The Ejaculation Switch Review

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The Ejaculation Switch ReviewPremature ejaculation is a far common sexual problem in men that affects both the partners in an act of sexual intercourse. It can be an embarrassing moment for men as they cannot control their ejaculation. It affects the opposite sex too! Women get frustrated because they don’t reach orgasms.

However, the problem is not permanent and can be cured. A lot of factors act together when ejaculations occur. Nonetheless, it can be controlled by incorporating some simple techniques. These special, effective and very less known to most men techniques have been compiled in The Ejaculation Switch which will help you last longer in bed.

The Ejaculation Switch Overview

The Ejaculation Switch is a comprehensive guide to control your premature ejaculation by following some simple, easy to incorporate techniques. Composed by Bob Johnson, a sex expert and researcher, this guide helps you free yourself from premature ejaculations and last upto 15 minutes longer in bed.

The guide states the fact that premature ejaculation is likely to get worse with advances in age and time if left unchecked. The book teaches you the secrets of controlling premature ejaculation so that you can enjoy longer periods of sexual satisfaction each time.

It took Bob over six months of intense research and experiments to finally come up with an effective method to reduce premature ejaculations in men. Such sexual problems can cost peace of mind and leave a person insecure and self-doubting. But now with this comprehensive guide, you could give your partner the experience she always craved for and make her ask for more!

Product Details

The comprehensive guide on premature ejaculation, The Ejaculation Switch, contains some incredibly simple techniques that can help you last longer in bed and make your partner reach orgasm. The guide also describes why men have this disorder in the first place.

The guide reveals that Mother Nature made us, men, to be a sprinter on bed but not a long track racer. It all dates back to the cave age when cave dwellers used to have sex under the open sky. Since they got vulnerable to hunters every time they mated, Nature designed men to get the job as quickly as possible to avoid chances of being eaten by predators.

The easily downloadable handbook also explains what the “Ejaculation Switch” exactly is and how it acts to prevent you from lasting longer in bed. According to the writer, nature ahs designed this switch to be largely out of control. However, taking conscious actions provides an access to it. The techniques included in this guide teach the ways to gain control over your ejaculation switch and deliver high performance.

The purpose of this inclusive handbook is simple. It teaches you to get control over your natural caveman urge to ejaculate before you are even before you are satisfied. It also includes some of the most effective body/mind influencing techniques to help you prove your abilities on bed. It takes merely some minutes to go through these techniques and mastering them.

Here are some of the techniques that you will find in The Ejaculation Switch:

  • Mindset Shift – this technique is used by many top sex therapists to gain control over premature ejaculation problem.
  • Past Blaster – this exercise teaches you the ways to get over your past negative sex experiences and start going for longer nights.
  • The guide explains why premature ejaculations can be a warning sign of various life threatening concerns.
  • It also explains what not to do when you are facing such sexual disorders that will save you from deterioration of the situation in the future.
  • It explains four myths that can worsen the situation for you instead of curing it.
  • Four major causes of such sexual disorder are also explained in this handbook. This will help you understand the situation better and how the included techniques work for you.
  • Deep Fear Buster – this technique helps you dissolves the fear of your premature ejaculation and ways to ensure it never again triggers lack of confidence in you.
  • The amazing ejaculation re-set switch technique is also included in this guide. This will provide you the power to finish the job exactly where you want. It also teaches you re-setting the timing in your body for when you cum.
  • There are also five additional techniques included which will help you program your body to delay ejaculation.
  • It also includes four scientifically proven ways to desensitize your penis naturally, without any hassle so that you can last longer in bed.

The Ejaculation Switch comes with four amazing fast action bonuses.

  • Make Her Climax Quickly
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 50 Foods For A Harder Erection Guide
  • Performance Anxiety Destroyer


The Ejaculation Switch includes the most effective method for lasting longer and is unlike any other likewise product in the market. Here are some of the benefits that you will gain from this comprehensive guide.

  • Includes simple but effective techniques to solve the problem of premature ejaculation.
  • The discussed techniques require very little time to master.
  • It is effective for all those men and boys who are troubled with premature ejaculation.
  • It is comparatively lower in price than most other likewise products.
  • It does not include weird techniques like starting and stopping or thinking of unrelated sex topics.
  • None of the techniques include usage of delay creams and pills.
  • Since natural techniques are used to cure the disorder, they have no harmful side effects.
  • Comes with four bonuses.
  • Comes with Triple Money Back Guarantee.

There are almost no such disadvantages associated with this comprehensive guide except for one. The techniques can take some time to be incorporated fluently. Once you have mastered them properly, you will be able to give your partner the sex she wants.


The Ejaculation Switch is the most effective way to gain access to your natural Ejaculation and control it to enjoy longer sexual acts. By following the techniques, you could become the man she dream of and make her want you more and more. it contains all the information you need to transform yourself into a long acting lover every woman dreams of.

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