Insanity Workout Review

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Insanity Workout ReviewPeople nowadays are always on the lookout for new ways to achieve that beach body cut in the shortest possible time. This is probably why a lot of training programs and exercise routines are being sold in the market as the miracle that we want. While some of them may be doable for ordinary people like us, some are also on the edge of extreme that it is sort of trying to kill ourselves just to get fit. Take the Insanity Workout program for example.

The Insanity workout is a video guided workout program that you can do at home. It lasts for 60 days and comprises of 10 types of workout routines. Each day in the duration of the program will require 30-60 minutes of a combination of routines. Dubbed as possibly the hardest workout routine available on DVD, Insanity workout is true to its name for its insane routines. Many observations says that doing insanity workout is more fit for people who are sports inclined because the exercise routines requires the endurance, agility and will-power of the one performing it.

Insanity workout is created by Team Beachbody, the same group who made Hip Hop Abs and P90X and Slim in 6. The instructor for the workout videos is Shaun T and executed with his team as guides. He is the same lead in all Beachbody workouts DVDs. Interestingly, Shaun does not give his full name in any TV interviews that he was invited in.

Insanity Workout Details

The Insanity Workout comes in a DVD package of 10 DVD discs. The package also comes with a nutrition plan that offers suggested meals, and a workout calendar that lets you track your progress through the program. This package is sold at $120 for a set, a bit hefty for a workout plan.

The program plan is done for 6 days in a week that lasts between 30 to 60 minutes workout per say. During the first month of the program, each week will use the Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Fit Test, Pure Cardio, Cardio Circuit, Cardio Recovery, Cardio Power and Resistance and Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs routines in interchanging manner.

After the first 4 weeks, a recovery week follows. During this week a routine of Core Cardio and Balance are done which are less intense than the preceding weeks’ routines. This week is devoted to help the body from the rigorous workout routine in the previous weeks. Along with that, it is also aimed to prepare the body for a more strenuous and even more difficult routines in the second month of the program.

The next 30 days of the Insanity workout program is a series of weeks dedicated to performing the following routines; Max Cardio Conditioning, Max Interval Circuit, Max Interval Plyo, and Max Recovery. These routines are even more intense than the previous month.

The nutritional plan has suggested meals that are aimed to optimize the effect of the Insanity Workout. This helps those performing the workout choose and plan their meals. The workout calendar, on the other hand, helps track the progress and also serves as a motivator in some ways.


The Insanity workout routine is a max interval type of exercise. This means that the workout is done in a continuous pace with as little rest time as possible. Most workouts and trainings is the opposite. An ordinary training program routine is done vigorously in the shortest possible time and with long intervals. The Insanity Workout is done in a sustained long time with as little time as possible for rest. This makes the Insanity workout keeps the weight off. By sustained performance, it is easy to see the results which give a motivation boost.


The routines of Insanity workout is possibly the hardest training workout today, hence it is called insane. Although the creators have envisioned the routine to create insane results, much of the insanity will come from disappointments.

With the insane stress that you put your body through, it would be good to ask if it is worth it. Here are a few reasons why it is not.

No.1, the Insanity workout uses such extreme moves like the global jumps which, if not only strenuous can be bad for the knee and will possibly lead to torn hamstrings if performed by the ill-trained and unprepared. The routines include endurance exercise that can lead to severe pain and soreness. This brings me to #2.

No.2, the workout does not include preparation routines or warming up and warming down. Now they may say that these things are common sensical and should be performed without having told to do so. But consider someone who has never been unfit all their life and will do an exercise routine like this without warm up and necessary preparations. It spells disaster. The point is, Insanity workout is not for everybody…or maybe it’s not for anyone.

No.3, the insane workout can lead to pain that can make the performer suffer too much. Insanity Workout jumps into extreme exercise that requires balance and endurance, something you cannot expect from overweight folks who come to find a miracle through its routine. The extreme routines can become a source of disappointment that might be irreversible to a point.


Insanity workout is not for everybody. Nobody has to go through its extreme and insane workout routines that bring soreness and pain that can possibly lead to more health problems than the performer started with. While it may bring observable results and the early routines, there is very low success rate in this training program because the routines are impossible to perform for the newbie and unprepared. This workout program is made for the already fit people who have the endurance, balance and agility of a sports athlete.

And as Shaun T says, it takes sheer will-power to dig deep and just push it, there is nothing encouraging about going through a lot of pain to say that anyone ordinary can finish this program. Which brings us to the question, if you have a very slim chance of finishing the program, is it worth your money? We believe it’s not.

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