Fat Burning Furnace Review

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Fat Burning Furnace ReviewIt is so amazing how one person composes their own weight loss plan and then determines they have hit the jack pot. Excitedly, they get busy writing to promote their idea. They believe their weight lose plan is outstanding and above all will make them rich. Believe it or not- millions of people will flock to buy it when the news is exclaimed.

Why does this happen? Our society is extremely obese and is always looking for an easy way to lose weight fast. Sadly, these are not programs that work for all individuals.

How It Works

Most everyone is well aware of how to lose weight, but the mind continues to believe there is something easier and faster. FatBurning Furnace is no different.

The creator of this program believes to lose weight requires special weight lifting techniques. Eating healthy is important, but calorie counting is not necessary. The program works at light physical exercises with slow and few repetitions.

To lose weight and keep it off, a dieter must have a strong desire to shed those unwanted pounds that weigh the body down.

How To Use

A dieter will need to purchase the guide to understand how this program works. The guide will explain what to eat and how to exercise. Videos are accessible for purchase, and focuses on more resistance workouts instead of intense cardio vascular workouts.

Product Features

The Fat Burning Furnace Package includes a 128-page e-book and other small tools. Web information site and the video upgrade may also be viewed online.

Fat Burning Exercises

The creator of this weight loss plan has initiated a high intensity strength and cardio training for 15 minutes a day for 3 times a week. This is why it has been called the 15 Minute Miracle.

This 15 minute miracle is said to replace the traditional cardio with fast weight lifting repetitions along with short breaks. This encourages body muscle and strength building and cardiovascular conditioning of the body at the same time.

Should an individual not own all the equipment, a suggestion is made to purchase a simple set of adjustable dumbbells and a bench. To include with this program are a few exercises such as, the Sissy Squat, Towel Row, Lunge, and a few others mentioned in the guide.

  • Various exercise program videos for the beginner, intermediate and the advanced
  • No calorie calculations
  • Website to access free recipes
  • Consumer support
  • Guide is well written
  • 60 Day Money back guarantee
  • Videos do not contain sufficient information on workouts
  • Requires weights
  • Individual would need a weight trainer if never lifted weights
  • Extra cost in this program

This program could be usable for someone wanting to tone and gain muscle. However, without a trainer to supervise, a novice in weight lifting could cause serious injuries to the body.

A healthy plan of eating and regular cardio exercise is always the best route.

When checking into a new weight loss program, always look for hidden costs. This type of program may lighten your wallet faster than your body.

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