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The Instant Switch ReviewWondering what exactly is Instant Switch?

If you want to attract more positivity to your life and radically transform your life for the better, The Instant Switch is just what you need. It is a comprehensive personal development program that aims at helping people to attain their life’s goals and desires by guiding them using special techniques that helps harness their inner strength.

The guidebook provides endless possibilities and teaches how to switch out our stresses, doubts and fears. These are negative elements that are ingrained in our subconscious and serve as mental and emotional blockages, standing in the way of success and happiness. It enables you to get into a zone of power where you feel alive, happy and unstoppable. The amazing program outlined in the book is guaranteed to train your brain and rejuvenate your whole life.

The Instant Switch Program details:

The Instant Switch book is 162 pages long, and gives a blow-by-blow procedure of how you can accomplish your life’s goals just by altering your thought process and attitude. With time and practice, the things you desire in life will surely come to pass. This exceptional program was designed by Sandy Gilad to assist people’s brains achieve seemingly mind-boggling miracles. It reveals the secrets of wealth and success. Apart from this, it promises that following the program will result in happier people who have all they need in their lives. The miraculous and positive effects of the program are targeted at every aspect of your life.

The program provides an effective and easy method of healing the wounds that prevent you from attracting soul mates in your life. It uses simplified techniques which can be applied in as little as one minute. These actions can be done as you go on in your day-to-day activities, foe example before you get into bed or when driving to work. The Instant Switch guide helps you attract happiness, health and wealth throughout your life. It teaches how positive thinking can help align your efforts to what you want in life.

The Instant Switch guide outlines examples of expected miraculous outcomes like money miracles which include getting your dream car or a new home. You can also achieve health miracles like losing weight, overcoming stressful life or chronic illness. Relationship miracles include healing emotional wounds and heartaches or fixing problematic relationships. Using the Success Accelerator, you learn ways of achieving these miracles with ease and in a speedy manner.

The Instant Switch offers three quick and simple techniques to achieve all these amazing results:

Switch Technique number 1: The Selfie Filter
This technique offers ways of filtering out negative patterns in your thoughts. These are replaced with an exciting and completely new point of view. It provides you with a new and more radiant path to being more decisive, confident and successful.

Switch Technique number 2: The Magical Pink Rubber Band
Here you are taught how to use what is called ‘the rubber band effect’ in order to create new pathways inside your brain. The rubber band is flexible; therefore no matter the amount of negativity, you will not be derailed from the passage to positivity. The final effect is emergence of new thought patterns which makes you experience a different reality and self-perception.

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Switch Technique number 3: The Destiny Lock
Once you change how you view your past and new thought patterns emerge, your Instant Switch comes on. For this to happen, you require to get rid of what the Buddhists refer to as your ‘monkey brain’ which simply means noise. It is the noise that sneaks into our thoughts as we navigate our way through life. It is the negative, unhelpful noise that interferes with the process of lucid thinking every day. The technique does not require endless visualization or meditation.

Salient features Of The Instant Switch:

  • The Instant Switch is the simplest route of instantly attracting new and meaningful friends. It also assists you to unlock your heart so that your soul mate can appear and change your love life.
  • It is an uplifting and exciting love experiment that eliminates anxiety, stress and depression and gives you powerful vibrational emotions that enable you to have a magnetic personality.
  • It will teach you how to apply the so-called ‘energy circle’ to help heal relationship wounds of the past. This will make room for igniting new flames or rekindling old flames.
  • The program will reveal secrets for training your brain to achieve happiness, optimism and success, just like billionaires such as J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson.
  • The author includes a clever one minute ‘mind reset’ technique that helps you to instantly remove the stressful money worries that make you sleepless at night and block achievement of abundance.
  • It includes an audio stimulation trick that transforms your brainwaves into mighty money magnets.
  • The program gives three easy and quick steps to help you switch out unhealthy and deadly habits like smoking, emotional eating and stress.


  • The program shows you how to create new and positive routes in the brain easily and quickly.
  • It is an exclusive and well-documented manual that details all you need to transform your life, starting in as little time as sixty seconds.
  • There is no trial-and-error or research needed. It is totally scientifically-based, with no risks or side effects.
  • The Instant Switch program assists you to tap into universal energy and begin manifesting your life desires.
  • The guide teaches about positioning one’s spiritual and emotional personality in order to get results. It also offers practical tips so as to balance the system.This enables you to take actionable and specific steps to achieve your life’s goals.
  • It helps you to free yourself from past baggage and appreciate the joy of the present, clearing the way for a sunny new future.
  • It is credible and reliable since the author also uses the same program.
  • If you are unsatisfied, it provides a 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • The Instant Switch program is only available online, and cannot be bought from shops or stores.
  • It requires commitment and if you do not follow the set instructions, you will not achieve the desired outcomes.

The Instant Switch program is guaranteed to transform and improve your life. The miracles will affect every facet of your life and will enable you to realize all your life’s desires. You are assured of attracting money, relationships and health in your life-or a full refund of your expenditure on the program.

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