BioSlim Review

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BioSlim ReviewBioSlim claims to have found a magic cure for the weight loss. Weight loss program developed by the BioSlim is claimed to produce amazing results. There are no scientific evidence to support the claims of the company so far. If you wish, you can try your luck.

How BioSlim Entered The Market

Weight gain has become a really serious issue in the modern society. Seemingly harmless issue of weight has become highly significant in the medical world. It is subject of hot research in the medical world. Scientists as well as quack are all claiming to provide effective formulations to get rid of excess weight in short duration of time. One of the self-proclaimed magic cures that has become hugely popular is BioSlim

The Claims

BioSlim’s popular weight loss program comes in two versions. One is aimed at youth while other is targeted at the older customers. Claims by the company suggest it is one of the most successful weight loss system ever developed. BioSlim claims it is surprisingly effective besides being healthful and powerful.

Claims by the company are not backed by any medical or scientific evidence until today. It may be an excellent advertisement campaign by the BioSlim.

Kit containing the products for the weight loss program of the Bioslim company are shipped as “the BioSlim 2000 Ultra” for adults. Contents of the kit include:

  • Accelerator
  • Slim tone formula
  • Vita/Min Plus

These three products form the core of Bioslim. ‘Ultra accelerator’ provides the needed boost to the weight loss program and is used for the 12 days in the beginning of the program. After this course ‘ultra slim tone formula’ is used along with the ultra vitamin and mineral supplements in the form of ‘Ultra Vit / Min plus’.
Along with these core products you will find useful accessories in the kit , which include

  • Cookbook
  • Activity planner
  • Video guide
  • Reference manual

Cook book is source of many delectable recipes specially created by experts. These recipes provide much needed support to the weight loss program. You can use these recipes to prepare your food even when you are finished with your weight loss program.

Activity planner can be used to find out the calorie intake based on the type of your activities through out the day. Once you are able to find out the daily calorie intake, you are in a much better position to decide the diet for you.

Video provided by the BioSlim Company is also professional quality video, which provides much needed information to the beginners of the weight loss program. You must watch the video if you want to try Bioslim.

All sounds promising, right? Well, let’s see the clinical study result.

Clinical Study Result

BioSlim is the combination of many herbs and vitamins but most of them do not have any relation to weight loss. Let’s see the important ingredients inside each bottle of Bioslim:

Pyruvate -> The core of Bioslim. Pyruvate is an ingredient that has already clinically tested to burn fat. We can say, Pyruvate works. Nevertheless, you must consume at least three tablespoons of Pyruvate everyday if you want this ingredient to work in burning your excess fat. Sadly, if you eat too much of Pyruvate, you will get very unpleasant experiences such as stomach ache. Bioslim only contains small amount of Pyruvate so it won’t help you to burn your excess fat.

Green tea -> I think I have explained the usage of green tea. It’s very popular nowadays. Almost 60% of non-prescription diet pills use green tea extract as one of their ingredients. Well, green tea is useful for fat oxidation but nothing more. It’ll help but you won’t notice any big change.

Chromium -> Bioslim manufacturer claimed that Chromium can boost our metabolism and burn our excess fat. Actually, Chromium will only maintain your blood sugar level at the most stable level. It won’t help your excess fat problem.

So What To Do?

How effective this weight loss program is, only time will tell. If it fails maybe you have been cheated. Trying this product seems more like a gamble, if you have guts, just try your luck! Of course we suggest you to try the other diet pills like Proactol or Proshape RX.

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