BSN Syntha-6 Review

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BSN Syntha-6 ReviewBody building is a journey that takes effort, so you can’t afford to play around with it by feeding yourself with ‘imitation’ supplements. Currently, the protein powder market is very saturated. There’s no way of separating the fake from the genuine, unless you have a very keen eye. Don’t even bother to pay attention to companies you haven’t heard of in the past, just concentrate on the popular ones because they are likely to produce quality products. Unless a new company can prove otherwise, there’s no need of considering their products.

One of the most trusted companies in the nutritional and sports supplement industry is BSN, otherwise known as Body Science Nutrition. They’ve come up with BSN Syntha-6, which is currently creating a buzz among body builders all over the web. But is it really different from others? What are some of the remarkable things that make it the number one choice for those who’ve used it before?

BSN Syntha-6 Overview

The majority of body building products are simply a mixture of whey powder and flavors/coloring to make them palatable. However, BSN Syntha-6 is different in that it includes ingredients that serve to delay the process of digestion, meaning your body will maintain a sustainable amount of Amino Acid in the blood for a long time.

The blend comprises of 6 types of fast and slow digesting proteins. According to BSN, the product contains micellar caseinate and calcium caseinate, the elements that support the sustained release of Amino acid into the bloodstream. The second ingredient is an ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate that digests more quickly.

Over the years, consumers have complained of stomach upset as a result of taking protein powders. BSN Syntha-6 rectifies this problem by incorporating 2 digestive enzymes called Aminogen and Papain. These enzymes keep your stomach in check to reduce chances of getting a stomach upset.


It’s true that every protein powder has something to boast of, but what about BSN Syntha-6? Here’s what to expect when you buy the powder:

  • It has a whooping 22 grams of proteins per serving. That’s more than enough to speed up lean muscle growth.
  • It’s more like a smoothie or a milkshake. The moment you prepare the solution, you’ll notice how creamier and thicker it is. It’s more like food than a supplement.
  • It’s a soy-free protein blend. This means that the product can be safely consumed by people who are allergic to soy.
  • It’s a protein blend that consists of slow, medium and fast absorbing protein elements for maximum results.
  • BSN Syntha-6 comes in 5 different flavors to enjoy, just in case you’re not accustomed to the chocolate-flavored one.

Those who have used the product admit that it produces a rich protein shake drink that readily boost lean muscle development. It’s extremely delicious, so even if you’re a poor eater, you’ll certainly love it. When consuming it, it’s easier to forget that you are chugging down a protein supplement and think you are savoring a refreshing smoothie.

Consumers have also reported that the product tastes exceptionally sweet when mixed with milk and banana. Just keep in mind that certain protein elements found in this product don’t dissolve as easily as those found in whey proteins.

Another advantage is that the product doesn’t leave you feeling bloated or stuffed after consumption. It’s ideal to consume several times a day. The degree to which you will tolerate protein power is based on your ability to digest protein powders derived from milk sources. Amazingly, this product will always tempt you to consume more of it.

And when you consume it in large amounts, it tends to restrict your appetite, which is a good thing considering that you are after gaining lean muscles and not body weight or fats.

BSN Syntha-6 is ideal for all types of people trying to gain some muscles. Notice that the first category of people are those with high metabolic rate, so they never seem to gain muscles no matter how hard they work in the gym. The second category are those whose metabolic rate is considered medium. These individuals need to work relatively hard to gain muscles. Finally, the third category involves those who don’t even struggle and the muscles just come. BSN syntha-6 takes care of all the 3 categories of body builders.

Again, you don’t have to consume it together with other products to realize the results you’ve always wanted. It’s an all-in-one protein supplement that makes your work easier in the gym. In short, it meets a variety of health and fitness needs.


Understand that people will always complain when they find the slightest excuse. Even the best products out there have negative reviews, yet this is what keeps them going. Because of this, BSN has received some criticism about their syntha-6 product. All the flavors they’ve delivered into the market taste great, except for the vanilla flavor. Some consumers say the taste of the vanilla flavor, when mixed with milk is somehow questionable. It’s not clear what they mean by the word ”questionable” but we really guess they don’t just like the taste. That should not disqualify the flavor though, because it’s a complain coming from only a handful of people.

Another complain with the product is that as the servings increase in the course of the day, so do you begin to experience slight stomach discomfort. Again keep in mind that it only makes sense to reason that too much of something is poisonous, and that includes food. If you serve a bigger portion than what you regularly take, you are likely to experience stomach upset, so this is quite normal for anything that goes into the stomach in excess.

Final Words

It did not catch body building enthusiasts by surprise when BSN released the syntha-6. They’ve always delivered what consumers want. The product does its best to supply you with the required amount of proteins in a sweet way. Instead of presenting it the way most products did it a decade ago, it serves proteins in a smooth and creamy way. However, don’t be fooled with what the sweet taste can do to your muscles. With very little effort, they’re going to bulge in just 3 weeks time.

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