Ethical Extreme Couponing Tips For Beginners

Extreme CouponingDid you know that it is possible to save between 40 to 85% of your grocery bills with Extreme Couponing? The practice requires the shopper to be strategic and have well executed shopping skills. While shopping and saving using this method, it is best to use ethical and legitimate approaches.

Ethical and legitimate approaches mean shopping for only what is enough for your pantry and not clearing the whole store in a matter of minutes. A lot of times, people that want to take advantage of the coupons have taken perhaps too much advantage of couponing and go to the “survival for the fittest mode.” This normally leaves the stores depleted of items that can be redeemed with couponing, while the shoppers responsible for the unethical approach turn their houses into mini-stores.

Some end up re-selling these products but most of the time, the items hoarded items end up being misused or expire in the shelves. The unethical and greedy approach also means that only a few people get to enjoy couponing. Buying what you need for you and your family, and perhaps a little more for donation is a thoughtful and reasonable thing to do. It gives others a chance to enjoy couponing as well.

How Can Couponing Save You a Great Deal of Money?

Setting a budget.

One of the goals of using coupons is to save money. It helps a lot if you know where exactly where your money is going. This will help you to successfully control your money, and to channel to proper use. If half or most of your money is going to groceries, it is time you made a change. Everybody needs to eat, but can your household still eat comfortably on a lower budget? Yes, you can afford not to starve your family and still cut the cost by a huge margin.

Finding coupons.

There are various places to find coupons both electronic and printouts. Great starters are newspaper, magazines, e-coupons that are loaded in your smart phone or loyalty card, printable coupons, blinkies that are offered in stores and Catalina printouts that are printed from your store.

Keep the couponing lingo at your fingertips.

While browsing about coupons on the internet or local store, it will help if you can be able to understand the various abbreviations and what they mean. The following are common abbreviations and their meanings.

B1G: Buy1,Get1 free, BOGO: Buy1, Get1 at half price, MIR: Mail in rebate, WYB: When you buy, RP: RedPlum insert, P&G: Proctor and gamble insert, psa: Price at start, SS: Smart source insert, OOP: Out of pocket, $1/2: 1 dollar off two items, mfg: Manufacture coupon, IP: Internet printed coupon, CAT: Catalina-these print out at the store register when you complete your sale, MM: Moneymaker, SCR: Single check rebate, OYNO: On your next order, UPC: Universal product code, PP: Price plus-from shop rite, NLA: No longer available.

Learn Extreme Couponing Facts

With the advent of shows such as Extreme Couponing, many new coupon users are getting it all wrong, and this is making the stores adjust their policies. It is possible to save an extremely huge amount of money, but it is paramount to do it in a way that doesn’t break the law. Here are a few things to note.

Copying coupons – If you are getting your coupons from the computer, you are only allowed 2 print outs per computer. If you need more, resist from copying as this is considered fraud. You can instead get additional coupons from friends and family.

Fraudulent coupon – The are countless illegitimate coupons on-line especially on email. If you are not sure whether your coupon is legitimate, it will be a good idea to refer to’s list to establish whether it has been marked as fraudulent.

Follow the intended use of the coupon – Use the coupon at the exact location, where it was intended for use. Most companies have different stores selling slightly different products. Taking it to the wrong store will only waste your time because it will not be honored at a different establishment.

Codes – If your UPC code is the same as the like coupon, it is probably because you are using more than one like coupon. This is an indication that you are perhaps using copied coupons. To get the right codes for your coupons, you can visit

Identify the Grocery Sales Cycles

This is the biggest secret of the art. Knowing when the best time that items are sold at their lowest prices is, and then combining that with coupons, will help you save up even more. This will allow you to pay the lowest prices during a particular year. For instance, snacks and finger foods will be sold at their lowest prices around big athletic seasons like The Superbowl. Baking goods will be sold at their lowest prices during special holidays like Christmas. If you want to save a lot of money, it will not make much sense to purchase barbecue items in the winter but rather in the summer. Mastering the trends determine how much you will save.

Start small.

Sometimes, people set their expectations too high when it comes to Extreme Couponing. Couponing is an art that needs careful planning and mastering. Do not expect to become a couponing guru in a matter of days. Having high expectations and trying to achieve too much during the first few tries will only make the whole process look complicated and unachievable. This is the main reason why a lot of people are reluctant when it comes to Extreme Couponing.

Do not give up

A lot of times, you will come across coupons that are outdated or great deals that you don’t have coupons for. Be patient and don’t get discouraged. The industry is full of coupons and very soon you will have a good stash of coupons to use. Concentrate on organizing the coupons that you have, and it will not take you long to be able to start using them.

Remember, hoarding items that you don’t need in your house is not only distasteful, it also greedy and selfish. Kindly leave some room for others to enjoy too. Saving money is a great experience that everyone deserves to enjoy.

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