Fat Loss Factor Review

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Fat Loss Factor ReviewThere is more and more obese people in the world nowadays, some scientists claim that obesity is the endemic of the 21st century. This being said, and by seeing the number of obese people grow with each year, we should ask ourselves what causes this phenomenon, and what can we do to stop it?! Well there are many diets that claim, they have found the answer, but still there is no real change, not to mention those “magic pills” what you can see in the adverts. Knowing this, every new diet, or fitness program has a hard time convincing the people, that it is trustworthy. So what is this new program called the Fat Loss Factor, and why the hype around it? Is it that good, or just another scam? We will review this program, and speak about the pros and cons which come with it.

So what is the Fat Loss Factor?

It is a 12 week diet and fitness program at the same time. It is new, popular and it seems that it’s effective. People all around the internet are speaking about it, it is a leading fitness product, and it seems that when people follow the program, the results are coming, and people really lose weight.

The developer of this program is Dr. Charles Livingstone, who is a certified advanced nutritionist, a certified chiropractic physician and a certified wellness expert. Dr. Livingstone developed and perfected the program for many years, with the help of his personal clients. The diet is developed and modified based on real science with results behind it. He has achieved some great results on his clients, and the truly amazing thing is, that they were not starving to death while doing this program. They could eat their favorite foods during the diet. This is a huge benefit against other fitness programs, and diets.

Is this too good to be true? This must be a scam right? Just another magic diet, with no real results just the usual marketing advertisement. Well we must say, people are reporting promising things about Fat Loss Factor, with real visible and measurable results.

Now let’s talk about the program itself. Fat Loss Factor is a 12 week program. In the first phase, for 2 weeks it is basically a cleansing program. During this period you will mostly eat natural organic foods, seeds, beans, fruits, vegetables, and drink lots of water. This will help eliminate harmful toxins in your body and especially in your liver. Dr. Charles states that this phase is very important, because this is the basis for your success. The body needs to prepare for the fat burning, your metabolism will sped up, and it will help your body to tear down fat cells. Your immune system will be stronger, you will have more energy, and feel more “alive” than before.

After the important first phase, comes the second, which is a 10 week phase. During this time, you will continue to drink lots of water, eat more often, not just 2-3 times a day, more like 4-5 times but smaller doses. Work out for 3 times a week, and learn how to stay motivated. What is really great, there are various workouts, depending on you physical condition. There are workouts for beginners, and workout programs for those who trained before, and have some experience in the fitness world. The 15 min cardio workouts help you to boost up the fat burning, and you will lose weight quicker.

You will find everything in detail. All you have to do is follow the give steps. Remember you must follow them step by step, or the program will not be as effective as it was designed to be! After all, you can’t really except the program to work, if you only do what you like.

After seeing what kind of program we are talking about, let’s see what we get for our money.

  • You will get the basic Fat Loss Factor eBook
  • Workout plans – which is for all ages, and fitness levels
  • Video demonstration – to get the most out of your training
  • Workout and Exercise eBook – to show you how to train (this is especially useful for the beginners)
  • Goal setting and monitoring – this helps you to stay motivated throughout the program
  • Grocery shopping guide – a list of all the groceries you should be buying
  • Free e-mail coaching for a whole year – this is really useful if you have any question, you just ask, and you will get a reply in a matter of hours.
  • Online support – People who buy the program can be sure they will have their questions answered as quickly as possible

As you can see, you get a complete program and real value for your money. They provide you with everything you could need during the 12 weeks, and beyond that time period. Not many diet and or fitness programs do that actually.

Now let’s talk about the pros and the cons Fat Loss Factor has to offer:


  • The most important thing is that Fat Loss Factor is a simple program, and everyone can use it without any problem
  • You don’t need to forget the foods you like so much, you can eat everything you wish during your diet
  • This program is based on proven facts and tested premise that eating the right foods in the adequate quantity will bring you results
  • The results are visible after 1-2 weeks
  • People who are doing the program well feel like they have more energy, their immune system will grow stronger during the firs phase.
  • Fat Loss Factor is a really complete program, you will get everything you will need during your diet
  • There is actually proof, that the program works. People post about great results achieved with Fat Loss Factor.
  • You can get the whole program with only one click
  • Online support and e-mail coaching – really useful stuff
  • Great price
  • Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. No questions asked!


  • The first phase can be very difficult for some people ( But it is just a matter of determination to be honest)
  • It is a very rigid program, you must follow every step.


I am really happy to see, that there is a new program that can help people with weight problems, to change their life. It is not like all the other “magic diet” programs out there, this one really works. People on the internet are giving credit to this program, they achieve great results. Dr. Charles Livingston really made a complete program for those who can’t lose weight. He has the science and the results to back up his states and claims. Dr. Charles describes why is Fat Loss Factor so successful in detail if someone is interested in hearing the science behind his program, but for the most people the results should be enough. Overall, this is a really great and complete program, and I would recommend buying it.

If you click here you can buy the whole program for a discounted price of $47.00, for a limited time only!

With determination, Fat Loss Factor can get you amazing results, in no time!

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