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DropMock Video ReviewWhat is so special about DropMock Video service?

First things first. What does the word mockup mean? In simple words, mockup refers to the arrangement, of text and media that is going to be displayed on paper or a webpage. But what is its importance? We could give you the answer now, or, let you figure it out at the end of this article. Let’s go with the latter option to keep things a little bit more interesting. But we can give you a clue. DropMock, have indeed capitalized on its importance, especially to the business community.

What Exactly Is DropMock?

Have you seen companies distribute T-shirts, mugs or other such merchandise, with their logos on it? This practice, followed by companies is a very good way to increase brand awareness. Traditionally, you needed a designer to design these items. With DropMock, now everyone can be a small-time designer. Gone are the days where you need to hire an expensive design team. Enhance customer experience, make your own amazing designs and stand-out from your competitors. It’s extremely simple to use and there are a number, of both: images and video templates that the users can choose from, to make their designs.

DropMock prides itself upon four primary features. ‘Stunning templates’ being the first. People are almost spoiled for choice by the number and quality of templates that it has to offer. Themed templates, Mirror effect and what not! These are just some of its highlights. One of the most important steps, if not the most important step in designing mockups is: image editing. The ‘image editing’ feature of DropMock, allows users to add stickers, frames, effects and so on. What’s more, the process of editing is very, very simple! ‘MyCatalogue’, is like your very own online album.

Build a portfolio, showcase it to your customers and attract more customers. The last of its features is its, ‘In-house Image Creation’ library. Violating copyrights is what many companies fear while using images from the internet. Well, these in-house images are copyright free. So, don’t scratch your head, improve your brand image instead. Lyndon B Johnson once said, “Nothing comes free. Not even good, especially not good.”

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What do you think? Is DropMock free? Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, as there is an option of Free access but naturally, the features that come along with this package are limited in nature. And no, because it has both: Monthly and Yearly paid plans, too. Both these plans, offer its purchaser a wide variety of features to benefit from. However, those who opt for the Yearly plans have a few more additional benefits and end up saving a bit more too, when compared to the Monthly plans.

By now, you must be having a fair understanding about what DropMock is, how it works and the different features that it has to offer. But we still haven’t looked into its relevance in practical terms. Let’s go ahead with this by looking at some of its advantages as well as, some of its disadvantages.


  • A vast library of a number of unique and appealing mockups/designs to choose from. This allows different companies, irrespective of what they are working in or what their goals are, to target their particular customer groups and grab their attention in the best possible way.
  • It is extremely simple to use. DropMock has taken something complex like designing and made it so simple that every layman can use it, irrespective of their background in computers. This is emphasized by their mantra: Select. Customize. Market.
  • Assured quality. The designs put up on DropMock are carefully evaluated and tested before they are put up online. People therefore, need not rack their brains, worrying about the quality of the designs. That’s one less thing to worry about, at least!
  • To complement the simplicity of its process, DropMock has made sure that it’s comparatively quicker as well. How have they achieved this? By releasing ready-made designs that barely require tampering of any sort.

If the advantages so far, haven’t caught your attention, this one might just do the trick. DropMock helps companies to save money. This in turn, means that, by increasing their savings a company thereby, increases its revenue as well. Let’s say, you opt for the Yearly package. It costs $197. Now, in comparison, what would an qualified and competent design team cost you? You don’t need to check Google for this. It’s definitely going to cost you more than $197. And, finally! We have got your attention.


Errors prove to be costly, like literally, they cost you. Suppose that you choose a particular video template but you don’t really bother to preview it. Now, if you don’t like the video then, you cannot do anything. You have already spent your credits, which cannot be reimbursed once a particular template has been decided upon. If you then want a different video, you need to purchase another one. This again cost you credits. See? Errors do prove to be quite costly and we as humans are prone to making errors.

The other issue that arises with ready made designs on DropMock are that, you cannot necessarily make all the little tweaks here and there that you otherwise would want to. Therefore, one can say that it’s not the designs lack a bit of originality that comes with having a in-house design team.

Another argument, that is quite subjective in nature and equally controversial, is in relation to its price. Some people consider it to be priced too high for small businesses. These experts advise people to learn the art of designing, basic designing at least, instead of spending money on such design portals.


We have come to the last chapter of this article. By now, you must be having a more or less, comprehensive idea about DropMock as a whole. In the beginning of the article, we put forth a question: What’s the importance of mockups? Let’s do away with the suspense, shall we? The primary importance of a mockup is, how it conveys to the customers what the finished product/idea will actually look like.

DropMock have taken advantage of the importance of mockups to marketing and added features of their own, such as video templates etc. to make the entire designing process much more accessible for small and medium sized companies. Perhaps DropMock is next on the list of disruptive technologies? Who knows, how many designers employment have been adversely impacted by such portals. But as of now, one can only speculate.

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