Joshua Zamora’s xRanker 360 Review

xRanker 360 ReviewDoes xRanker 360 Really Work?

For most businesses and entrepreneurs selling products or growing brands and followings using video content, online marketing efforts can be a real challenge. You need a lot of time to grow the right audience. You have multiple channels that you need to monitor. Even more frustrating you do not know how to measure the effectiveness of your effort ROI that you put into your business.

You probably tried to create more promotional campaigns; paid for a following and likes, tried search engine marketing paid per click. All this with the hope to grow brand your business. Your video likes and following are increasing but you are struggling to catch the right audience’s attention. These are the most common challenges that exist in the digital marketing field. One the most comprehensive software out that provides video marketers real solution is Xranker 360. Xranker has changed everything in the video marketing world with management solution. So, what is it about this software that makes it one of the most sought-after today? Read on to find out.

xRanker 360 Details

The product was created by Joshua Zamora & Han Fan. It was launched on 2016-11-03. It comes with a niche keyword research tool, a user-friendly dashboard for data visualization and a content syndication algorithm. The product comes with 30 day money back guarantee at a $97. The super easy dashboard provide real time support and customer care. You can download the product directly from the product page.

XRanker360 provides you with key word options; long and short tail and a campaign management tool. With xranker 360, you all you need to do is create good content. You need to Integrate with all your top sharing sites and social bookmarking sites. Once your videos are syndicated, you just sit, stream live how each of your content is performing.

Normally, you pick specific keywords. You will then create a campaign around your keywords and Create backlinks and syndicate your videos and wait for your videos to rank. I did this before I tried X-ranker. Normally the results were too depressing- having to wait for months to rank.

With Xranker360 you will find all the keywords for any campaign; long tail and short tail. The keywords are from multiple sources; From Youtube and other video sharing sites. The favorite part in this is that you can create a campaign without even content. You can then monitor how the selected keywords will perform. You can then use these insights in optimizing video content and lunch your marketing campaign guaranteeing you 100% ranking

If you are an affiliate, you can stream live on the performance of your videos and know exactly how much you earn. If you sell online digital content, you can easily receive insights. Updates are delivered every time there is an activity on your content. The xRanker 360 is a lead generation machine. If you are trying to build email lists sell your products online and dominate local search. X-ranker is the right product for you. Compared to other marketing strategies, Xranker 360 is a much better tool you only have one time life membership fee and your video marketing campaign will be simplified.

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X ranker has simplified and offers you a great user experience. It is a fully automated and cloud hosted marketing tool with Easy to use dashboard click to add button and dashboard to visualize your data.


  • Saves you time X-Ranker is a fully automated keyword research tool with a dashboard that is super simple to use. You can manage multiple video sharing channels.
  • Saves you marketing effort – You will have all your video channels syndicated saving you time Syndicated system that enables you to monitor what your competition is doing right helping you find insights from other related competitor campaigns in real time.
  • Guaranteed ranking – Submitting content and putting it on auto marketing with guaranteed results you will be able to rank no.1 on Google, Youtube and other channels that you use to market your content.
  • Easy to use: X-Ranker can be used by anyone can help anyone meet any digital marketing objective. You do not a website, a domain name to use X-ranker. No need to struggle building backlinks or any more investments in expensive marketing campaigns. You will just need to login onto your dashboard. Then, pick a few keywords that you want your videos to rank for. X- Ranker will give you a live stream of all your keywords from Youtube from the dashboard, you will be able to watch how the keywords will rank and optimize your content around them.
  • One click automation – using a one click button, Syndicate your content across your entire book marking network and social sharing platforms and watch the performance from your dash board. Giving you time to focus on other important issues of the business. Get all your real time updates and react to signals.
  • Niche targeting – with x-ranker 360 you can easily do a specific market research using select keywords. This gives you valuable insight to help you design better products within your niche.


X-Ranker360 has a short life market it has gained very high ratings and delivers exactly what it promises. The product was launched


X-ranker is the most powerful tool out there for digital marketing professionals, agencies, affiliates or bloggers and anybody trying to build a brand or sell products online using videos. With little time, less effort and no extra budgets on campaigns you are able to automate everything; from content creation to result visualization. Submit it and rank your all videos. Optimize them later to meet your marketing objectives.

  • Manage multiple channels and monitor your ROI enabling you to retarget your niche markets.
  • Get real time notification and monitor any activity on your content as it happens.
  • Stay ahead of your competition by having more time to create/optimize content.

It is the most super easy software you can try today. The best part you do not need hosting, websites or extra hosting costs or monthly subscriptions. xRanker 360 is simply the best video marketing tool for you out there giving you results on all your marketing efforts.

8.5 Total Score
Good Software!

This software does an amazing job when it comes to video marketing and achieving top ranks in search engines. Highly Recommended.

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