Every Other Day Diet Review

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Every Other Day Diet ReviewEvery Other Day Diet was invented by the author himself, when he was tired of being fat. It’s a plan, and not a diet, he says. It’s a lifestyle change. The main premise of the Every Other Day Diet is calorie reduction. He gives you a structured plan to follow.

Every other day, there is a “cheat” meal that allows you to eat whatever you want at lunch time. (This is not merely a splurge meal every other day, but it also allows your body to keep its metabolism up despite the calorie reduction.)

The “all you can eat” lunch time meal makes the program easier to swallow for many folks.

Every Other Day Diet Includes:

  • The Every Other Day Diet Guide eBook
  • The Radical Fat Loss Blueprint
  • 30 Days of Free Email Coaching
  • Unlimited membership to Jon’s Fitness Member’s Support Forum
  • Jon Benson’s weekly newsletter to keep you motivated
  • Free monthly teleseminars with special fitness guests

The Theory behind The Program

There are two principles:

  • Interval Eating
  • SNAPP System of Eating

#1 Interval Eating
You alternate your type of caloric intake every day. First, you calculate how many calories you need to intake to lose weight. Find out your needed daily “calorie deficit.” In other words, if you want to lose a pound a week (which is a good goal to have), you have to have a deficit of about 3000 calories per week. That’s 400-500 calories a day you need to average. You can use their online calculator to figure that calorie deficit you need to create.

  • First day: Burn Day. Eat unprocessed foods in 5 small meals per day.
  • Second day: Feed Day. Eat the same plan as Burn Day, but you are allowed to eat whatever you want at lunch time (for a maximum of 30 minutes).
  • Start over again.

On average, you will arrive at your targeted deficit per week.

#2 SNAPP System of Eating
SNAPP is an acroynm. It’s your guide to what you can eat throughout the day. (he’s got 40 recipes in the book)
S – Shake is your first meal of the day. Lots of fruits & veggies.  There are 15 shake recipes in this book.
N – Nuts. Almonds & nuts are good fats. They keep you full, as ewll.
A – Apples. They keep you full and give you a nice snack, as they are full of fiber and great nutrients.
P – Protein.  Lean protein like chicken, beef, fish and beans .
P – Produce. Lots of fruits and veggies.


  • As the name says it, it’s every other day.
  • Realistic. Doesn’t require a lot of discipline. It requires discipline, but not a crazy, monkish type of discipline that requires a few hours in the gym every week.
  • Not a lot of fluff
  • Straightforward plan to follow.
  • The plan doesn’t quite get you to “ripped, six-pack abs”.
  • This is unorthodox.
  • It puts you into a psychological up & down cycle (burn days, feed days, and back again).
Summary and Conclusion
  • Jon created the Every Other Day Diet from his own experience of losing weight.
  • The system is unique, in that every other day, you get a splurge meal. And still be very successful and losing weight. You are allowed your favorite dish (pizza, pasta) at least once a week. Wow! This makes dieting less painful.
  • This program is “realistic” to many folks. It’s not the ideal, vegetarian, go-crazy in the gym plan. But it is fairly realistic to have a stricter diet every other day, and have a more loose meal plan every other day. it’s easier to commit to.
  • I think this is a very realistic plan to follow. The other plans in this site work as well, but require much more discipline that this one. This plan works, according to many satisfied customers.
Our Rating

We give the Every Other Day Diet 2 out of 5 stars. I didn’t like the up and down cycle of burn versus feed days. It is realistic in that you get to have your splurge meals every other day. That’s helpful. But that may lead to unhealthy habits, too.

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