High Performance Handbook Review

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The High Performance Handbook ReviewThe High Performance Handbook is a product which actually offers a way of creating a customized and personalized training program. It is just like consulting a trusted specialist in the field of strength and conditioning who can help you in coming up with effective plan to reach your goals. The High Performance Handbook is a product worth to be invested in because it does not cost as much as hiring a professional who can design an individualized plan. The product is design in a way that can help a person to create a program basing it around the individual goals, ability and experience. Despite it being called a handbook, this product can be best described as an entire-system with added materials and a well-established scientific step by step program. The High Performance Handbook is actually an elite level, functional-fitness program which implies, training with the main purpose being performance gain, in form of flexibility, athleticism and increased strength. It provides a greater degree of customization depending greatly on your current status of fitness.

The High Performance Handbook Details

The High Performance Handbook details are amazing and interesting while at the same time, provides beneficial guidance regarding several issues related to health fitness program. The main Performance Handbook programs was created and developed by Eric Cressey, and the added material of Nutrition Guide via the Gold-package was authored by Brian St. Pierre, who is Eric’scolleaue. Cressey is a well-known and established individual especially in the world of fitness. He has published several books and articles about fitness. The product, The High Performance Handbook, has the main highlight being the high extend of customized review-program and flexibility which the program provides. The main idea behind this ideology is the athletes and fitness-goers may have common goals but they differ on how to start. This is the main reason why customization of the program is very significant as it enables you to achieve performance gains and prevention of injuries.

The customization process covered in the handbook involves a self-assessment which enables you to check and access your predominant posture and your real average-range of motion which as been classified as either flexion program or extension bias-program. The program allows you to choose your suitable training schedule which you may choose 2, 3 or up to 4 times workouts per week. It also enables you to decide the kind of specific fitness goals that you intend to achieve and the choices available include strength, fat loss and athletic performance.

Another feature of The High Performance Handbook is the exercise video-database. This kind of database actually contains 201 individual as well as highly detailed coaching videos, but the massive number of videos available does not matter, what matters most is Cressey coaching -style in these videos. He does not just execute every kind of exercise and watch you to take suit correctly but he lets the students do the practices, while he coaches and coordinate the proper techniques and at the same time giving details on every aspect of the right posture and proper movement throughout the process. There are ample lots of ideas that can push you to ensure that you get access to this product. These include; a quick reference guide, training templates, optional nutritional guide which comes with additional cost, video database for exercises, worksheet with nutritional guide for filling up the diet particulars, and it is divided into 2 programs which are extension and flexion programs.


  • Applicability. The High Performance Handbook is best suitable for athletes, coaches of athletics and program trainers. The program covers several fitness techniques and performance goals which help the people who need to achieve performance gain above average. Thus there is no need for those individuals to consult an independent professional expert for guidance because the handout even gives better training program than the other sources.
  • The handout offers an elite level training. The product is design to suit elite level such as Olympic level for fitness expert- methodologies and know-how which are usually reserved for top level professional trainers.
  • The handbook is reliable. The High Performance Handbook offers a greater degree of customization and better flexibility which is hard to find in any other available training program.
  • The product offers better alternative. It uses adjusted versions techniques of the exercises which allows access to the program without having to spend more on expensive equipment like the gym. The program can be said to be users oriented program because it takes into consideration the fact that some people are training in the accessible equipment such as the gyms while some of them are just using their dorm rooms.
  • It is very simple to learn and use. The High Performance Handbook is actually flexible making it to become easier when using it as compare to other programs. It does not make any assumptions about your level of awareness with fitness terms and practices, but it describes everything in detail for better understanding. The methodology used is laid out correctly and the worksheet-templates are offered which enables to move on with program more easily.
  • The program is applicable to anyone and it is cost effective with its uses.


  • Though there are people with special circumstances who are also capable of doing the said program, the product does not take into account the specials needs needed by injured people or with any other medical conditions.
  • The nutritional component incorporated into the program is no part of the main product and therefore requires additional cost to acquire it on top of a relatively expensive package of the product.
  • Any customer support inquiry is not in a position to get a response sometimes.
  • The full cost of the full package is relatively expensive as compared to other related fitness program.

Although The High Performance Handbook has some disadvantages, it is still very effective and convenient product worth to invest in, because it has a lot of benefits. the product is actually a must-have product because it provides an opportunity to train just like the best known athletes performers in the world. You are capable of attaining higher degree of performance or even become a better athletic -coach with the use and application of the techniques available in the product. Note that the handbook is relatively cheaper as compared to hiring an elite personal trainer.

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