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APPEsat ReviewAPPEsat is a diet supplement from the makers, Goldshield Healthcare and is intended to help dieters lose weight. It has been designed to be resistant to stomach acid and will remain active for many hours. Taken before a meal, it works by stimulating hunger sensors in the stomach lining which signals the brain that the stomach is full. The supplement stays in the stomach before, during, and after eating to give the dieter a feeling of fullness longer.

How It Works

APPEsat works by its active ingredient of Bioginate Complex which is a fiber extracted from seaweed Laminaria Digitata. This special seaweed is harvested from the coast of the French Atlantic. The fiber is ingested and signals to the hunger sensors in the stomach that the stomach is full.

How To Use

Dieters should ingest APPEsat, at least three-capsules, 30-minutes prior to meals with a large glass of cold water. The instructions suggest taking up to nine capsules a day without taking any more than nine. Taking the supplement with a hot liquid may decrease the effectiveness of the drug. Once the dieter’s appetite has decreased the amount of capsules may also be reduced.

What You Receive

When ordering APPEsat, the dieter will receive one package of the diet supplement. In each package, there are fifty-capsules. This is approximately a 16-day supply.


The main ingredient in APPEsat is a complex fiber from seaweed which is harvested from the coasts of France. This fiber when ingested sits on top of gastric juices for many hours reducing hunger signals to the brain.

  • Claims to reduce appetite
  • All natural
  • Works for many hours
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Been proven safe by UK medicine regulators
  • Allergy free
  • Each pack of APPEsat contains 50-pills which is only a 16-day supply
  • Each month APPEsat may cost the dieter around $100
  • Must ingest nine pills a day
  • Long term effects of the Bioginate Complex is not yet fully understood
  • Some reviewers think the same results can be found from increasing a dieter’s fiber intake
  • May cause stomachaches if not enough water is consumed

No, this diet supplement is not recommended as a safe and effective way to lose way. APPEsat must be ingested three-times a day with a total of nine pills. There are other dietary supplements which will give the same result without the excessive pill popping. The weight loss claims for this drug is very small. The same amount of weight loss can be achieved by merely counting calories and exercising. The price of the supplement is also expensive.

In conclusion, APPEsat claims that it’s dietary supplement can assist dieters in weight loss by a special, patented fiber which when ingested sits atop of gastric juices and signals the brain that the stomach in full. However, this supplement requires the dieter to ingest an excessive amount of pills, it is expensive, and the claims of weight loss are very small, so this dietary supplement is not recommended.

Where To Buy

This is a dietary supplement which originated in the UK and is not sold in the US. The only place to buy APPEsat in the states is online through the UK dealer’s website.

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