Adonis Golden Ratio Review

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Adonis Golden Ratio ReviewAdonis golden ratio is a fitness guide that was created by John Barban and Kyle Leon. The main aim of Adonis golden ratio is to help men achieve an ideal physique by losing excess fat and gaining muscle. It is called a ratio because for you to attain the ideal physique, there must be a certain corresponding ratio of shoulder to waist.

John Barban found out that the ideal physique is not only important for purposes of attraction but it also contributes to perception of how people view others and judge them from their looks. The name Adonis came from comparison to a Greek god of beauty known as Adonis who represents the perfect physique.

This system came after a prolonged research of close to 10 years on fitness training and nutrition. Kyle Leon who is a fitness instructor and a weight loss expert definitely put a lot of work on this program to make it a success.

What does Adonis Golden Ratio Program involve?

You can get the program in form of:

  • A fitness guide and nutritional guide both downloaded online as a pdf separately.
  • A video of instructions and a software on nutrition which is accessible online after purchasing the program.
  • An online community for motivation and moral support where you discuss with other men about the training progress.

The first step of the program is to find your shoulder to waist ratio and this is well explained in the guide so you don’t have to worry on how to go about it.

After knowing your ratio, it is now time to know your fitness and nutritional program and this will depend on what you want to achieve at the end of the program. Some people want to loss body fat, other people want to gain muscles while some people want to achieve both. No matter what you want to achieve, all this is explained in the guide.

The software is made to work for you perfectly as an individual. In the software you have a place where you input your age, height, current weight and shoulder-waist length. This will help you know the fitness plan ideal for your needs.

Once you input these details in the software you will get a blue print of your nutritional needs. This is very detailed because it tells you the actual number of calories you are supposed to take every day to help you achieve your goal.

The kind of workouts you will take also depend on your desired goal. For people who want to loss body fat the work outs will consist of circuit training while those who want to gain muscle strength eliminate the circuit training from the work out training.

With the Adonis golden ratio you don’t guess or do anything blindly. You have to follow instructions which are very specific to your needs to achieve your objective.

The program does not only contain the fitness training and nutritional guide. Some of the benefits which come with the program include:

  • Abs and arms assault guide. This gives you a detailed explanation on how to work on your arms. The arms are very important because they are the most visible part of the body when trying to show a perfect body. Perfect arms will be the first impression in showing a perfect body.
  • Adonis updates. Together with the program you will get recent updates to help with your program. New ways of training and work outs are coming up every day so with the Adonis updates you will be kept up to date throughout the program.
  • Kyle Leon 7 days out. This will give you a step by step procedure on how to gain 10 to 20 pounds of muscles and become 10 to 20 pounds leaner in less than 7 days.

Advantages and benefits of the Adonis golden ratio program.

  • A clear and specific program. With Adonis golden ratio program you don’t have to guess on anything because all the steps and procedures are given. It treats you as an individual and you have work out routines and a nutritional plan specifically for you.
  • It is a natural method. The Adonis golden ratio utilizes steps of proper training and a good nutritional plan. These are all natural methods of losing excessive weight and gaining muscles which do not require adding anything harmful to your diet.
  • It is a proven fitness program. It is one of the fitness programs that have actually been proven to work by a thousand of people who used it and got the results they were looking for. The many testimonials are a proof of its work.
  • Adonis golden is suitable for everyone. Anyone can start the fitness program, whether over weight or masculine because everyone has a unique fitness goal.
  • Online community. The online community for interactions provides a very good platform for motivation and moral support. Members of the program exchange ideas and give their experiences concerning the program.
  • Easy to understand instructions and videos. The program provides with easy to understand instructions on the pdf and videos which everyone can relate to.
  • The program comes with additional benefits. Once you purchase the program you are entitled to other benefits like the updates.

Disadvantages of Adonis golden ratio program.

  • The program was specifically designed for men. The workout routines and nutritional programs were specifically designed to work for men only and cannot work for women so women cannot use this fitness program.
  • No specific details on the meals to take. The program just gives you the amount of calories your body needs for each day but does not give you the exact foods that you should take. It leaves out very important details so you might end up taking inappropriate foods.
  • It might take longer than 12 weeks to gain a perfect body. The 12 weeks period is just the average time which might be required to achieve the perfect physique. For some people it might take the 12 weeks but for some people it might take longer than that.

The Adonis golden ratio is one of the safe and ideal programs to help men gain a perfect physique. The program being natural makes it very suitable and safe for all body types and basically every man can start the program. It is very specific to people’s needs and so there is no generalization in terms of the nutritional plan and work out routines. The disadvantages of this program are also very reasonable and they do not cause any hindrances.

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