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Animal Pak ReviewThe most successful bodybuilders in the world will tell you that two of the most important things to have a rock-solid body is exercise and nutrition. You simply cannot eat your way to big muscles. But no matter how many hours you spend in the gym every day if you are not eating right you then you are not going to get the results that you are looking for.

But if you will prod these experts further they will also tell you that getting the right supplement also helps – a lot. But with what seems like hundreds of muscle-building supplements that are already out in the market getting the right one is definitely a difficult task. One of the more established brands of muscle-building supplements available in stores is Animal Pak. But before you buy rush bout to buy this supplement, you need to know a few things about this supplement first through this review.

Animal Pak Supplement with a history

If you are looking for a body building supplement, it is advisable that you get one that has been tried and tested already. It seems like every day, a new body building supplement is being introduced in the market. But the problem with buying new ones is that it can be hard to tell if they really work or not Animal Pak has been around for years already and it enjoys a track record and results testimonies that can be hard to match by other body building supplement brand in the market. Many body building supplements have come and go but this supplement is still here. If you are looking for a supplement that has endured the test of time then your search should end with this proven product.

Another way to tell if you can trust a body building supplement or not is by looking at its manufacturer. Animal Pak is manufactured by Universal Nutrition, one of the most trusted names when it comes to sports nutrition. In fact, the name Universal has become synonymous with body building and its logo is one of the most recognizable in the field of sports nutrition. The company has been around since 1977 and has thousands of satisfied and loyal customers worldwide. Animal Pak is just one of the many products in the Universal’s product line that includes fat burners, muscle builders, mass gainers, energizers, etc.


To have muscles that are worthy of a magazine cover, you need to take a supplement that contains a mixture and large doses of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. You can find all of these in Animal Pak and more. Of course, it is not enough for a supplement to have all of these nutrients. They have to be in the right amounts for a supplement to be able to help a bodybuilder gain the results he is looking for.

One of the things that set this supplement apart from other brands of bodybuilding supplements is its well-balanced formulation. The contents of this supplement is also designed to be released at the right time to ensure that they will be assimilated by the body in an effortless manner. This is important to make sure that the nutrients will be bioavailable and that the effectiveness of the nutrients will be maximized. With some supplements, all nutrients are release right after consumption. This can lead the body to eliminate some or most of the nutrients. This is why some supplements do not produce results and can be considered a complete waste of money.

The truth is you can get hard muscles through exercise and diet alone. But it will take you a long time. Supplements are called as such because they are designed to provide a boost to the efforts of body builders. If you want to have big muscles fast, then you really need to take a high quality supplement such as Animal Pak. Apart from containing all the necessary nutrient for muscle building, Animal Pak contains performance optimizers such as colostrum, IGF, PAK, L-arginine, nucleotides, lipotropics, Protogen A, eleuthero, and many more. All in all, the supplement has a total 55 muscle-building nutrients that can help you gain muscle mass and strength and increase your performance.

So who should take this product? This supplement is suggested for anyone who competes in events that require strength and power. It is also for people who regularly engage in high intensity training. It is also for those who are currently taking muscle and strength building supplements but are not seeing the results that they are looking. If you are not happy with your current supplement then maybe it is time for you to switch to one with a proven track record such as this product. Last but not the least, this supplement is for anyone who wants to achieve optimum performance.


As good as Animal Pak is it is still not for everyone. For one, it is for people who hate taking plenty of pills. To get the most of this supplement you need to take 11 pieces of it every day. Some people simply do not like to take pills. If you are one of these individuals, then you are better of looking for a supplement in other forms. And the problem with Animal Pak is that some of its pills are big. Some people would surely find them hard to swallow. A couple more things that some people do not like about this product are its smell and taste. There are surely better tasting products in the market. But if you care about your health and if you want to see results fast then taking the foul-tasting and smelling Animal Pak is a sacrifice that is worth taking.


If you want value for money then do not waste your time trying the new body building supplements that are available in the market today. Stick to Animal Pak that has been around for years already. No other supplement in the market provides better value for money than this supplement.

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