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iPage Web Hosting ReviewiPage is a web hosting company that has been around for over 10 years but the hosting company was not well known until its rebirth in October 2009. Currently, the company is among the best web hosting companies in the market. Within two years after its rebirth in 2009, the company became very popular especially in the United States.

iPage is owned and operated by a management team, the Endurance International Group (EIG). EIG has been around for over 15 years and their hosting service has more than 2 million domain names. The management team owns and operates other companies in the industry including but not limited to VPS Link, HostMonster, FatCow, and BlueHost.

Web Hosting Details

With proper management and the right technology, iPage.com is a Web hosting service that can possibly get to be the world’s best in the business. It boasts quite a remarkable shared web hosting platform as well as a powerful virtual private server platforms (VPS) and dedicated server services for the individuals who require more capable/powerful base for business/commercial Web hosting. Regrettably, the site has some issues with high downtime and inability to install Windows-based servers. This stops the site from effectively competing with organizations such as HostGator and DreamHost

Shared Hosting Plans

Unlike other hosting firms, such as HostGator that offer platforms for shared hosting, iPage does not offer monthly hosting packages. iPage offers one, two, and three yearly hosting plans in the same way that firms such as Domain.com does. iPage has a shared and only Linux-based hosting platform, Essential, which costs $11.95 every month. Like many basic features of other companies, the plan features monthly unlimited transfers of data, disk space, and thus has the capacity to help your business grow.

In any case, iPage does not give extra discounts and thus you may find it hard to pay anything less than $11.95 regardless of the plan chosen. However, a good online search may get you some discounts, promo codes, and coupons that you my use from other hosting services that may reduce your cost. However, you need to be careful because some of these companies may hide some additional charges. The monthly fee of $11.95 is quite expensive for most users who are looking for a simple, shared, and cheap hosting platform for personal blogs or social media connections. Thus, by using discounts, coupons, and discounts, you may end up spending as little as $1.99 per month.

iPage’s distributed hosting services are very great. In spite of the fact that it does not offer a windows-based hosting platform. Windows-based servers are great as they support the migration or building of a site based on the ASP.NET platform.

VPS Hosting Plans

iPage likewise has VPS hosting, beginning at $24.99 every month. On the off chance that you have specific requirements, are expecting huge traffic volumes, that keep you from utilizing distributed servers, the iPage services are great alternatives to consider, particularly in case you would prefer not to pay high dedicated Web hosting’s generally high costs.

There are three main platforms that come with the Linux system. One is the basic that starts from $24.99, the business package starting from $59.99, and optimum package that goes from $99.99. they come with varying storage, RAM, and amount of data transfers. For instance while the basic comes with one GB of Random access memory, the optimum package comes with a minimum of eight GB.

Dedicated Hosting Packages

iPage’s solid, widely appealing dedicated server plans (beginning at $149 every month) aren’t drastically not the same as what BlueHost, HostMonster, and JustHost offer. You can configure the servers with up to 1 TB of storage, 16 GB of RAM, and up to 15 TB of monthly data transfers.

WordPress Hosting

Like most of its rivals, iPage Web Hosting offers dedicated hosting for WordPress. There are two major suites: the WP Starter suite beginning at $10.49 on a monthly basis and the WP essential suite going from $12.49 on a monthly basis surprisingly, both share some characteristics in that just like many other hosting suites they come with unlimited monthly transfers of data, access to unlimited number of email accounts, and storage without limit. However, the Essential WP suite carries more weight as it comes with additional SSD storage, upgraded security, and client service. Regrettably, neither plan is the wordpress managed type; these are hosting strategies that give the set up white-glove treatment.

Building a Website with iPage Web Hosting

iPage requires an account requester to answer a few basic questions in order to promote the users website to search engines. This is part of the initial application process through an easy-to-follow user interface on the company’s control panel. To use the panel you need to login and scroll down to select the required icon. The website offers three-different web builders including the popular CM4All. It is a template-based designer r, which gives you a chance to design a maximum of six pages for free. To create mobile-optimized sites, you can always go for the goMobi app. More so, it is important to note that this builder costs $8.99 extra per month.

The Weebly $8.00 at Weebly, is among the best site builders. Users can upgrade to premium if they so wish. However, the basic version is quite okay with most users. Because Weebly is easily customizable, it is quicker to build pages with additional contact forms, slideshows, maps, galleries, and links to social media.

E-Marketing and E-Commerce

iPage Web Hosting platform offers an additional online store as an inherent feature. To begin using you can tap on the store button and sect the manage button or directly go to the ShopSite icon click and wait for the enable button. The platform does not allow third party applications. However, it is easy to operate and in case you are not interested in using ShopSite, you can always use the osCommerce and Zencart from the Mojo market place. However, you need to realize that the ShopSite and iPage are not fully integrated. This means that when you leave iPage, you will need to login again as going to ShopSite means that you leave iPage.

