Flex Belt Review

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Flex Belt ReviewIf you are reading this Flex Belt review , you are probably exploring the ways to tone up your abs.
Refer toning belts to anybody and guess what, they will visualize those awful 80’s electronic machines which jiggle the wobbly bits. Either that or it would be the image of some type of torture gadget with electrical wires and pads all over the body will come up to their mind. Fortunately, technology has advanced so much and we have lots of new researches, new techniques and as a consequence lots of new amazing innovations.

Flex Belt Details

Given below is a bit of technical detail to explain what makes the Flex Belt such a sought after choice for celebrities, sports and fitness experts and the public. Flex Belt is a medical grade toning technique. It is a belt that you put around your waist and it delivers low levels of electronic signals to contract and relax the abdominal muscles (EMS) which activates your abs and the oblique muscles and tone them up.

The Flex Belt package contains the following:
Flex Belt LCD remote/battery, Gel pads, AC adaptor, User manual, Belt extension, Travel bag

You just have to charge the LCD hand-held remote, wrap the Flex Belt around your waist and tighten it using the Velcro tabs. Then position the gel pads, plug your hand-held remote into the side of the belt. Then switch on the belt using the power button and choose the intensity or a pre-programmed workout. There are various buttons to increase and decrease the strength of electronic stimulation, ranging from 1 to 150. In addition, there are ten pre-designed programs to choose from, and also a timer to display how long you have got left in your work-out.

How does the Flex Belt Work?

The Flex Belt is a medical-grade technology and has been given clearance by the governing body of FDA, especially making it fit for the purpose. Altogether, by combining all the researches, FDA clearance and also thousands of fans and good reviews, it is a big YES and it is reliable and safe.

Who can use The Flex Belt?

Flex Belt is one of those products that is suitable for everyone since it offers a range of settings and programs. This means that this belt can be used by people new to fitness to those who are more advanced in fitness as it has programs up to level 150. That is why it is a popular choice among professional athletes to home users.
This belt is designed for everybody and we cannot imagine who cannot benefit from it: ranging from new moms who want to get the tummy back in shape and students and executives who do not have that long time to exercise every day. You can also use the flex belt anywhere and anytime: while working, shopping, doing house chores, at the gym, reading, watching TV, studying etc….

Who cannot use The Flex Belt?

Obviously you should not use this belt if you are pregnant, although you can use this six weeks after a natural delivery or three months after a caesarian delivery because the scar has to heal first.

Those who have health problems like heart ailments – especially those using the pacemakers, diabetes which requires insulin shots and also cancer especially those who has cancerous lesions on the surface of the skin.


  • Adjustable intensity. The Flex Belt’s intensity levels vary from 1 to 150 and you also have pre designed programs to tone up your abs.
  • Comfortable to use. The flex belt produces mild pulsating sensation and contracts very smoothly. The sensation would depend on the intensity you choose.
  • Easy to use. All you have to do is to simply slip-it on as instructed. It does the work for you whilst you do the other things. In just 30 minutes you get an effective abs workout even when you are too tired or engaged with other tasks.
  • Safe to use. The Flex Belt is the first abs toning belt which has got FDA clearance.
  • Offered with a guarantee. In case you do not see results in four to eight weeks, you always can take the advantage of the company’s 60 days money-back guarantee. You will get a refund with no questions asked.
  • Expensive. For a fitness equipment which only targets the abs muscles, it seems to be costly. But comparing the cost of treatment with an osteopath for neck and back pain after doing wrong crunches, this would be a better choice.
  • Misunderstood for a weight-loss device. The Flex Belt doesn’t claim to make you lose weight or become slimmer. The official website emphasizes that their endorsers use the equipment combined with their already healthy life style. It is not a miracle device, users cannot wear it sitting in front of the television eating ice cream all the day and expect to see results.It is not a weight-loss tool, it is a core strengthening tool.
The Best Place to Buy It

When it comes to buying the product, the best suggestion is to get it from the official website. You would also save money-$50 to $150, if you to buy two or more belts. It is a wise option in case you would like to buy one for your partner, a family or a friend.


With lesser free time and more busier lives, people all around the world are losing the chance to regularly do exercise without compromising their day today chores. The Flex Belt is designed to relieve those tension by providing a safe and easy to use product that provides exercise and also convenience simultaneously. Based upon most of the reviews, a lot of people found that this Flex Belt device is truly delivering positive results. The Flex Belt tones, strengthensand firms the abs muscles. Few complains, however, are about the belt’s incapability to help in losing weight which is actually not the product’s purpose in the first place.

We feel that $199 is not only a fair price for a more attractive and toned stomach, but you can use the belt for years to come. This is an amazing product which provides a nothing to lose situation in trying it. We recommend you to order this one right away. In the unlikely situation where you are not satisfied, we also encourage you to take advantage of their 60-Day Money Back refund policy.

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