Denise Austin Fit Forever Review

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Denise Austin Fit Forever ReviewDenise Austin is very well known in the sports industry.  She has also sold more than 20 million exercise videos, DVDs, and authored more than 10 books on fitness.

At the top of her list, she promotes a sensible and realistic approach to losing weight. This includes a balanced eating and physical program.  Her latest program is called “Fit Forever”. This weight loss program was designed so anyone interested could have access to Denise Austin’s diet and exercise plan online.

How It Works

Denise has put together an online successful program waiting for you to try. The online program consists of four easy steps.

  1. Eat right with a special meal plan, which is nutritional and follows specific guidelines
  2. Getting Fit- provides a fitness plan that will benefit you
  3. Feel Great- on-line support to help keep you stay motivated
  4. Stay Strong- Health and wellness information available

How To Use

Participating in this weight loss program is pretty simple. Denise’s program gives you a choice of a calorie controlled diet plan. There are three options: 1400 calories, 1600 calories or 1800 calories a day. If, at any time, you feel you need to change, feel free to do so.  Plain and simple, it is a general balanced diet with a calorie limit.

The online daily meal plans are provided for each meal and includes recipes. Various workouts include warm-ups and cool-downs.

What You Receive

You make the choice. You may choose a basic, intermediate or an advanced program and customize it for your body. Non-members may choose a Denise Austin video workout program, which are available and arrive to you complete with instructions, pictures, and sometimes videos.

The Fit Forever program has two main components, diet and exercise. The diet and exercise program is meant to be used together. Blending diet and exercise together will provide increased benefits to your overall well being.

Membership includes: Online access to dieticians, personalized meal plans, personalized eating & exercise program per your goals, weight loss tracker, personal journal and much more.

Workout Plan

Workouts should vary throughout the week to make sure each muscle group is being used. Cardio training is included to help the heart and cardiovascular system, weight training for muscle tone and those special workouts that focus on problem areas.

  • Complete diet and exercise program
  • Gym membership not required
  • Online membership $4 a week
  • Success plan offered on line
  • Specific program for kids
  • None

The “Fit Forever” diet and exercise plan was put together to become a lifestyle changing program to help those who want to lose weight, by increasing overall health and fitness awareness. Eating healthier foods and getting plenty of exercise make this program one worth trying, but only if you are willing to make a lifestyle change.

Due to the calorie intake and exercise, it is advisable to consult with your physician. Exercise should be started gradually.

Where To Buy

Denise Austin’s “Fit Forever” can be purchased on-line with a 4 week money-back guarantee. Kit includes 4 DVD’s, stability ball and pump with a 4 week membership online.

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    Billy Joe Oct 27, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Fun to follow yet very effective. Someday, this will be hot trending topic. More than anything else, this is safe.

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    Love Mayberry Oct 27, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Exactly what I am looking for! A flexible program with specific target.

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