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The Flight System ReviewA substantial vertical jump is a vital component for everyone and not just athletes looking to excel in various sports like basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. Indeed, being able to jump high enough with help to enhance your overall flexibility and improve your athleticism. As such, most people toil hard to add a few inches to their vertical jump because they lack an experienced professional to guide them through the process.

So, what if someone told you could increase your vertical jump significantly by taking the brakes off the Golgi tendon organs or GTO? Well, that is what one innovative program by the name The Flight System teaches you. Want to learn more about it? Read our honest review about it.

The Flight System Overview

The Flight System is a highly valuable program that aims to show you how you can improve your vertical jump by reducing the effect of GTO mechanism on your muscles. In simple terms, what impedes you from making massive vertical jumps is a muscle block. The block occurs every time you try to jump high, and your muscles are tensioned. The GTO mechanism acts as a protective mechanism that inhibits your muscles from performing to their fullest by forcing them to relax.

This program is designed to reduce the effects of the GTO mechanism without exposing you to injuries. Besides, the Flight System also reveals to you the perfect ways to train to help you diminish the effects of the GTO and add several inches to your vertical jump. This program is scientifically backed meaning that all the techniques that it will teach you are safe. The program is available in the form of an E book and instructional videos.

About Author

The developer behind The Flight system is Chris Barnard, head strength coach at the famous Strength Camp in St. Pete, Florida. Chris who has also authored other successful programs before authored this amazing program after six years of extensive research and comprehensive consultations. He has experimented all the techniques he teaches in his program and thus is a living testimony that the program works.

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Chris firmly believes that it’s never too late for anyone, regardless of their age, gender or weight, to switch and start making massive vertical jumps that will help them excel in any game that they play. What you will probably love the most about Chris is that he is easily reachable and always glad to help anytime required to do so.

Product Details

Apart from decreasing the effects of the GTO mechanism on your muscles, the Flight System goes an extra mile by shedding more light on four steps that will ensure that you make an explosive vertical jump every time you jump. Those four stages include:

Increasing your stretch reflex

You stretch reflex will only be increased when your muscles contract. If your body senses injury, there is a mechanism that protects your muscles from the injury by contracting your muscles when they get stretched. The stretch reflex is the combination of numerous exercises that reduce the effects of the GTO mechanism and a series of activities that maximize muscle spindle excitement.

Increasing the stretch shortening cycle or SSC

Your muscles create an elastic energy while being stretched thus you must develop a sequence to lengthen, build up and release energy within your muscles to achieve a high vertical jump.

Increasing motor unit recruitment or MUR

Why do you have to increase your MUR? Well, MUR is a method of measuring the quantity of activated motor neurons in a particular muscle thus measuring the quality of activated muscle fiber. More recruitment equals to more contraction and explosive power.

Increasing rate of force development

Your rate of force development is directly linked to how fast you can regenerate muscle force. In simplistic terms, your rate of force development has to do with how fast your muscle fibers are activated to aid in performing movements. Routines for increasing rate of force development teach you how to generate force within the blink of an eye.


  • The Flight System gives you an edge over other athletes when it comes to jumping higher and switching directions.
  • Secondly, this system teaches you how to develop your speed and ability to change directions even when running fast.
  • The Flight System helps you to strengthen and build muscles in your gluts, calves, hips and quads. Without a doubt, a fit athlete will always stand head and shoulder tall above other athletes that are not physically fit.
  • Unlike most systems that are meant to help you increase your vertical jump, the Flight System is quite easy to understand and doesn’t require many types of equipment. Besides, the exercises included in this fantastic program can be done from anywhere for instance outside, inside your home or at the gym. To master and do some of the techniques in this program, try doing them with your teammates or friends.
  • The Flight System improves your muscular endurance by training and preparing correctly the muscles that help you make vertical jumps.
  • The product aids your muscle explosiveness that impacts on your quickness as well as the explosion that are vital for vertical jump.
  • The system is affordable and can be purchased by everyone.
  • Performing exercises the wrong way will lead to injuries.
  • You have to part with money to get this system and improve your vertical jump.
  • The product is not effective if you don’t change your diet. You may be working hard to improve your vertical jump while you consume more calories than you burn. The result will be weight gain.
  • Learning to work out with the right intensity can prove to be a daunting task especially for beginners.
Final Thoughts

Overall, we believe this program is very useful and thus worth consideration by anyone intending to increase their vertical jump. It is among the unique programs that we have come across this year. However, the Flight System requires you to be committed and to put in the required effort to get instant results. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee which means you lose nothing trying it out. It’s for this reason that we wholeheartedly recommend that you grab your copy of the Flight System today.

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