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It’s easier said than done. This has always been the constraint faced by every individual always in the verge of pursuing his or her dreams and ambitions. Hardwork, perseverance, faith and dedication, everyone has his or her own formula to success. Unfortunately, there are instances that despite the honest hardwork and perseverance, success still remains elusive. No wonder how some individuals end up to become frustrated, depressed and hopeless.

The good thing is there are alternative approaches designed to help individuals achieve their dreams and ambition. One approach that claims to help individuals realize and experience success is through the Manifestation Miracle.

In a nutshell, the Manifestation Miracle provides a revolutionary technique to help individuals attract money, happiness and success. While it pays to be patient, hardworking and dedicated, the Manifestation Miracle provides an easier path for aspiring individuals. The Law of Attraction is the framework or the science behind the approach. The technique can be learned from the 159-page manual that readers have to read, comprehend and later, practice in real life.

Manifestation Miracle Details

Heather Matthews created the Manifestation Miracle. She was a popular life and motivational coach and speaker of varied inspirational programs. The Manifestation Miracle is module comprised of three books and multimedia presentations in compact discs. The approach is presented in the textbook and further discussions are found on the multimedia devices. The package aims to impart the following.

  • Ways on how to access the secret methods that will help you make the universe connive with your goals.
  • Essential components or specific ingredients to unlock the law of attraction.
  • Specific techniques and methods that will help individuals attract the potent forces needed in the achieving the goal.

The product package also offers a 60 day money back guarantee. Clients who were not satisfied by the product can return the entire package and seek the corresponding refund.

Have a look at official Manifestation Miracle presentation below:

Modules & Bonus Stuff

Module one

Part one of the Manifestation Miracle eBook gives you the actual meaning of manifestation (even if you already know what it is, this would still be a useful recap) and how it affects people’s lives. This part will teach you how to understand, and actually choose the things you want in life. Many people think that they already know what they want, but in many cases, it turns out that it is a different thing they need!

Module 2

The second part of Manifestation Miracle is designed to help you get in tune with your own destiny. It lays bare the details of what you should do to find the real you, identify the things that are probably holding you back, and get rid of them forever. It encourages you to take a good look at yourself to find out how awesome you are. The technique for doing this is so simply explained that you will probably get it right the first time you try it.

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The main part of getting the things you really want often starts by accepting and being who you are. Manifestation Miracle encourages you to be selfish… but not in the way most people understand “selfish” to be. This is important if you are to know how to manifest your destiny and how to live with the law of attraction. If you apply this module correctly, you will at some point in life look back and realize that if you hadn’t changed your attitude, you will still be living a miserable life.

Module 3

This part encourages you to actually desire the things you want most out of life. It consists of 5 chapters dedicated to using visualizations that will make the Manifestation Miracle work for you. Many people have tried to get the law of attraction to work for them, but most fail as a result of not having 100 percent belief in how and why manifestation actually works.

Most tend to give up at the slightest hint of problems ahead. The 5 chapters in this module will help you acquire the right mindset and is bang on the nail pertaining what you have to do, which isn’t hard anyway. The provided exercises are easy to perform and will go a long way in getting you in tune with your destiny.

Module 4

By the time you get to reading this module, you should be experiencing very positive vibrations in your life. This is when the Manifestation Miracle actually starts getting together. You will start noticing those aspects of your life that have actually changed for the better, and when thin happens, good things start coming your way.

You attitude and demeanor will have changed and those close to you may start commending on the difference that is apparent in you. But this doesn’t happen over night, it is important to keep believing no matter the present results.

Things that you aren’t happy about may crop up, sometimes, only to test your mind set. If you employ the tools you’ve learned in the law of attraction as well in the previous modules of the Manifestation Miracle to get over these hurdles, you will be surprised at how well you handled them. Your mindset will have been tested and soon the tests will e over.

Module 5

This part summarizes everything you have gone through and provides you with a big picture. It encourages you never to stop living your life the Manifestation Miracle way. With your improved mindset and attitude, life will never be same again for you. You will be capable of achieving your goals by simply taking a different approach to things.


Apart from the eBook, the guide’s creator, Heather Mathews also gives away these 5 audio books as a bonus for every purchase of the manifestation miracle. These are:

1. Money and the law of attraction – by Jerry and Esther Hicks

This book was deliberately written to align you with the most powerful law in the universe – the Law of Attraction – so you can make it work specifically for you. The two authors explain that the two things most affected by the law of attraction are physical and financial well being. Read this book to shine a spot light on the most important aspects of your life experience and achieve conscious control of every aspect of your life.

