Advanced Core Training Review

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Advanced Core Training ReviewAdvanced Core Training is a video seminar created by Dean Somerset, Rehabilitation and Fitness Coordinator at World Health Club. He created the seminar to assist with helping others strengthen their core and reduce back pain. Dean suffered injury after injury and was even told by his doctor that his injuries was going to be the reason he is unable to walk by the time he hit 30. Dean took it upon himself to perform core stabilization and strengthening to assist with the pain he was going through. After realizing that this worked for him, he decided to introduce the Law of Core Training to others. Thereby, creating the Advanced Core Training Video Seminars. Dean Somerset has traveled to various locations giving identical presentations and seminars, as well hands-on workshops.

Advanced Core Training Details

Advanced Core Training is complete with workout and exercise videos, aimed toward core strength and stability. In addition to this, you will receive core training physiology, core training samplesite, exercise dissection and demos, question and answer session with Dean Somerset and lifetime free updates. On top of all of this, you also receive continuing education credits. This training is a hands-on clinic, complete with a breakdown on achieving specific goals in core strengthening. You will be introduced to other exercises that aren’t as popular or as widely known, however you are provided the results that you are looking to achieve. The Advanced Core Training gives you the ability to print out the hand outs, which have the various assessments and exercises detailed for you. Every portion of the program addresses each area of the core that can be strengthened. The Advanced Core Training provides you with the direct access to the videos and handouts needed in order to become educated in core training.


Advanced Core Training comes complete with a wide arrange of advantages and benefits. For starters, you are receiving this training seminar from a widely known expert that has been publicly recognized in various magazines and other media publications. As previously mentioned, you will automatically receive continuing education credit for completing this seminar training, if you are certified through NSCA. You will have immediate lifetime access to the workout and exercise videos. Not only will Advanced Core Training program add value to your services, but you will also receive continuous support in building your site. You will learn the how to teach the proper ways of breathing during specific training techniques.

Advanced Core Training will provide you with leverage over others in the fitness industry, since you will attain the knowledge to help your clients relieve their pain and resolve any issues that arise with movement. You have the option of watching the videos anytime that you choose. If you want to watch it all in one setting or choose how to split the videos up, the choice is entirely up to you. In addition, you have the capability to watch the training videos on any type of electronic device, that has the ability to playback videos. If all this weren’t enough, if you feel that Advanced Core Training program was not beneficial to you or your clients in any way, shape or form, you have a 100% 60-day money back guarantee. Therefore, you have nothing to lose, yet everything to gain by putting this program to the test. Dean gives you the option of being able to reach out to him at anytime with any questions or guidance that you may need with the program. Not only has the techniques been applied to Dean’s lower back issues, but he also has provided the same form of training to a wide scope of individuals, ranging from office workers to Olympic athletes.


As with any product or service, whenever there are advantages you will find a few disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that you do have to pay $59 for Advanced Core Training program. Other disadvantages, include the fact that you do have to download the videos yourself. If you want the videos or presentations on a DVD, you would need to download them and burn them to a DVD on your own. If you are not certified through the NSCA, you will need to petition for your continuing education credits. Although the you have the advantage of having immediate access to the presentations and handouts, you are still required to download the videos and print out the hand outs. The reason this can be a disadvantage is because needing access to a printer and having the printed hand outs accessible in order to follow the presentations. The locations that Dean gives his seminars and presentations are limited, therefore unless you have an extremely flexible schedule, you would need to rely on the videos and correspondence in order to educate yourself.


In conclusion, when it comes to core training, you may find other individuals that offer similar services, however Dean is the only one with a program that can be deemed as trustworthy and reliable. His program has been recognized in Men’s Health, Men’s Journal and just to name a few. Advanced Core Training is a very detailed program, which consists of breaking down common issues when dealing with the spine. You are shown how to create a variety of solutions that are tailored to the needs of your clients. Dean is praised with the title of being a guru when it comes to core training, by his colleagues and other professionals in the Health and Fitness industry. Through his program, you are given the tools that you need in order to adjust the way the core training is delivered, learn how to preserve the spine from becoming weak and fragile and encourage proper stabilizing and strengthening methods in order to prevent injuries. This type of guidance and training is only available from Dean Somerset and the Advanced Core Training program he designed specifically to address these issues. Dean knows that it works, because he applied the same techniques to himself. Through these same techniques he healed himself. You are given a money back guarantee, which proves that he is confident in the program and videos that he has created. By Dean putting his seal of guaranteed approval on his products, you should feel confident in regards to the product that you are purchasing.

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