Are Free Health Samples Healthy?

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Are Free Health Samples Healthy?It’s no secret that advertising free health samples is a highly effective way to attract crowd of eager consumers. Clearly, there’s nothing like the word ‘free’ to get people’s attention, no matter what’s being offered. However, it’s a good idea to stop and assess what the actual benefits being received are.

Marketers know the tactic of offering free items all too well. Many of them often use it as a convenient method of achieving goals. The hope is that potential customers enjoy the product so much that they become willing to pay for it, not wanting to go without.

Ideally, the intent behind any offer of a free health sample is to help make the world a better place. The aim would be on improving public health one person at a time, through showing them a better way or solution, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Behind the Hypnotic Appeal

Declining to try out a new product is a lot more difficult to do when that product is being given to you at no charge. It can compel a person to let down their defenses and take a risk.

High quality health-boosting products are often high priced, and the cost can make some people think carefully about the actual benefits the product would bring to them. They weigh the pros and cons, checking out customer reviews, reading the ingredients label, and asking their doctor if using the product is a good idea, but doing such research quickly becomes unnecessary in the minds of some when a sample of the product is offered to them for free.

The word ‘free’ can be very mesmerizing, indeed. It’s not just about how much money a person has available to spend on the item, as people of various income levels have been known to sway at the appeal of not having to pay for something that could potentially be of great benefit to them.

But, what about health? It’s simply not true that ‘free’ equates to ‘healthy’. If at all a person is able to retain their senses about them in the face of such an appealing offer, they should take the time to research any products offered to them as a free health samples.

When Health Samples Become Unhealthy

There are several reasons why a round of free health samples might prove to be unhealthy. While the first example that may come to mind is those products which get released to the market, later to be recalled due to some newly discovered negative side effect, manufacturers and marketers aren’t always the ones to blame when free health samples bring about adverse effects.

Trying new foods and health products is a good thing. You never know when being a bit of an adventurer by trying out new things might result in the discovery of just the solution you’ve been needing. In fact, many people’s lives have changed for the better after they dared to try out a free health sample and it showed them the way to improved health, whether it be by way of clear skin, weight loss, healthier teeth, or a variety of other benefits.

But what happens when, unbeknownst to the consumer, their body doesn’t agree with one or more of the ingredients in the free health sample that they tried? For them, that health sample could hardly be considered healthy, but it wouldn’t necessarily be the manufacturers’ fault.

Also, the fact that there are manufacturers out there who follow deceptive practices. They’re money-motivated – not hardly the type in search of world peace or self-actualization. Like street drug dealer, they know their product is poison, and they know that those who try it’ll surely be hooked, so they push it to the market through the guise of a free sample.

The Healthy Way to Use Free Health Samples:

Samples of health products can be a very good thing, if you’re wise about using such samples. There are a few rules you should make yourself abide by when free offers for products come your way.

1. Know Your Body

Being in sync with yourself and your body is a shield that can protect you from a wide range of problems, especially when it comes to matters of health. For example, the wrong way to find out that you’re allergic to something is to be exposed to it and experience the reaction. There is testing that can be done by a doctor, but there are also cues. Although sometimes subtly, your body can communicate what it needs or doesn’t, you just have to listen. While this isn’t a call for becoming a hypochondriac, as some might take it, it is a call for being deeply in tune with your body, if you aren’t already.

2. Know What You’re Getting

Any free health samples that you receive into your life and into your body should only be allowed in because it meets your standards for quality. Hopefully, that means avoiding toxic chemicals and harmful substances. Is it natural? Is it organic? Is it backed by research? Perhaps you prefer to be gluten-free or only consume products that are non-GMO. Whatever the product may be that’s being offered, have standards for your health and grade that product by those standards before using it.

3. Be Prepared to Commit

On-again, off-again health just doesn’t do. In some cases it can be harmful for you. Consider the case of those who lose significant amounts of weight only to put it back on again – the entire cycle, not just that they gained weight, can have a severely negative affect on their health. Try free health samples with the sincere intent to continue using that product if it works for you.

4. Avoid the Freebie-Seeker Mindset

Before accepting free health samples, it’s wise to stop and consider whether or not the product is one you actually need. In the freebie-seeker mindset, anything that’s free is good and the more the better, but it’s just not that way in real life. If you’ve been researching a particular product already, and you’re quite sure that it’ll work well for you, but want to check it out before you actually buy, then that’s the perfect time to let yourself be lured in by free health samples.

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