Security Features

For your email accounts, iPage shields them with anti- malware monitoring. Additionally, you can activate the .htaccess record to determine who has admittance to the organization’s server or chose segments of the website. iPage also issues the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate at a price of $31.99 every year. By encrypting the data sent between the client’s PC and the ecommerce site, the certificate, protects the data and thus the SSL certificate becomes an essential purchase in the event that you need to sell products.

Uptime Blues

Website uptime is a standout amongst the most vital parts of hosting platforms. On the off chance that your website is not responding/is down, customers or clients will not be able to access products or services and this means you lose business. As no one wants this, iPage Web Hosting tries to ensure that the uptime is high. Unfortunately, iPage needs to improve on this.

Using web monitoring tools it is possible to find that iPage the hosting platform is a lukewarm provider in terms of uptime. Although, iPage’s uptime is low, it is still higher than some of the other basic hosting service provider. Regrettably, the uptime is much lower than comparable uptime of companies such as DreamHost.

Client Service

iPage offers a 24/7 customer service web chat. In addition, there is a 24/7 telephone support but this service is not available to basic users. Regardless of this, the online chat room can be rather speedy depending on the customer representatives and or trainers available. On a good day, it is possible to spend no more than five minutes to get assisted.

For instance, my live Web chat experience was genuinely direct. I held up not exactly a moment on a weekday evening to request a step-by-step guide on how to import effectively a wordpress blog that is already in existence. . He provided a connection to an iPage information database article disclosing what I expected to do. Cash Back Guarantee

Though most Web hosting contenders offer 30-day discount seasons, , iPage hosting platform promises the rest of your unused charges back at whatever point you scratch off.


Unlimited bandwidth, disk storage, and mail accounts. The company promises Robust secondary support for different applications. Generous money-back guarantee. To summarize, here is the quick list on what we like and dislike about the iPage hosting.

Extremely Cheap (iPage = Cheapest Shared Hosting!) As mentioned above, if you are searching for the Best Budget Web Hosting, iPage will be surely come into your radar. Fact is, iPage is extremely cheap. In addition, not that only it is cheap; it is also reputable and reliable. Therefore, if you want a good host at an affordable price, iPage hosting is a go!

User Friendly and Extremely Smooth Ordering Process iPage is perhaps the most newbie-friendly web host. I have purchased iPage twice in the past and both processes were nothing but pleasure. The account setup process was idiot-proof and the ordering process was very smooth. My hosting accounts were ready minutes after payment.

Eco-Friendly Hosting According to iPage official website, its hosting operation is fully powered by renewable energy. (Unfortunately, I have no proof on this point – I have no idea where does the company purchase neither its green energy certificates nor how much it purchased in the past.)


  • Uptime issues/ Downtime for DDOS attacks and such.
  • Lacks Windows-based hosting options.
  • No month-to-month plans.
  • Poor support for customers.
  • Some servers have a soft boot on initial registration.

Dedicated servers take 12-48 hours to set-up

Poor support: In most cases, it is hard to get prompt replies to questions especially when using online chat. Thus under such situations it is possible to get a guy in training or some support member with little server experience. How do I fix this problem? I hang up and dial again. If the same guy picks up, I wait and try again. Important: Only VPS/Dedicated server clients get to use this support phone number: 1(877)447-9872. Do not call shared hosting support line; they usually do not know what they are talking about.

(Rare) downtime for DDOS attacks and such: Just like any hosting provider IPage, datacenters also get attacked. They had an attack sometimes back that took their servers down for 2 days. When I asked support what happen, they avoided the subject but stated “new technology is in place to stop or lessen these types of attacks.”

Some servers have a soft boot on initial registration: I believe this is fixed now, but it could still happen to you. in cases where the VPS server does not respond, you can call the above customer server for assistance. They should have it fixed in a matter of hours, as they can reboot it at the datacenter. This is just a problem with their default server image file.

Dedicated servers take 12-48 hours to set-up: VPS servers from IPage get set-up usually in the matter of 2 hours. When I bought a dedicated server from IPage when they were first released it took a good two days to get it set-up correctly. It was not a fun time; they did not know what was going on. Therefore, I now stick to VPS hosting from IPage. Although that was over a year ago now, give it a try as you can always downgrade to a VPS.


In some cases when your destination on the net is running, you may experience uptime issues with your system. In such cases please note that the there is a new test discussed above that you can use to start tracking web host server speed. In this test, we ping our test sites wherever they are from 8 different locations worldwide and compare the response times with over 10 million websites. For our test site hosted on iPage, the server response speed is rated as B+ with response time of 72 and 27 milliseconds for United States servers and 196 milliseconds for London servers.

We think this result is pretty good as there are very few budget hosts (below $5/mo) that score as high as B+ in our test so far. iPage is a great web hosting platform for beginners and people with a tight budget. However, iPage Web Hosting may not be the best for professionals or businesses as the shortcomings may affect service delivery/product quality.

8.5 Total Score
Good Service!

Good and really cheap service. Highly recommended for every webmaster on budget.

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