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Forward Head Posture Fix ReviewWith the today’s generation it has become quite normal for people to start using mobile phones and computers from a very young age. With wrong postures and constant usage people are facing the problem of forward head postures. This posture not only makes you look shorter but also makes you look weak and fat. The neck of a person is responsible for sending blood to the brain which helps it to get oxygen and other nutrients and work properly. When people constantly use cellphones or laptops or PCs then their neck gets disturbed and shifts forward.

The head is maintained at a neutral and functional position above the head. With the weight of the head at 12 lbs, with a vertical head, the body would directly transfer the weight to the ankle through the spine. When a person’s head moves forward while texting or watching something on a mobile screen, it exerts an extra force on the spinal cord. This force can go up to 42 lbs and cause various problems in a person’s body. This program teaches a person how to escape various disadvantages of forward head posture and avoid looking fatter and shorter in general life through simple exercises.

Forward Head Posture Fix Overview

The Forward Head Posture Fix manual has been written and designed by Mike Westerdal who is a national best-selling author in fitness. He is also a sports nutrition specialist, personal trainer, contributor towards Iron Man magazine and has been accredited with being the founder of the longest standing strength website on the internet i.e., He explains why the forward head posture is very dangerous for the exterior as well as interior of the body and tells people how to get rid of this posture using 10 simple movements.

The movements will certainly increase the strength of the neck and strengthen the posture and body overall. The program is based on high quality research and focuses on solution of the forward head posture through medical reasoning. The sternocleidomastoid muscle has been proven to be a vital muscle in enhancing the posture of a person and allowing them to have a straight and balanced head. People who are quite active physically and even go to gym might also have forward head posture because neck muscles are not exercised properly in most of the exercise sessions.

Rick Kaselj MS who is a leader in the field of injury specialization and a kinesiologist is the designer behind the 15 minute sequence which helps people to get rid of forward head posture and get a better posture instantly. Some people who believe static exercise to be the solution find their necks back at the original position once the effect of exercise wears off. The Forward Head Posture Fix is currently being offered at an introductory price of $39 along with two powerful free bonuses which are “Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit” valued at $29 for helping the customers eliminate the back pain instantly the second offer is “10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions” which is otherwise valued at $17. With a 60 day money back guarantee and additional support from experts, this offer is certainly a good deal for people concerned with their health and posture.


  • The Forward Head Posture Fix program focuses on scientific aspects with researched solutions to solve the problem effectively.
  • Forward Head Posture causes various problems for a person which include tiredness, pain in back and shoulders, damage to joints, headaches, bad sleeping habits or insomnia, arthritis, bad athletic ability, shortened height, fatter appearance, negative effects on the hormones, reduced blood flow to the brain etc.
  • The Forward Head Posture Fix program efficiently divides the effects of problem into 4 different parts and tries to solve each section independently.
  • The user gets to understand how normal exercise or consulting doctors is not the correct solution to the problem of forward head posture.
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Rick Kaselj’s exercise routine lasts only 15 minutes meanwhile training the entire neck and muscles to get in the correct posture. Rick has divided the exercises into different parts which focus on:

  • Training the muscles to set the head to the right position.
  • Breathing exercises to relieve tension already present in the neck, shoulders, back and the remaining muscles of body. This allows the muscles to be reset to the correct position and bring balance to the body.
  • Exercises to open the joint movement in the spine.
  • Cervical flexors are important quite important for head posture and are present in the back portion of the neck. Training these flexors and strengthening them is a key element to bring balance to head.
  • Self-massaging, static stretching exercises along with postural strengthening are also combined together with the routine to make it more effective and beneficiary for the users.
  • The 10 sequential flow exercises are well researched and proven in their efficiency for improving the posture of a person and make them look taller and stronger.
  • Getting a straight posture has a number of advantages for health and gives a boost to height and confidence of a person as well.
  • The program comes at a very reasonable price along free bonus prizes.
  • People get a money back guarantee in case they do not see any positive effects after completing this program.


  • Forward Head Posture Fix program cannot be stopped in the middle. Once you have started the program then you should continue to perform the 15 minute sequential routine until the completion of the program.
  • The discount offer and bonus awards available are for a limited time and subject to stock availability. People may not be able to avail these offers if the promotional stock for Forward Head Posture Fix runs out.

The Forward Head Posture Fix is overall a very good program for health conscious people to treat every muscle of their neck with the targeted sequential exercise. Forward head posture can worsen over time and hence people should act immediately to eliminate it, this program is a good remedy for helping people get rid of that problem by sitting at home and exercising merely for 15 minutes.

This program also teaches women how they can appear to be less fat and make their chest look bigger through a simple routine. The Forward head posture affects 90 percent of the US population and the main cause for this is texting and sitting on PC. This program helps people by allowing them to maintain their posture in the natural and correct sense. People who use a laptop or smartphone device should certainly give a look to this program for helping their body and to gain mental and physical strength quickly with the help of correct stance and head position.

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