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Desire Protocol ReviewIn search for the most honest and in-depth Desire Protocol Review?

What does it take to have any girl you want regardless of how you look, what kind of clothes you wear, car you drive or how big your bank account is? Have you always wondered why some guys have it easy with women while it takes others weeks to master the courage to approach a girl? How come every lady you go out with suddenly loses interest 5 minutes through the date and the rest of the evening turns out…well…awkward?

According to Kevin Wills, the truth is you have been focusing on the wrong tactics to keep the lady interested. Attraction earns you the first 5 seconds of fame but then it grows fickle with time. You cannot rely on good looks or money alone to keep women attracted to you; after all, how many rich celebrities have you seen getting married and divorced all the time. If you are unable to create the desire for women to constantly want you, then you will never be successful with any girl. But hope is finally here with The Desire Protocol Program.

This is a guide for men created by Kevin Wills, who made the discovery after successfully failing at dating himself. Kevin made a promise to himself; never again will he find himself in an awkward position with a woman, or go an entire week without the touch or affection of one. With this determination, he put years of research to find out how women are biologically wired in terms of sexual needs. Kevin discovered the real secret to getting women interested, and is now armed with all the tips and tricks to date any girl he wants in his life. This can be the life of every guy as well, whether young or old, rich or dead broke.

The Desire Protocol Details

Inside the Desire Protocol Program, Kevin Wills reveals the secrets of unlocking a woman’s sexual instincts without even saying a word. Wills arms you with a comprehensive PDF file that gives the 3 effective tools that instantly trigger sexual biological desires and get more than 3 girls texting or sending you naughty photos every day. As a bonus, the Desire Protocol package includes two more resources

Aural Commands and The Hardness code that will get any girl coming back for more.

You don’t need to have washboard abs or toned muscles to get women to bed. Neither do you need outdated pick-up lines or stale jokes to keep women interested. All you need is to know how the human evolution theory work and unlock the mental switch that sparks a woman’s uncontrolled sexual desires. Women are naturally wired to have deep sexual desires with any male they deem fit; these desires are far greater than those of men. Any woman’s biological coding is to find the best suitable male to lock down and mate with; nature came up with this formula so it has nothing to do with good looks or money. So you may be the fattest guy in the room, but all you need is create desire in a woman to want you, and any woman in the world will be in your bed.

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  • Discover all the mistakes you have been making and discard them for scientifically proven tips that will get you the girl of your dreams.
  • The Desire Protocol secret will work with anyone; handsome, bald, fat, rich or unsuccessful or have been unlucky with women for a long time.
  • You don’t need even need words to get the girl you want. This guide will teach you how to use short verbal cues and body language to unlock a woman’s sexual instincts and create a deep desire in them for you.
  • You will get any girl you want, even the hottest one in town. It doesn’t matter if the girl is too good looking to be in your league, as long as you unlock that sexual desire in them, they are yours.
  • No longer do you have to waste your time or money trying to convince a girl to be with you. Just target the right part of their brain and trigger their biological imperative to be in your favor.
  • Desire Protocol guide is crafted from years of research in human behavioral patterns. This is not just another ‘How to Get the Dream Girl’ book with lots of meaningless pickup lines. It’s backed by science so there is more reason to believe in it.
  • The only thing you do is switch on a woman’s biological sexual desires and she is yours. No more going to the gym trying to get a six pack or read all the self-esteem books you can find.
  • After going through this program, you will finally discover the secret to getting 5 or 10 girls to text you constantly wanting you to come over or have a naughty conversation with them.
  • Kevin Wills shares three secrets in the promo video any guy can try out and see if they don’t get any girl they want to bed; even an estranged ex-girlfriend.


  • Though the program is beneficial, it is quite pricey and not everyone can afford it.
  • Desire Protocol guide is only available on Kevin Wills’ website for download. It will not be available to anyone looking for a free download.
  • Kevin Wills guide is not available on paperback but a downloadable PDF ebook. This somehow limits the number of people who can access the book.

Desire Protocol is the first of its kind to use science to study the human behavioral responses. Once every guy understands that it doesn’t take money or looks to create desire in woman, they will be armed with the most powerful secret Kevin Wills has preserved all this years. Inside this guide, Kevin highlights all the mistakes we have been making as men, alongside getting rid of all false ideologies and misconceptions about women.

Then he goes on to reveal the hidden secret to unlocking a woman’s sexual desire and have them want you repeatedly. Learn how to spark interest and desire in a girl for you without using a lot of words, spending money or any of the other tricks that have terribly failed on women. As long as you follow every tip Kevin Wills gives in the Desire Protocol program, getting any woman you want won’t be a problem anymore.

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Good Enough!

Overall it is a good guide, not a bestseller but still with many useful tips to make her desire you.

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