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Leads2List ReviewGenerating leads – that is the hottest topic in online marketing. That is actually the whole purpose of this industry. You do not do it to become popular or for your own satisfaction, but to generate leads and increase your profits. After all, leads are directly responsible for it.

Obviously, you can find a plethora of tools to help you out. Some of them work to a point, while others are useless. There is also a high end category that will literally turn your world upside down in terms of leads. This is when Leads2List comes in. Go on through this detailed Leads2List review and find out what it can do for your marketing campaign.

What Is Leads2List?

Based in the cloud, Leads2List is practically a social platform. It may sound new to some marketers, yet it has already proven its efficiency. The way it works is fairly simple to understand. It works as a list building algorithm that drives leads into your automatic responders. It used to be an exclusive tool for professional marketers only. Given its popularity, it is becoming more and more attractive to the average marketer too.

The platform was created by Cyril Jeet, one of the well known professionals in this industry. He has launched multiple programs in the past, such as Email Jeet, Keywords Jeet or Tuberank Jeet, among others.

Now, what can you expect from this program? Move on with the Leads2List review to find out whether or not you can benefit from it

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Whether you count phone numbers or email addresses, Leads2List will grab such details for you in no time. It can be set to grab all kinds of details over social media, such as verified phone numbers of Facebook users who check your ads, as well as email addresses.

Once you grab such details, it is all about putting in the right words for lead generation.

The GDPR compliance is a new thing for the European Union. It is mostly a matter of personal data and privacy – a new law that has been implemented in the summer of 2018. It was a bit of a nuisance at first due to many companies having to review their marketing style.

Luckily, Leads2List is 100% compatible with the new law. There are no risks involved.

What can be better than an instant sign up? This is what every marketer dreams about, right? The platform can help you stop dreaming. One click is all you need – your email autoresponder will end up with a targeted lead. They do not have to sign up manually or put their details in.

If your ad is attractive enough, gaining details is an instant job that will build your list in no time.

Any email address obtained through Facebook has already been verified – it is 100% correct and real. Other than that, it can connect to literally any Facebook page that you manage. Marketers can also connect it to multiple pages. Facebook LeadGen ads will also work just fine with Leads2List – no marketing conflicts.

Leads2List can be integrated with over 20 of the most popular autoresponders out there. Just because you change your marketing strategy for more accurate results, it does not mean that you have to change other programs too. Whether you use HootSuite, GetResponse, Aweber or another popular autoresponder, the platform will blend in perfectly.

Even if this is your first marketing tool, it does not mean that you have to despair – the installation is split in three steps. You only have to perform three clicks and your platform is ready to go. It is the kind of set-it-forget-it software, so it only has to be installed once.


Pretty much every Leads2List review you will run into will claim on numerous benefits associated with this platform.

  • Taking no more than one click to drive impressive amounts of leads from one of the top social networks in the world – Facebook.
  • Ignoring the “old fashioned” necessity of a landing page or a squeezing page – something that more advanced Internet users have already gotten used to.
  • Taking accurate leads straight to the autoresponder without having to put them in manually or using third party platforms.
  • Turning Leads2List into a different business venture by selling it or using it for your own clients.
  • Providing valuable leads from LinkedIn too.
  • Easy to install, run and use on desktops, Macs and even smartphones.


It is almost impossible to find a complaining Leads2List review because there is not too much to complain about. However, there is always room for more. Ideally, the platform should be implemented into other social networks as well, not to mention dealing with literally every autoresponder. Chances are it will target other social networks in the future. As for autoresponders, it covers the most significant ones.

Who Should Use Leads2List?

Leads2List is excellent for product vendors and online sellers (be it Amazon, eBay or any other platform) who need more relevant leads for their special offers. The same rule applies to affiliate marketers. Even if they do not necessarily run their own shops, leads can always help if they need to sell something.

On another note, certain companies are specialized in getting leads and selling them to other companies. The same rule applies to those who want to resell the platform and make money by recommending it further on.


In the end, there are no doubts that Leads2List can and will work wonders on your project. The new platform is no longer a tool for the pros only. It has become widely accessible to anyone with a little knowledge in marketing and big future plans.

This Leads2List review should give you some clear hints about what to expect and how you can benefit from using the system in your future marketing campaigns.​

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It works as a list building algorithm that drives leads into your automatic responders.

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