Fat Burning Bible Review

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Fat Burning Bible ReviewA lot of weight loss diet structures enable short-term weight loss fallout; after a while one gains the previous weight he/she had. Here is where The Fat Burning Bible comes in. It’s author claims that his weight loss and fitness program is different. Is that true or false? We shall find out in a short while.

The Fat Burning Bible was created by Mackie Shilstone to act as a guide for healthy living by the right feeding habit and exercise. What does the whole bundle entail? Or rather what concept is behind the book? Let’s get started.

Mackie has been acknowledged as a fitness, nutrition and sports expert behind the success of 3000+ athletes. That’s not all; he has also helped other individuals in cutting down their weight along with fitness stability acquaintance and maintenance. With Fat Burning Bible program, he assures his clients of 14 to 16 pounds weight loss in a month if they strictly adhere to his dietary and fitness plan.

Fat Burning Bible Details

Shilstone has looked into various factors in the first part of the Fat Burning Bible book. These include issues such as overweight health threats, how metabolism is linked to fat loss and hormonal distinctions between males and females. He has also focused on transitional characteristics that take place during andropause and menopause and gives a solution on how to make the process slower.

In the second part, he has provided a questionnaire that will be of help in assessing an individual’s current health status and how to curb stress.

The third part talks about gains of carrying out exercises and goes on giving details on Fat-Burning Metabolic Fitness plan.

The dietary field entails a three meal structure along with two snacks a day for optimum energy levels generation. The snacks should be taken within four hours span between the normal daily meals. Snacks can also be of help at upholding the necessitated insulin levels in the body. Nutrition components contained in these meals are 30% healthy fats, 30% protein and 40% carbohydrates.

The book has a section on low-level glycemic foods that were decided upon by chefs in corporation to nutritionists. All is not bound to food alone; there are supplements recommended to boost metabolic performance. These include chromium pocolinate, magnesium, green tea extract, calcium, acetyl L carnitine and coenzyme Q10.

Here is a list of foods that should not miss in your plate:

Fruit, protein, beef, soy products, vegetables, tuna, shrimp, salmon, low-fat cottage cheese, whole grain bread, sugar free pudding, dark chocolate, oatmeal, legumes, nuts, basmati rice, egg beaters and whey proteins.



One waffle (whole grain).
One peanut butter tablespoon.
A cup of chopped strawberries.
A cup of soy.


Two raisin tablespoons.
A half OZ, nuts mixture.


Four OZ seared tuna.
Red wine vinaigrette, greens salad.
One sliced walnuts tablespoon.
A half whole-wheat croutons cup.


Five whole grain crackers.
One OZ mozzarella.


Shrimp veggie stir-fry.
Half basmati rice cup.

According to Shilstone, women tend to lose more body fat under low or average exercise levels as compared to men who require more vigorous exercises. The workout plan has put this aspect into consideration thereby maximizing weight loss for both parties with the least amount of energy.

The Fat Burning Metabolic Fitness program is set to take a four-week span. At the end of the program, one is expected to have completed 300 minutes of workout that is stretched within six days. As time goes by, the duration of the exercises will reduce to a level of 150 minutes in a week.


  • Help clients to understand and appreciate science and facts behind weight loss and how to do it the right way.
  • Enables one to keep a balanced nutrient intake for efficient and healthy body status; one can take the required amounts of proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates and essential fats among other useful ingredients.
  • Motivates clients to eat more of fresh vegetables and fruits as essential boosters of the body’s defense mechanism.
  • Regulates calorie concentration to a level able to have stress and fatigue control.
  • Encourages intake of small amounts of food after a short time thereby reducing chances of feeling hungry.
  • Promotes the levels of food delicacies. This has been made possible by provision of high-quality food recipes prepared by nutritional professional as well as renowned chefs.
  • Offers different food assortments that come with dissimilar calorie concentration rates.
  • Provides different recipe preferences thereby giving clients a wide list of selection to choose their favorite meals.
  • Gives useful information on obtaining and maintaining healthy standards such as having control of hypothyroidism.
  • Helps the fitness program clients to understand the role of stress in conjunction with weight loss strategies.


  • Some of the weight loss aspects may not apply to real life situation thereby giving weight loss participants in the program false expectations.
  • Prior meal preparation has to be done with the aid of monitored food habits to make sure a balanced and healthy diet is taken.
  • A lot of the named supplements to be taken tend to go for high prices. This makes the whole fitness package unreliable in terms of price.
  • The Fat Burning Bible program promotes intake of processed food products such as soy produces, protein products and artificial meat merchandises. Processed foodstuffs have always been linked to various health problems.
  • Gym workouts are necessitated to make the fitness program complete. Regular gym visits by the clients might be considered to be hectic.

The Fat Burning Bible main goal is to make its patients get the knowledge of science in relation to weight loss. It further acts as a double-edged tool that covers the interest of those in need to lead a healthy life by what they eat and most importantly to keep fit by undertaking workouts. The program has also put into account both male and female interests whereby anyone can venture into the fitness suite. There are different weight loss packages in the market today offering the same services as The Fat Burning Bible. However, when looking for one that has a simple setup yet productive fallout, this one has it all. Not only will it enable you cut weight and keep fit but also help you maintain the achievements acquired. Congrats to The Fat Burning Bible author!

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