Atro-Phex Review

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Atro-Phex ReviewAtro-Phex is a dietary supplement manufactured by Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition (BSN). This company was founded in 2001 and has produced many sports nutrition products. One of the products manufactured by BSN is Atro-Phex which is made for weight management.

Atro-Phex is a weight loss and energy supplement. The maker claims that it will help reduce weight, boost energy, balance mood, increase metabolism, improve insulin, control appetite, decrease water retention, and improve mental function. By following a diet and exercise plan, Atro-Phex claims it will help make a dieter lean.

How This Diet Pill Works

The instructions to Atro-Phex suggest strict guidelines for diet and exercise. Dieters are advised to eat six small meals per day to ensure the dieter’s metabolism stays elevated. The plan allows one cheat meal a week, at the end of the day, on the same day each week.

The plan encourages dieters to perform 30-minutes of aerobic activity each day. It also suggests that if weight training to perform the aerobic activity after using weights. Training should consist of 4-5 days per week of aerobic and weight training.

How To Use The Product

Atro-Phex is not only a weight management device but also an energy supplement. Because of the stimulants in the supplement it is advised to follow the usage on the bottle exactly.

For beginners, The Novice Usage advises to take one pill two times each day. For intermediate users, The Accelerated Usage advises two pills, two times a day. For professionals or competitors, The Extreme Usage advises four pills, twice a day.

What You Receive After Ordering

When ordering Atro-Phex, the dieter will receive one bottle. The bottle contains forty-eight pills which is about twenty-four day supply.

Product Ingredients

Atro-Phex contains a great many ingredients for many different uses. It contains for stimulation, Vitamin B9 or Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine HCL, Yohimbine HCL, Advantra Z, Bitter Orange, European Goldenrod, Dandelion, Bioperine, stem of Chinese Mistletoe, Phenylethylamine Malate etc. Methylxanthine acts as a strong source of caffeine.

  • BSN is the manufacturer of Atro-Phex and is one of the more popular brands of sports supplements and a trusted brand.
  • Many reviewers state positive feedback
  • May cause allergic reaction
  • May become dehydrated
  • Several side effects consistent with consuming stimulants
  • Not for the average dieter, more for bodybuilders

Atro-Phex is made by a manufacturer of sports supplements and is geared for the sports minded competitor. There are strict instructions for those who decide to follow the regime. This product contains many natural stimulants which may cause negative side effects. Atro-Phex has too many ingredients and similar ingredients which may cause an allergic reaction. People who are sensitive to caffeine should be careful about taking this supplement.

In conclusion, this diet supplement should only be recommended for professional competitors who know how to use this drug. This drug is not for the average dieter who needs to lose more than ten pounds of weight.

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