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Convert Pix Review“Engages people like never before.” As the tagline suggests, Convert pix is a powerful WP plug-in that offers with interactive buy buttons, an opt-in form and interactive videos too. Well, it does not matter what niche you are looking for; if you want financial profit with little effort and without any complicated steps – Convertpix is just for you. Now the question comes – what is Convertpix?

Convertpix is powerful app software by Ezzaky, Radu and Chris and it helps to increase your revenue in whole new ways. Here you can turn your images into high quality within seconds and can monetize your product to earn big pay scale. Seriously, making commissions have never been so easy if there was not any ConvertPix. Now all you have to do is to click on the buy button on the product image using Convert Pix and you are done with it. Not only that, it comes with huge bonus packs worth $1200, which is great if used properly. And the last but not the least, by the use of ConvertPix, now you can increase your revenue more than ever, by a margin of 300%!

However, now coming to the main points– what are the features of Convert Pix? And why should we use Convert Pix?

Although, I have given enough reasons above here, now let me explain you in details. First, we will talk about the features and bonuses offered by Convert Pix.

ConvertPix Features:

  • Image Hover Technology – Among various features, image hover technology of Convert Pix is unique and needs special mention. This software proprietary technology allows you to run any sorts of marketing on the top of you images; opt-in forms, buy buttons and even live videos.
  • Buy buttons, and opt-in forms cracked – Now you can get 100+ new leads or 10+ new sales in just a period of 14 hours just because of one Convert Pix image.
  • Photo Editor – Another great feature of Convert Pix is their photo editor. Simple yet they produce a finishing like professionals. So use your own Photoshop with just one click.
  • Built-in image curator – It allows you to get images from dozens legal sources like flicker and that too within seconds.
  • Autoresponder integration – Now you can build your list on autopilot without any hassle and can enjoy the outcome of it.
  • High converting – With high converting, Convert Pix can now easily monetize your images with the proven and tested templates.
  • Drag and drop! – Everything is incredibly easy on Convert Pix as you can simply re-customize any aspect with simple drag and drop system.
  • Friendly – Absolutely newbie friendly with simple campaign creators. Again you can get tons of training to maximise the use on Convert Pix.
  • Easy steps to log-in – With only three steps, you can log-in and start using this software. Login to the premium platform, use the hover technology and enjoy your profits without any complexities.
  • Easy pricing system – Convert Pix has different layers of the scheme for their users. For starters, its $16.93; for Convert Pix Pro, its $57; for Convert pix Resellers, it’s $77; for Convert Pix Membership $97/year.

Apart from all these features, there are bonuses too!

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ConvertPix is saturated with huge bonus packs, worth $1200. They are offering almost eight bonus packs, and those are really easy to claim. Let’s have a look:

  • Massive Traffic Megapack
  • six-word press plug-ins
  • WP Social master
  • WP optimization secrets
  • WP theme package
  • WP marketing strategy plug-ins
  • Ultimate making money course
  • Video traffic GURU.

However, ConvertPix maybe filled with so many features and bonuses; still, every product has their shares of advantages as well as disadvantages. While talking about these, here we will first discuss the advantages of having this plug-in.


Obviously, with so many features and bonus points, Convert Pix is loaded with uncountable advantages. Let’s have a look:

  • ConvertPix is simple, yet interesting and useful. It is easy to handle. No need to install multiple software like photoshop to edit your pictures anymore.
  • No need to run boring banner ads ever again. The top bar of your image on Convert Pix will show every other interactive ad whenever someone hovers over your picture.
  • Natural search process. Now you don’t have to search like crazy for pictures which are suitable for your marketing page, posts, blogs or articles. With just one click you can get all proper pictures within seconds.
  • It has unique image hover technology with appropriate buy buttons and opt-in forms.
  • And one more interesting feature is that it is newbie friendly! Only with a few easy steps you can login or can start any campaign. And for further help, they have their training programme to help you.


Well, with so many advantages it seems it is free from all kind of difficulties. But it has a few disadvantages which worth paying attention. Let’s have a look on the below list:

  • It has a higher pay scale. For a plug-in to use, you need to check it properly, learn it and then you can use it. But to spend $16, it seems expensive. It would be really great if Convert Pix had a free trial version.
  • The photo editor part is not as great as other high-quality photo editing software. That is a big problem.

But however, the price system has recently been solved. Now you can buy ConvertPix, and if you are not satisfied with it fully, you can get a refund within 30 days. Surely that is exciting news for all new users! And it has so many advantages that we can easily overlook its disadvantages without any confusion. Convert Pix is a simple WP plug-in if you want to kill your financial statement with a significant margin. Apart from this, it is incredibly simple and easy to use. So don’t miss out the chance of making huge revenue. Happy Clicking!

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This small tool is really powerful. If you're internet marketer or webmaster you will love it.

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