot for your thyroid glands. It reduces your weight and restores body’s metabolism. It is the best solution to lash out free T3 and other important hormones. The program is lucid and totally effective. The diet comprises of those food items that you can easily procure from any grocery outlet. It uses natural and authentic food items and you can use this program even if you had previously opted for any medication or iodine therapy.

The diet plan is inclusive of those food items that are helpful in repairing the thyroid gland. It leads to rapid weight loss and makes you feel energetic. You can shed a hefty amount of weight be it 60, 70, 80 or even more pounds.

The program contains the following:

  • A handbook on ‘4-Day thyroid diet’.
  • The nutrient cycle that needs to be followed.
  • Quick start guide of the program.
  • A list of common exercises that should be avoided.
  • ‘21 days to revive yourself’, a motivational series by Dr. Capasso.
  • A list of general exercises to avoid.
  • The best and natural thyroid supplements.

The ‘4-Day Thyroid Fix’ is a step by step program. It is easy to execute and you’ll see visible results within few days. The program increases the level of iodine and free T3. The iodine resistance is caused by consuming the harmful food items. It slows down the metabolism thereby accelerating aging and making you feeble. It also increases your weight that leads to many problems further. However, this program if followed properly will reboot your thyroid gland and your metabolism will be augmented. Younger metabolism rate directs you to be younger. It helps you to get rid of harmful toxins quickly and you can feel the change within you.

The diet keeps you fit and stabilizes your appetite. It makes you feel fuller and diminishes your cravings for food. This encourages you to lose a substantial amount of weight.

The ‘Thyroid nutrient cycle’ is a schedule which needs to be followed as it is to reap the benefits of this program. The cycle allows you to consume the right food at the right time. The diet includes carbs, desserts, and many high-calorie foods. You can eat good food and at the same time, you’ll be able to shed oodles of pounds.
The diet plan allows you to eat whatever you want. The only thing that you must take care of is that you should know when and how to consume your favorite food, and for this, you can refer to the nutrient cycle. If you know when and how to eat any food, then that aids you in losing weight at a faster rate.

The main premise of this program is to reduce the thyroid woes and help in losing weight bereft cutting on the calories. If you follow this program earnestly, then you’ll be able to transform your body into a well-toned body.

The outcome of this program:

  • You get to know about 11 thyroid saving food.
  • You’ll come to know about the hidden cause of thyroid woes so that you can avoid them.
  • You’ll come to know about the food and exercises that you should avoid.
  • The program will reboot your thyroid glands and allow you to have a finely-toned body.
  • It allows you to enjoy an energetic life that you deserve.


  • The program is easy to execute and is highly effective.
  • It is the best method to revitalize thyroid glands.
  • The method compliments in losing weight rapidly.
  • It leads to energy resurgence and invigorates the body.
  • It makes you and your skin younger.
  • It helps you to shrunk your muscles and get a toned body.
  • The program comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • The program is available online only and there is no other option to purchase the program.
  • You’d require a stable internet to purchase the license.
  • The program is quite useful but if after a period of time, if you retaliate to junk food and your earlier lifestyle, then you’ll end up gaining weight again.
  • It is present in the form of a PDF so you’ll always need a portable electronic device to carry it with you.

The ‘4-Day Thyroid Fix’ is a great program for all those people who aspire to get rid of all the thyroid problems and lose stubborn fat. It is a natural process of bringing the T3 level back to normal. The food items mentioned in the diet plan are easily available in the market. The whole process is simple and you don’t need to spend hours working out in the gym. It also makes you aware of the common causes of thyroid problems. You get to know what should be done and what should be avoided.

You don’t need to cut the calories from your diet rather you can enjoy your favorite food. The program guides you with the right time to eat so that it benefits your body. Moreover, it takes you towards a better life. You’ll feel younger, be happier and be able to enjoy your life to the fullest. Finally, the best thing about this program is that you have nothing to lose. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the program, then you can mail it to the author and he’ll refund the money back to you. So, you can surely go for it.

8.5 Total Score

Quite fast and very effective Thyroid diet. Many positive testimonials is a good sign it really does work.

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