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eVerify Data Detective ReviewThe eVerify program is a free, internet-based program run by the US government. This is a reliable and accurate system, which allows employers to determine whether the new workers have the legal right to work in the United States. This program is introduced for preventing unauthorized workers from getting employment. As per the eVerify system, everyone in the US needs to seek permission from the government before taking a job.

Today, this is a voluntary program. But the US government is planning to make it mandatory soon. If you want to participate in this program, you need to enter information from l-9 Form. This is a paper based form, and it is currently used for verifying workplace eligibility. The eVerify program checks information against Department of Homeland Security records and Social Security Administration records. Most of the queries are verified automatically either instantly or within 24 hours.

E-Verify is not a database, but it is a status check system. Personal information entered in this program remains locked securely away in the DHS and SSA databases. The error rate of this program is 0.28 percent, which is extraordinarily small. In order to safeguard employees from discrimination, the program uses special care. Individuals can also do self-check for knowing their workplace eligibility status.

eVerify process can be completed by using two options. A company can use the DHS’ online eVerify system directly. In order to do so, you must have extensive knowledge for using it yourself. The employers who use this site must carefully maintain and scan required employee documentation, comply with anti-discrimination laws, comply with various federal and state laws, and meet and monitor strict deadlines.

Seek the help of a third party is the second option for completing the process. It is helpful for saving time and reducing potential errors. eVerify can be completed as a part of an electronic l-9 solution.

Benefits of eVerify Solution

Increased efficiency is one of the most important benefits of eVerify program. It allows you to enter data only once. The required data, which is entered in the l-9 form, will be submitted automatically to the eVerify system without additional data entry. It is highly helpful for mid-to large sized organizations to maintain a healthy hiring program. You can also avoid half of the data entry works, which is helpful for saving substantial amount of time. eVerify system also helps to eliminate human error.

Paperless Documentation

Recently, eVerify introduced photo-matching functionality. This facility is available for certain documents. Therefore, when the employers present certain documents, they can compare the photo in the employee’s document with the photo displayed in eVerify system. After the completion of E-verify process, photo matching functionality enables employers to retain a copy of the document. So, the employers can do photo matching, file the copies and retain a copy during the time of audit. Compared to manual photo matching and documentation process, paperless Form l-9 procedure is quicker.

Possibility to Access a Wealth of Information

eVerify enables unlimited search and access to its database. It is a cost effective solution for users who want to get important information about people. It enables people to collect all valuable information without hiring private investigators. E-Verify also enables you to check previous offenses of a person, his criminal records, current deposition of cases, etc. You can also access information such as jail time, pleas entered into the court, important dates, etc.

Individual’s past criminal activity can be checked by searching inmate records. Public criminal record information can be checked by anyone. The information can be sourced from different law enforcement and criminal justice records. Birth records, one of the most important public records, can also be accessed by using eVerify system. You can also collect information such as full name of a person at birth, his age and his origin. You will get death details of a person from death records.

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This program is helpful for eliminating social security mismatch letters. Therefore, the employers can keep away from hiring unauthorized workers. If used properly, eVerify is highly effective for protecting the jobs of authorized workers. There are lots of employment eligibility verification systems. But they commonly cause lots of problems to the employers. However, eVerify system is more convenient to the employers.

Drawbacks of eVerify Program

The eVerify system is not perfectly accurate and it has lots of mismatch problems. It increases the chance of false non-confirmation, which can expose an employer to legal actions. eVerify is not free from identity theft. The system may fail to detect the use of valid data by a wrong individual. Employers must handle the burden of administration such as training, timely management of verifications and the subsequent actions.

As far as an employee is working under an employer, he is responsible for the improper usage of eVerify program by employees. E-Verify system needs to handle heavy load of submissions. However, the Social Security Administrations’ ability to resolve confirmation issues quickly is uncertain.

Congress established the eVerify program in 1996. California was the first state that used this program. The government implemented this program into all 50 states in 2003. However, even today, this program is not free from controversies. Around 55,000 employers are using the eVerify program today. It is less than 1% of the entire employers. So, more than 7 million employers need to register under this system. So, eVerify has certain major negative impact. The number of undocumented immigrants in negligible. In order to detect this small percentage, it hurts the life of ordinary people.

As per the estimation of SSA, around 17.8 million records in eVerify contain discrepancies due to data entry error, adjustment of immigration status or name change.


While utilizing the eVerify system, employers must consider both the benefits and pitfalls. This will enable them to make a tactical decision regarding the use of this system. Whatever may be the drawbacks, eVerify is helpful for preventing employers from hiring illegal aliens. eVerify is highly useful for unemployed Americans of all backgrounds and races to get back on the payroll. It also allows them to earn and live with their families. In short, there is nothing unfair in eVerify system.

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