inboxrCertain products and softwares represent a common necessity these days. For example, you have digital buddies, virtual assistants and even gadgets that take voice commands. When it comes to automatic chats, you can easily find lots of solutions. Some of them are better than others too, not to mention the actual front runners.

This is when INBOXR kicks in. Go through this detailed INBOXR review for a more detailed explanation of what it can do for you, but also learn what makes this program a leading choice for both businesses and average users.


INBOXR is practically a computer program allowing you to carry on a conversation without actually being there. It is not the first program of this kind, but definitely the most reliable choice out there. It is user friendly and easy to use. It will reply automatically to your fans or customers on various social media platforms.

The software engages the user into a conversation, so you can carry on once you become available. Simply put, it tells the interlocutor that you are available and you will answer their question or issues. In other words, it can be considered a chat bot.

Developed by Luke Maguire, INBOXR is not his first successful venture. The entrepreneur has also launched popular programs like OctoSuite, InstantEasy or Live Leap. It is hard to find a negative INBOXR review over the Internet, so there must be something good about this software. Now, what should you know about it?

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It might be hard reaching to all your Facebook fans through a single message. You would have to send the message to each follower, one by one. With INBOXR, you can now do it with just a few clicks. Decide on the message you want to send and push the button.

Apart from reaching current followers, INBOXR will even remember old profiles that have unfollowed you meanwhile.

Regular activity over social media is one of the most successful ways to keep your followers engaged and interested. However, you may not always have something good to say, not to mention the time needed for the everyday activity.

With this software, you can drip regular feed content to followers. Plus, INBOXR allows creating sequences for new followers, only to establish a good relationship from the beginning. Spend a few hours and come up with detailed content for a few weeks, rather than struggle to find the time for it on a daily basis.

Not so good with words? Worried that your digital marketing words may not have an impact? Not sure what kind of potential customers you need attention from? Things will drastically change now. INBOXR has a large database of proven templates, regardless of your niche.

Forget about coming up with the content yourself. Just use one of the proven templates and make the required changes to the actual text.

A returning customer is often better than a new one, so keep track of your previous users or subscribers. According to every INBOXR review out there, the program can keep track of who messaged you Records

are deleted after a while, but you can easily integrate them into your marketing campaign for a few days.

Zapper is a program that allows integrating INBOXR with lots of other programs. Apart from messages, you got compatibility with past purchases, recommendations and and multiple applications.

INBOXR adds to the convenience. As you can lead users to your website, you can also push them towards the sales page. Sure, not everyone will do that, but the conversion rate will seriously improve overtime.


Given its features and uses, INBOXR comes with a series of advantages.

  • Getting messages from visitors without them even typing them by offering to send them a discount or a coupon.
  • Supplying chat bots from a wide plethora of niches – email growth, medical, marketing, economical and many others.
  • Gaining experience with the detailed VIP training on monetizing chat bots and using them for maximum efficiency.
  • Making even more money while using chat bots for local businesses, charging your own prices for what you learn from INBOXR.
  • Using a new technology for many marketers with no prior experience – everything can be taught through detailed tutorials.
  • Using a series of preset templates that can be easily customized in case creativity is not your strongest point.


It is hard to find a proper disadvantage of this software, not to mention trying to find a negative INBOXR review. However, given its popularity, the network can get busy at times. For instance, when you have too much work schedules, a bad online connection will give you headaches. The problem may become even worse if your own Internet connection is lousy.

It does not mean that you cannot get the job done, but it will take a bit longer than normally. However, it is a drawback that can be fixed and will most likely get solved by developers.

Who Should Use INBOXR?

INBOXR is currently the best rated online solution for social marketers and advertisers. Whether you run a fan page or a business page on Facebook, it will work wonders. It works with multiple networks, such as Twitter.

Its main role is to exchange messages that lead to efficient leads. Apart from professional marketers, it obviously makes a good choice for both small and large businesses too.


As a short final conclusion, the days of chat bots are not over. While many of them have vanished over the last decades, others were simply improved. INBOXR has adapted and created a reliable option that can suit today’s necessities over social media.

This INBOXR review should help you determine whether the solution is good for you. Chances are – if you run a social media page of any kind and your follower database keeps growing, you will want to keep them engaged and turn them into leads.

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INBOXR is practically a computer program allowing you to carry on a conversation without actually being there. Highly recommended.

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