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The depletion of natural-energy resources has led to an upsurge in the use-of renewable energy to power-homes & industries. Windmills and solar energy stand at the very center of global discussions and debates in regards to renewable energy options/alternatives. Installation of windmill and solar energy components require expertise & experience. Originally it was usually left in the hands-of engineers & qualified electricians. That trend is now slowly changing. A number of individuals are now adopting DIY (Do It Yourself) approaches which tend to be much more cost effective and convenient.

Earth4Energy is basically a comprehensive DIY-guide which teaches and guides consumers on how-to install solar panels and windmills using the components they purchase. Compared to the professional installations, this new approach saves the user a lot of cash which can be utilized elsewhere. The Earth-4-Energy Program was created-by Michael Harvey who’s a qualified professional engineer with over 15 years of experience in matters regarding renewable energy. The main reason for the development of this program was to aid in stemming out the increasing costs of the electricity bills. Following a long period of keen research in all alternative energy sources, Michael Harvey, the creator, designed Earth-4-Energy Program as a home based way of generating own electricity via the renewable-energy approach. This program teaches and guides from A-to-Z all the various intricacies that are involved in constructing windmills and solar panels.

Earth 4 Energy Details

The Earth 4 Energy system is typically a kit which will give you a step by step guide with instructions & illustrations which will help you perform various home improvements using windmill and solar energy, among other forms-of alternative energy. It’s supported by a community-of people who have already tried the methods that have been explained & have given their own real testimonials regarding both the good & the bad things you can expect from the product/program. The idea that is behind this product is simple enough. We have all heard of going-off the grid, & living off of wind power, solar power, hydroelectricity & other such means of self-sustainability. There are even bio homes that have been made, complete with greenhouses where one can plant and grow his/her own food. This program is basically meant as an-introduction to an alternative-lifestyle, where you’re not a prisoner to the companies whose rates will just continue to soar further.


  • There are many different items which you will get upon purchasing the Earth 4 Energy product. Each of them serves its’ own functions. There is a step by step guide which will inform you on exactly where to shop for decent and quality solar cells at considerably lower prices. This guide will also show you how to upgrade your windmill or solar system once you begin constructing it. You can-do this by attaching your solar panels to one another. The Earth 4 Energy-guide also shows how one can store harvested energy so you may use it later on.
  • Earth 4 Energy package comes with various free bonuses. 1 of the bonuses is a quality video which demonstrates visually exactly how to go about constructing the solar panels. This entire process is typically captured in a two hour long video footage. Even if you’re a techno savvy person, the Earth4Energy videos will certainly give you some tips you would otherwise not have known.
  • It makes it much easier for you-to picture and understand how to go about handling each & every component used. It’ll also save you lots of texts you would otherwise have-read so as to capture the whole installation process.
  • Earth4Energy-package contains a solar sizing-calculator which will help you in figuring out the number-of solar panels you will need in order to partially or comprehensively cover the energy bill. For the consumers who are interested in wind-power, Earth4Energy also comes with a ‘Make-A-Windmill’ bonus which shows how to begin constructing your own windmill for less-than $100. In addition, there’s an Earth4Energy Compact Disk (CD) that’s provided along with an email coaching-program offer which lasts for one year.

Despite the many benefits offered by this program, there is are some people who have become upset in part due to not really understanding this product’s entire scope. No one can expect to just tack one solar panel on to their roof & then be able-to disconnect their electricity. That is not even enough-power for a single incandescent light bulb, leave alone the entire house. This program is meant to be followed thoroughly so as to provide a proper means towards alternative energy. This means, it may take a number of solar panels, and a wind-powered generator (depending on the actual power consumption) to actually see a massive difference in your electricity bill. This isn’t to say that the ones who can’t afford to encase the entire roof with solar panels, or build wind generators will not see savings, it’s just realistic to say that the saving will not be as-much-as the others. Regarding to the common question, “Does this program really work?” I can say for certain the short-answer is, “Yes, it actually does work.” It comes along-with knowledge that an investment of $ 50 for a single product, will bring major savings on the equipment you will need, making it a really good investment. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any work involved, & a great deal of awareness and understanding is needed for it to be successful.


  • Customers who have already tried this product did say that you have to setup the power-source in an open area which attracts a lot of wind or sunlight. An obvious point, but it’s worth keeping in mind.
  • Given the scale-of the operation, do not expect to start selling energy to power companies. The product is mainly for people who are looking to reduce or cut down their energy costs.
  • The product is aimed-at small to the average sized family-homes. In case you live-in a mansion it is unlikely you will see the same percentage of reductions that has been reported by many others without significantly-scaling up your operation.

Earth 4 Energy program is a creative DIY-guide which is aimed at giving hands-on-approach to the construction of renewable windmill and solar energy. It has offered many domestic users reprieve-in that it has minimized the costs that are associated with high electricity bills. The cost-friendly price & the value it provides makes this product a deal you wouldn’t want to miss.

Product Not Available Anymore. Alternative Here

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