Canada Green Grass Seed Review

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Canada Green Grass Seed ReviewCanada Green Grass Seed: An Impeccable Solution for a Splendid Greensward

Do you work hard on your greensward, just to see it go tan and scrubby with the ups and downs in seasons? Are you on a lookout for a grass seed mixture that can create opulent, lush green grass all through the year? Have you made a lot of research on how to re-grow your lawn but everything in vain? If your answer to all the above questions is yes, then it’s time to go for Canada Green Grass Seed. So, what the heck is this Canada Green Grass Seed? What’s Canada Green? What’s so good about it? Read on to get all your queries answered!

What the heck is this Canada Green Grass Seed?
Engineered to create a sumptuous, green lawn throughout the year, the Canada Green promises wonderful results. That too with negligible upkeep! Irrespective of weather conditions, you’ll get thick, lush, a carpet-like meadow that can endure large foot traffic.

What’s Canada Green?
When it’s about lawn care and upkeep, Canada Green is a novice to the United States. Even though the brand has done well in Canada for an age, they have just made a venture here. The good news is that the brand is rapidly emerging and getting trendy. The latest addition to their product line is the Canada Green Grass Seed.

What’s so good about it?
This grass seed mixture is composed of more than a few varieties of red fescue and ryegrass seed. Every single seed is picked for its striking, bright green shade. This four-grass blend of hardy grasses is resilient to temperature, wildflowers and bugs. Demanding very low upkeep to sustain a lush, green look, this is a brilliant choice for the lazy planter.

There’s a lot of flimflam about the product, but are these high claims true? Does Canada Green Grass Seed carry out as well as undertook? Is it worth a shot? We will figure this out in a little while. But before that, let us know more about the Canada Perfect Grass Seed mixture itself.

Canada Green Grass Seed Details

A combination of specifically selected grass seeds, Canada Green Grass yields a lasting, plush greensward in a short while. This mixture is a derivative of Canada, where the climate is generally less than desirable. By blending the most resistant grasses, the product promises to endure all kinds of freak weather conditions. Yes! Canada Green Grass is resistant to drought, icing, flood and snowstorm. So, what makes it so resilient? Well, to know this, we’ll have to look over its configuration.

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Here is an analysis of the Canada Green Grass Seed’s composition. The mixture consists of creeping red fescue, annual ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass and some inert matter. An organic base fertilizer in the blend stimulates healthy, fast growth as well. Let’s brush up all its ingredients.

  • Red Fescue Grass – 42%
  • Kentucky bluegrass – 30%
  • Annual Ryegrass – 25%
  • Inert Matter – 2.5%
  • Weed and Other Grass Matter – 0.5%

Red Fescue grass

Due to its fine blade, Red Fescue grass is resilient to the cold climate. As it spreads rhizomes, it is expert at crawling across the pastures to fill in bare spots of grass. Even though it performs best in cool or icy zones, it can grow fine in sun. But for that, you’ll need to lightly water it on a constant basis. Red Fescue stands drought settings pretty well. However, it does not like excessively fed or damp soil.

Kentucky bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass tends to be a standard choice for your lawn. While it can grow fine in the full sun, it is hostile to burning temperatures. Being resilient to drought, it needs consistent watering all through the seasonal months. Similar to Red Fescue, it can spread rhizomes. This aids them in growing and spreading rapidly.

Annual Ryegrass

Besides being used by itself, this fast growing grass can blend with other grasses as well. Nevertheless, as the name suggests, ‘Annual Ryegrass’ needs to be replanted every single year. As it develops rapidly, it will offer suitable coverage while other grasses are yet budding in.

Inert Matter and Weed

The inert matter, weed and additional grass found in the product perform as a fertilizer and enricher for the principal grass seeds. As a whole, all the seeds found in every sack of Canada Green are vital for making it resistant to bugs.