2. Neuro-linguistic programming – by NLP Comprehensive

NLP is a powerful system of thinking that can help accelerate the achievement of your professional and personal goals. Many refer to it as a “user’s” manual to the mind that lets us use the language of the mind to achieve specific desired outcomes.

3. The law of success – by Napoleon Hill

The Law of Success is a 1925 book – in the form of a set of 15 separate booklets – that outlines
The 16 principles of success which you must absorb. These are; The Law of the Mastermind, a definite chief aim, self-confidence, leadership and initiative, habit of saving, enthusiasm, imagination, self-control, a pleasing personality, doing more than paid for, accurate thinking, cooperation, concentration, tolerance, profiting by failure, the Golden Rule

4. The Silva method: Unlocking the Genius within – by Jose Silva

Make the most of your mind with this audio book that teaches you to function at an inner conscious level, the alpha brain frequency, and to use your right brain hemisphere for enhanced intuition, creativity, problem-solving ability, and more.

5. The 4-hour work week – by Timothy Ferriss

Forget about the old concept of retirement and deferred-life plans –there’s no need for you to wait, especially in these unpredictable economic times. Whether you dream of experiencing high-end travel around the world, escaping the rat race, earning a five-figure income with minimum management, or just living more while working less, The 4-Hour Work Week is the blueprint.

These are some of the world’s most popular audio books. You can listen to them while working out in the gym or when travelling. To claim your bonuses after making your order, simply email her at freedomfromfailure@gmail.com and provide your receipt number.


  • Easy to follow and understand – The contents of the entire package are simple and easy to comprehend. Everything was presented in a manner that everyone can easily relate with. No complex theories and difficult concepts to bear with.
  • Easy to memorize and imbibe – The principles and techniques do not require excessive effort from the end of the user. The concepts are not gender or race sensitive. The tasks involved do not require implementing significant changes in the life of the concerned individual. The approach tells you to go on with your usual routine but infuse some techniques along the way.
  • Convenience of learning – The entire Manifestation Miracle kit is sent to the user at his or her own convenience. In return, the user can start studying the learning the entire concept at his or her convenient time. Unlike other motivational approaches that requires attendance to a series of seminars, the Manifestation Miracle Kit is user oriented. It values the privacy and learning capabilities of the user.
  • Relatively affordable as compared to other life changing approaches – The entire package entails a one-time payment. There are no additional costs involved. Also, the package offers money back guarantee. Dissatisfied clients can return the product and receive corresponding refund.
  • It has no control and force to the user – Unfortunately, some people need to be compelled by a strong force to change. Some people need to be pushed by an external force to implement changes and experience improvements. The DIY approach of the Manifestation Miracle Package posts higher chances of neglect. Since users are not compelled, they can always set aside the learning and adaptation process.
  • There are added programs that come with an additional cost – The cost of the entire Manifestation Miracle package may be cheaper relative to other approaches. However, one will encounter additional modules or that Amazing Self package that requires membership fee.
  • Time and effort is highly needed – The package can be done in a DIY approach and in the most convenient time of the user. However, one will later realize that the entire module still entails time and effort from the user. Despite the bulk of workload and personal responsibilities, one has to take time to learn and imbibe the approach. When learning is done, the actual practice proves to be more challenging. While the proposed practices are easy to do, external forces such as laziness and other priorities can easily hamper the actual practice.

The Manifestation Review package may offer an easier path to one’s success and happiness. It gives approaches and techniques to better understand and achieve one’s goals in life. It offers help in the form of motivation and simple life changing techniques. However, one later learn that there is indeed no shortcuts to success and happiness. One has to work hard and exhaust all the perseverance and patience.

The book is influential and motivating. The approaches are realistic and valid. It does not entail some black magic or any other out of this world approaches. It also does not exhaust excessive money from the targeted client. It implements a one-time payment system and even offers a guarantee.

However, one needs to remember that the approach itself requires the effort and hardwork. It will not provide an assurance of everything. It does not work overnight as well. It does not promise to make you sleep and wake up reaping the fruits of success. The entire approach still needs some dedication, faith, hardwork, patience, perseverance and the belief that everything will happen in the perfect time.

It also banks on the belief that you have the potential. You have the capability. You can make things happen. You hold the key to your own success. You can do something to achieve everything. The Manifestation Miracle Package is just there to help you cross that dream of success and happiness.

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