Joy Bauer Weight Loss Program Review

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Joy Bauer Weight Loss Program ReviewAuthor and registered dietitian, Joy Bauer compiled her knowledge in organizing an on-line program to help dieters make lifestyle changes. Bauer also offers an online subscription to follow her program which is based on common sense dieting. In order to make the changes, Bauer instructs dieters as to how to make the changes to lose weight and allow the smaller you appear. The diet promises up to a 5 pound loss the first week.

How It Works

The weight loss program is customized according to a dieter’s behavior, weight loss goals, activity level and motivation. Do not set yourself up with the thought of not getting to eat all you desire. This is a major downfall in beginning a weight loss program. The meal plan consists of three healthy meals and one snack daily. As with any weight loss program, it is important to exercise for approximately 30 to 60 minutes daily and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins in the body.

How To Use

The first week of the program is very strict. If a dieter is determined to lose unwanted pounds, the week long first phase will be a challenge. Bauer recommends consuming whole grains, fresh produce, raw nuts, lean proteins and low-fat dairy while avoiding added sugars, fats and sodium.

What You Receive

Joy Bauer’s book and program is considered the four R stages.

Release: Eliminating all “bad” food habits

Relearn: Learning how to change to new habits for your diet

Reshape: Reshaping your eating habits until you reach goal

Reveal: Enjoying your new lifestyle as you reveal a magnificent body

  • Healthier meal plan
  • Exercise
  • Advice for eating out
  • Weight loss
  • Carbohydrate Control
  • No prepackage food
  • Not clinically tested
Weight Program Check List

Weigh yourself at least once a week. Should your scales indicate a weight gain of 5 pounds go back to the first step of the program. Avoid any foods that may tempt you to leave your diet plan. Create for yourself a meal schedule and stick to it. Most importantly drink lots of water throughout the day.

Check your program listing for making substitutions for various food items. Use your creativity to improve on a recipe to make it healthier for your body.

Exercise every day. Make your new lifestyle change fun.


Bauer’s book on weight loss provides several meal plans, recipes and testimonials from dieters who took the challenge and was successful. The online program consists of tools to help track weight and goals, such as, a personalized diet profile and support from others who are also following the program.

The best part of this program is having the support and advice of a certified nutritionist, a large volume of recipes, and an automated grocery list including a menu planner.

Before starting this program consult with your physician.

Where To Buy

Joy Bauer’s books on nutrition may be purchased at book stores or online. Check online for a FREE 2 week trial of Joy’s full weight-loss program, which includes support, dieting tools and weight loss advice.

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