Cha de Bugre Review

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Cha de Bugre ReviewCha de bugre is an all-natural dietary supplement. It is found as a tree in Brazil, most popularly located in the forests of Paraguay and Argentina. The tree grows a red fruit which resembles a coffee bean. When roasted and brewed, it is used as a substitute for coffee or tea.

The bean has been used as a weight loss supplement and can be found in many diet pills. It can also be served as a hot drink. In Brazil, the bean is used to treat cellulite, cough, edema, gout, cancer, herpes, viral infections, fever, and cardiovascular diseases.

How This Supplement Works

Cha de bugre is thought to decrease the appetite. However, there is little scientific evidence to support this claim. What is known about this small, red, fruit is it contains the powerful stimulant, caffeine. The thought behind weight loss claims is that it works as an appetite suppressant making the body feel satisfied, and the metabolism is increased.

How To Use This Product

Cha de bugre is traditionally made into a coffee, tea, or medicine. On many diet supplements websites, Cha de bugre can be found in a variety of methods. Ranging from concentrate liquid drops to powder to capsules, Cha de bugre is made in convenient ways for dieters. Whatever form chosen, it is recommended to take thirty-minutes to one-hour prior to meals.

What You Receive

What a dieter receives depends upon what form of Cha de bugre they wish to purchase. In capsules, they will receive one-hundred capsules. In powder form, dieters will receive one-pound of powder. Concentrate liquid comes in a one-fluid-ounce bottle.


In most forms, Cha de bugre (Cordia salicifolia) leaf contains one-gram or 500 milligrams. Most usually, this is an organic form which is grown naturally without any pesticides or fertilizers.

  • Cha de bugre is an appetite suppressant with stimulants
  • Contains diuretic properties
  • Can be purchased online
  • Contains high levels of caffeine
  • Side effects are those common with taking stimulants
  • Not suitable for those dieters with high blood pressure or heart problems
  • Not enough scientific research to determine the effectiveness of Cha de bugre

Cha de bugre is common to Brazil where it is used for drinking coffee or tea and used for medicinal purposes. The bean has been touted for its appetite suppressant properties and now used as a weight loss supplement. It can be found in a variety of forms and the cost depends on which form is purchased.

Cha de bugre is not recommended as a healthy way of losing weight. There has not been enough tests and research done for Cha de bugre appetite suppressant properties and if there is dangerous side effects. What is known is that the plant does contain caffeine and common side effects are consistent with those common to caffeine. Taking this drug may cause dry mouth, anxiety attacks, and insomnia. Dieters who have heart disease or high blood pressure should not take this dietary supplement.

Where To Buy

This product can be found on a variety of herbal websites or on AMAZON.COM. It is not usually located in brick and mortar stores. Cha de bugre is not a supplement mass marketed in the United States.

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