How to Get Free Food Samples From Companies With No Strings Attached

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Free Food SamplesHave you been looking for some food samples that you can order and receive them by email without soaking a dime? Samples that you can order and receive them without going through an array of gimmicks and surveys? Nowadays finding free food samples is not as difficult as it used to be some years back. Through your mail, you can order and receive any food category of your choice and get a chance to taste them before you purchase any of them. There are a vast array of choices from cream brands such as Lay chips, Folgers coffee, Hershey’s chocolate and many other popular brands. Some free food sample promotions usually come and go, so it is important that you check with the sites frequently to get a glimpse of their latest offers.

Most manufactures and producers of foods always welcome freebies regardless of your shopping budget size. Giving out samples to potential customers is one of the methods used by retailers, manufacturers and producers to promote their products today. The same efforts are usually channeled towards introducing or re-launching a newer version of an existing product. Although a few of the businesses may sometimes request feedback in form of a survey, a great chunk of the business usually give out the samples to potential customers in the hope that the food will sell itself with a single trial or taste. To become part of the pool of consumers that have access to food samples from various manufactures, you will be required to register with the specific company giving them your details and mail address. You can also research around the net to find food products that interest you and order a sample of their products at absolutely no cost. Here are some food categories and companies that produce them that might interest you. Check them out:


Food Products

Some of the main food items that are often given out by manufactures to encourage consumers to purchase their products include: Special K, coke, Milo, Pepsi, Lays, Mars and many more. All of them want you to have a taste of their items for free.


Manufactures of various tea products love to give out free samples in order to encourage new consumers in the market to buy their tea. Tetley, Teasta, Luzianne and Lipton all want you to taste their products and discover what distinguishes them from the rest. There is a vast array of tea products from different companies. Try searching for them online and order samples, may be you might just find one that interests you.


Companies dealing in candy also promote their items in a similar way so as to lure new consumers in the market. Wonka, Mars, Rusell, and stover are some of the candy companies that give out free candy samples. There are many other candy companies that engage in free candy Promotion activities. Search for them online and order several, you never know, maybe you might just find the right candy for you.


Are you bored with the type of coffee you drink everyday and you do not fancy local cafes? Do not waste another day, order your coffee sample and get it right at your front door for free. Explore the various flavors of coffee online including Hazelnut, French vanilla, caramel and chocolate. Order them, taste them and discover which one best jump-starts your day.


There are thousands of cereal products currently in the market hence the urge for companies to make their products distinguishable from the rest. Since cereals can only best be differentiated by taste, great chunks of businesses dealing with cereals have resorted to providing free cereal samples to their consumers. This is also done in order to encourage new buyers in the market to resort to their products. General Mills, kasha and Kellogg’s are examples of such companies. You can search online for other cereal companies that engage in free food sample promotion. Make sure you try several companies before you resort to buying any of these products.

Ordering Free Food Samples Online

Retailers and Manufactures rarely announce in advance if they are going to give out free food samples of their products. In fact, the samples are usually given on a first order first served basis and the giveaway duration of the promotion is usually disclaimed as “serving while supplies last.”Due to this, if you intend to order any free samples, it is important that you frequently check their sites. If in any case the site has an alert service that can be linked to your email or your social media account, it is essential that you sign up for such services. This will put you in a better position to receive notifications early enough and order the free samples. Notably, you should be extremely careful of sites that ask you for more details other than your email, mailing address and name. If the company only asks for your mailing address and email that is fine because they will need to contact you and know where they are sending the samples.

More tips for ordering freebies online

  • To keep promotional messages off your personal and business inbox, it is important that you sign up for a new email address to be used by the freebies companies.
  • Make sure that you provide a mailing address that is valid and note that some companies do not send food samples to addresses or post office boxes outside the U.S.
  • Keep away from websites that enquire about your credit card details without sufficient reasons. Freebies should be just that, FREE! However, some companies may require you to soak in the costs of shipping. This should not be exorbitant; it should be within the normal mailing rates. Note that if the shipping fees are too high, they may be asking you to pay for the sample, it is prudent that you forego that site and search for another choice.
  • If you are not sure about the company, try checking its reputation online on online reviews. Check the review websites to find out if there are other consumers who have left a positive or negative review about ordering their freebies. Analyze each review keenly and be certain that either the positive or the negative reviews have a basis.
  • In case a company that is providing with the free sample asks you for feedback, take your time and fill in the survey form accurately. This is because your feedback makes the basis of improvements or redesigning of the product.
  • Try to order several competing products and take note of the preparation, packaging and flavors… And make sure you site your experiences in the feedback forms if available.

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