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Ediets ReviewHow great is technology today? So great that you do not have to find a location to attend a meeting or find a group of people who want to lose weight together. Imagine having someone prepare meals especially for your special needs. Someone had an idea and it has spread like wildfire sparking the interest of those whose greatest desire is to lose weight.

How It Works

Ediets program is found online and has its own website. There are three simple steps to take to join this program. First, is by logging in to set up your personal profile and create your menu. Secondly, Ediets chefs will prepare the menus for you, and thirdly, the fresh meals are packed fresh in coolers to be delivered to your home.

The guarantee is you must follow directions of the Ediets program for a specific amount of time and recording your weight loss on-line to your account. If by the end of the time period you have not seen any weight loss your money will be refunded.

How To Use

A special profile is designed to complete information concerning you and your needs. Ediets will then process that information and help create a formulated meal package along with a fitness program designed especially for you. The meals are prepared fresh for each member and delivered to their door.

Product Features

  • There are multiple meal programs for dieters. When joining your information is loaded and held in complete confidential files.
  • Customized workout specifically designed for the member
  • 3-D animated fitness videos and tutorials
  • E-tools- to help a member with their programs. These tools consist of heart rate calculator, BMI calculator, Ediets stress test, cardio fitness test and other tools to assist a member achieve their goal.

Ease Of SUpport

Ediets have made it particularly easy for members to seek help in their journey to lose weight. An member may chat online with a mentor to help encourage when needing that special time of personal support. The role of these mentors is to be a member’s friend and also a motivator.

A toll-free support line is also available to speak to a qualified nutritionist or dietitian by phone or online.

  • Cost of program is broken down into a weekly sum of $4.49.
  • Ediets has proven to be a program that can help with permanent weight loss
  • Member support if needed
  • Ediets has over 100 diet meal plans. Too many choices may cause confusion
  • Must qualify for a guarantee

Ediets.com is very confident of their program. By following directions and the fitness program, members are expected to lose 2 lbs weekly during the first five (5) weeks of the program. Each diet program has been tested and proven to work as long as it is followed correctly.

Various features are included with their programs including the assistance of professional mentors, dieticians and nutritionists. The availability of the trained specialists is an asset to those members who have serious commitments to shed unwanted pounds.

There is not a one size fits all in diet programs. Each body is different and may require a different approach to losing weight. The amount of support Ediets offers makes it one of the best options in losing weight.

Where To Buy

Ediets.com is only found online or by calling their 1-800 numbers to join. To join is easy by paying with a credit card online. Meals are prepared to your specifics.

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    Spencer Thomas Oct 24, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    I have read lots of strategies online on how can we loss weight faster. There are some that requires that we have to do some exercise and eat selected foods only. This ediets.com would require that they would prepare the food that you are going to eat depending on the amount of weight that you want to lose. This might work in weight loss however, we might be confuse on the different choices of menus that we have to choose. Overall, I find the article helpful and interesting.

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