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Home Workout Revolution ReviewPeople who can’t afford expensive gym membership fee have something to smile about, thanks to Home Workout Revolution, a fitness program that helps them to lose weight in the comfort of their homes. The program is designed by Craig Ballantyne who is a Certified Turbulence Trainer, a health writer for different magazines, and the author of Turbulence Training. The workouts are simple and short, and are easy to fit around one’s daily life. Through a series of workout videos (80 in total), a 12-week training program and nutrition plan, Craig shows users how to burn extra body fat fast, without using any exercise equipment. Here’s is a comprehensive review of the program.

Home Workout Revolution Details

Craig has collaborated with two other Certified Turbulence Trainers, Mike Whitfield and Brian Kalakay, to produce a fat loss system that promises positive results in just a few weeks. Here’s a summary of what is included in the Home Workout Revolution program:

a) 51 Home Workouts
The program comes with a whopping 51 proven exercises that are very easy to follow. Regardless of age, gender or fitness level, every user will be able to go through every exercise under the instruction of the certified trainers. As if that’s not enough, users can watch the workouts in their computers, iPads or iPods, which is really amazing because they can be done anywhere and anytime.

b) 12-Week Program Guide
Other than the workouts, users also get a 12-week workout schedule. Using the exercises described in exercise manual, this 46-page guide shows the exact exercises to be done on a day-to-day basis. All a person has to do is to follow instructions, and he’s on his way to achieving the body of his dreams.

c) Exercise Manual
Those who have trouble remembering each of the exercises, have the option to refer to this exercise manual. Inside it, users not only get to discover comprehensive photos and descriptions of each exercise, but also learn how to use their preferred workout program together with the system. That’s right. Through this manual, Craig teaches people how to incorporate their favorite programs into the Home Workout Revolution system to help burn fats faster.

d) Nutrition Guide
Proper nutrition is very important for anybody who wants to achieve the most out of their workouts. That is this system comes with a nutrition guide to help users to know the right types of food to eat while doing the exercises. It not only talks about which foods to eat, but also how, when and where to eat them. With this powerful and detailed guide, people get to discover how to enjoy their favorite foods (without feeling guilty), and still be able to shed their most stubborn fat.

e) 80 Workout Videos
This is the favorite part of this program. It comes with 80 videos, which need to be followed together with the exercise and nutrition guides to get the best results. Here’s a breakdown of what they contain:

  • 10 Beginner Bodyweight Videos – These exercises are ideal for people who are new to exercising, or those who have not done so for a while. Even though they are designed for newbies, they are still hard enough to trigger fat loss.
  • 15 Tabata Style Workout Videos – 20/10 Tabata style training refers to a type of density training, which helps to burn fat and enhance cardiovascular fitness. These intense workouts are done in only four minutes, making them suitable as stand alone exercises for people with busy work schedules. In addition, they can also be used together with an existing workout for better results.
  • 15 Bodyweight Circuit and Superset Videos – When three or more workouts are done, one after the other, with minimal rest, it’s referred to as a circuit. On the other hand, when two exercises that work on two opposite muscle groups are done, one after the other, with minimal rest, it’s called a superset. Craig includes 15 of these exercises in his program to help people lose weight faster.
  • 14 Metabolic Miracle Workouts – The program also comes with 4-minute miracle exercises that are guaranteed to place maximum metabolic stress on the user’s muscles that will leave his body burning fats for the next 36 hours.
  • 6 Six-Pack Workout Videos – Also included in the program, are six 6-minute ab-shredding workouts that help people to achieve six packs.
  • 7 Ladder Workouts – These short videos shows how to pack some density, and burn fat fast through repetitive ladder workouts.
  • 5 Challenge Workout Videos – These exercises pushes users through new challenges developed by Shawna Kaminski, a Certified Turbulence Trainer.
  • 5 Bodyweight and Abdominal Workout Videos – These exercises are great for burning fat on the lower body, especially the abdominal area.
  • 3 Strength and Muscle Videos – These easy-to-follow exercises explain how to build muscle and strength, with only bodyweight resistance.


Simple and Convenient
For people who can’t afford gym membership fee, or have tight work schedules, this program offers a very convenient way to lose weight in the comfort of their homes, office or even hotel room. Because the workouts are easy to fit in one’s schedule, there should be no more excuses of staying unhealthy.

No Exercise Equipment Required
Another advantage of Craig’s program is that it doesn’t require any special equipment to achieve incredible results. One only needs his or her own bodyweight to carry out the exercises, and the willingness to follow instructions.

Can Be Done Anytime, Anywhere
The portability of the workout videos and manuals, makes this system very ideal for those who love to travel. Just carry them along, and stay healthy always.

Focuses on Fat Loss
Home Workout Revolution delivers positive results because it focuses on exercises that burn fat, thus helping people to lose weight and get toned fast.


One of the main shortcomings of this system is information overload. There are a lot of videos to watch, as well as readings to do, which might require that the user prepares adequately before commencing the exercises. In addition, the lack of a physical trainer, means that one has to choose to carry out the workouts. Without motivation, this can be a bit hard for some people.


Overall, the Home Workout Revolution system has a lot to offer to any person who wants to lose weight fast and effectively. With 80 workout videos, as well as, exercise and nutrition guides, the system shows people how to stay healthy in the comfort of their homes, without using any equipment. It’s also very portable, which makes it suitable for travelers. This program is definitely worth considering.

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