Now, have a gaze at some of the exceptional features that Canada Green Grass Mixture takes account of:

  • The Canada Green Grass Mixture is an impeccable solution for poor soil zones!
  • This suitable grass seed mixture comprises of Kentucky blue grass, creeping red fescue, annual ryegrass and organic base fertilizer.
  • The composition contains vermiculite that grows resistance against bothersome pests and flies. So now, your garden is no longer a snack heaven for such bugs!
  • By way of this blend, you can grow a robust turf all over the place. You won’t believe, but the company claims that you can grow grass on concrete as well! All this, in just a matter of 10 days!
  • You don’t have to worry about the hassles of groundwork, soil, extreme sun exposure or cool zones.
  • Just pour the mixture right on ground and water every day while waiting for growth to be dense!
  • The product is absolutely safe for kids and pets.
  • Every single seed in the blend is chosen for its ability to grow fast.
  • The grass seed can resist extreme temperatures as well. No matter if the temperature is as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit or as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you buy a six-pound bag of this blend, you can effectively reseed up to 3,000 square feet of greensward.
  • The product comes along with 1-year exchange warranty. You can redeem this at any Canadian Tire store.

Does it work? Why should you trust it?

Yes, it does really work! How? Here, I’ll present you two points that can make you believe that Canada Green Grass Mixture is a perfect solution for you!

  • This blend is a hybrid grass seed developed in Canada. If you are aware of Canadian weather, you must know that it owns a lot of dissipations. You can have the temperatures reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit. While, at the same time, it can go down to 40 degrees below zero! As a result, Canada needs a grass that can endure all kinds of conditions while retaining its green hue. On such grounds, the horticulturalists turned up with a solution called Canada Green. This grass that could repel weeds helped homeowners in dropping the time spent in clearing and spraying their gardens.
  • Canada Green Grass is the same grass seed that is used by a number of golf courses on fairways. This product allows the fairways to keep them looking splendid all over the year. In line for all the turfs, carts, and foot traffic, golf courses need a greater quality grass. And, what’s better than to pick Canada Green for the purpose?


  • Your lawn would look the best in your locality. You’ll get nothing but praises and accolades from your neighbors who’ll love walking by. Your turfs would turn out to be the envy of your quarters.
  • You’ll be amazed to know that while digging your snow-filled garden, you can actually discover gorgeous emerald grass — right under the snow! This is the toughest grass that you must have ever seen.
  • The plush green grass would feel great under bare feet as well. Likewise, the turf is durable and would look great even after having a lot of folks running through it. Canada Green boasts that their grass is buoyant to heavy foot traffic. And yes! This claim seems to be absolutely true!
  • Another positive report about the product is regarding how fast the grass would mature. Yet again, Canada Green entitles that you can get a lush green meadow in a matter of 10 days. Once more, the assertion seems to be spot-on!

Cases where things might not go right!

  • You won’t find this product in any store. In that event, you’ll have to order it online. However, this is not a big issue as they offer free shipping and a guarantee over their website.
  • Another grievance that you may come across is that your lawns may possibly be scarce or spotty. The solution to this problem is to over-seed. This will let you cover your entire lawn.
  • There may be a situation when your lawn may look attractive for just a short while. Yet, if your lush green turf turns into dull brown hay at a short notice, then treating it is not a rocket science! All you have to do is plant your seeds in early fall. Furthermore, if the climate is way too hot, you’ll have to water it on a regular basis.

Trust Canada Green to create a lawn with spectacular results!

Are you tired of spending your precious time, energy and money on your grass and garden every year? If yes, then check the Canada Green out! With this product, you can stay assured that you’ll have to devote less time maintaining your plot! As a result, you get a lot of time to actually enjoy it. Your neighbors will adore the way your stunning greensward boosts your vicinity. In fact, they just won’t be able to stop themselves from envying you and your lawn! Get all set to switch those shabby places by creating a fresh pasture, with emerald green, resilient, plush grass in not more than 10 days. What’s more? Resistance to pests, diseases, wildflowers, extreme climate, foot traffic and insects is a feather in the cap! So, wait no more! Grab a bag of Canada Green Grass – right now! And wave a big goodbye to your spoiled grass with this packet of Canada Green Perfect grass seed! Get yours today!

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    Thank you – I hear that this is especially good for planting a new lawn for lots or large yards, since it grows fast. Anyone try it?

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    Interesting first comment that on website shipping is free, im looking at last sunday’s full page ad in the newspaper with shipping charges on the order form.

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    can it be used under birch trees. I have no grass under them

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    If you are offering a 30 day guarantee, how can you send it back if you have spread it on your ground?

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