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7 Keto Review7 Keto DHEA may be called the purist body-builder’s answer to steroids. Its use may not be limited to body builders, though. It may also have applications in the field of weight loss.

7 Keto and DHEA

7 Keto is a nutritional supplement which is a by-product of DHEA. DHEA is short for “dehydroepiandrosterone.” This is a chemical which is produced naturally by glands in the body. It is the body’s most abundant steroid.

Naturally-produced steroids are important to the maintenance of human health. As long as the body is working properly, a person will naturally produce all of the right steroids in the correct amounts.

Sometimes, though, things can go wrong. Medical steroids may be used to correct some of these issues. They must be administered very carefully and under the supervision of a doctor. Dosages must be well-controlled and carefully monitored by a physician to prevent unwanted hormonal changes from taking place.

Of course, medical steroids can and are misused. This is sometimes referred to as “recreational” steroid use. It’s very common amongst body builders, because certain steroids promote hyper-development of muscles and can enhance athletic performance. Supplements containing DHEA are among these. DHEA converts to steroids in the body.

Extra steroids in the body can lead to all kinds of health problems. While muscle growth may not be an unpleasant side effect for some users, other side effects often are. Some of these include unwanted hair growth, development of breast tissue in men, adverse/decreased liver function and excess testosterone (sometimes leading to “roid rage”). Taking too many steroids can reduce the body’s ability to produce natural steroids. This condition may become permanent.

As previously noted, 7 Keto is a by-product of DHEA. However, 7-Keto does not convert into steroids in the body. This sets it apart from other products containing DHEA.

The benefits of 7 Keto

7 Keto may speed up metabolism in some users. Body builders sometimes use it to burn fat while building muscle. It can help to promote lean muscle mass in the body.

Its use isn’t limited to body builders, though. Since it doesn’t convert to steroids, it may be an effective weight loss aid for people who have struggled to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. In addition to its ability to burn calories faster, it may also help promote stable energy levels.

In other words, 7 Keto can help some users avoid “crashes.” Crashes are quick, sudden downward spikes in energy levels. These crashes often lead to unhealthy snacking between meals, binging and generalized overeating.

Crashes can have different causes. It may be caused by low levels of sugar in the body. Crashes can also occur after consuming meals or snacks that are high in sugar and/or in simple carbohydrates like bread, pastries or pasta, particularly those made of white flour. Taking 7 Keto can prevent these crashes from occurring, thus eliminating the need to snack, binge or overeat.

Additionally, 7 Keto can boost thermogenic energy. This refers to heat that certain foods generate. This heat actually causes you to burn calories faster and in larger quantities.

Let’s say that a particular food that has a thermogenic effect of 10 percent. This means that if you eat 100 calories of this food, it uses 10 of those calories just to convert the food to energy. This means that you end up consuming only 90 of those 100 calories.

7 Keto Weight Loss

7 Keto should not be considered to be some kind of magic, miracle elixir that burns calories. 7 Keto weight loss is most effective when you consume a diet that is high in lean protein, vegetables and fruits. Carbs and sugar should be kept to an absolute minimum. Simple carbohydrates should be avoided altogether. If you do consume carbs (and the body does need some of these), stick with complex carbs that are high in vitamin content, like sweet potatoes.

Users must also maintain a regular exercise regimen. Lifting weights is not necessary, (though 7 Keto may work better and faster with strength training). Any kind of exercise will do. Whether you use 7 Keto or not, the best exercise regimens contain a balanced mix of cardio and strength training. (A brisk 30-minute walk qualifies as a cardio workout. Strength training can be accomplished with light hand weights or resistance bands.)

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