Customized Fat Loss Review

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Customized Fat LossThe Customized Fat Loss program is tailored to meet the individual needs of each trainee, the results will be nothing short of amazing. Customized Fat Loss works equally well for men and women, and the emphasis of the plan is on allowing trainees to burn away body fat without losing lean muscle tissue. Leon also shares proven maintenance techniques to ensure that the recently dropped fat is not gained back.

Customized Fat Loss Creator

World renowned fitness expert Kyle Leon revolutionized the process of building muscle with Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, and has now taken on fat loss with his newest program called Customized Fat Loss. In his muscle building course Leon introduced us to diet and training strategies based on the somatotype, or natural body type, of the trainee.

He has designed his fat loss course using those same principles. Trainees will first learn how to identify their body type, and will then be given a diet and exercise program designed to work for that type.

Who is the Course Designed For?

When he set out to create this course, Leon wanted a system that could be tailored for individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you have been working out for years, or have no real exercise experience, you will be able to successfully follow this program. When people see Kyle Leon’s ripped, muscular body, they often fear that his training system will be too advanced for them. In reality, the flexibility of this course is what makes it so great. The program starts at your current level of fitness, whatever it may be, and guides you to a leaner, more muscular you.

What Sets Customized Fat Loss Apart?

The premise that Kyle’s system is built on is the fact that not everyone stores and burns body fat in the same ways. The factors that determine how your body will respond to diet and exercise include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Somatotype
  • Fitness Level

When you input your personal information into the software included in the system, the nutrition and exercise parameters that your body will best respond to are calculated, and a detailed plan is created for you to follow. It may sound simple, but the software was created from years of painstaking research on how individuals with different somatotype responded to different regimens. This research essentially provides trainees with a proven shortcut to identifying the right program for them to follow.

Customized Fat Loss Course Features

Leon’s course will teach you things about the fat loss process that you will not find in any of the fitness magazines or websites. This includes advanced information and techniques that will take your results to the next level. Some of the valuable things you will learn include:

  • How to get lean without doing hours or cardio or taking diet pills.
  • Why all the fad diets out there fail to deliver lasting results
  • Why outdated “cutting” methods are ineffective and dangerous
  • Some common mistakes trainees make that sabotage their results
  • How to maintain your ideal weight all year long
  • Advanced Fat Loss Nutrition

Most people have a good idea of how to eat healthy, but to burn fat as fast as humanly possible you will need to know exactly what foods to eat, the amount of calories and macro nutrients to consume, and how to time your meals. You will learn which foods give you the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for your body to efficiently burn fat. This nutrition information is also the result of many years of research on the relationship between nutrients, meal timing, and body composition.

Burn the Fat, Keep the Muscle

Kyle Leon designed this system to attack body fat while simultaneously protecting your muscle tissue from getting cannibalized in the process. This is the key to building an impressive physique. Of course you will need to be as lean as possible, but you will also need to hold onto the muscle you have to look your best. The diet plan you will follow in the Customized Fat Loss course is high in protein and essential fatty acids, which prevent metabolism in muscle tissue.

This means you will be lean and muscular after following the plan. If you have struggled to lose fat in the past, and are ready to get the ripped physique you have always wanted, Kyle Leon’s course is the way to go. In twelve short weeks it will transform your body and change your life for the better! Click Here To Visit The Official Site And Download the Kyle Leon Program.

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