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LipozeneLipozene is basically the brand name of a dietary supplement from Obesity Research-Institute LLC, which claims to aid in weight loss. Lipozene is made from vegetable fibre known as glucomannan which is obtained from Konjac. The plant’s scientific name is Amorphophallus konjac, which is also referred to or known as the devils tongue or the snake palm or the elephant yam. China and Japan are the two countries that mostly grow this plant, however it is also cultivated in some others countries in Eastern Asia. Lipozene mainly consists of all natural ingredients, thus it has few negative side effects related to its’ intake.

Lipozene supplement is claimed to help people reduce the unwanted body fat thus helping people of all walks of life meet their health and their fitness goals and objectives in matters regarding weight. The fat burning supplement basically contains Glucomannan, which is an all natural ingredient which makes one feel full. This weight loss supplement does not have any known allergens and it’s claimed not cause any jittery feelings or elevate the heartbeat rate. It has soluble fibre which has been used all-over the world, meaning it will make one feel full thus making one eat much less and stay for a long period without feeling any craving for food or feeling hungry. The fat loss supplement is said to be an effective and safe way to loss weight and reduce the body fat.

Lipozene contains 1500-mg Amorphophallus Konjak per every single capsule, which is more commonly referred or known as, konjac powder. The konjac powder contains a certain amount of water-soluble polysaccharide which goes by the name glucomannan which is considered a dietary fibre, along with some other non dietary fibre materials. The product has not yet been evaluated or approved by United States Food & Drug Administration (abbreviated as, FDA) for substance or effectiveness. Lipozene can be taken up-to 2 capsules, three times a day right before taking a meal, for a daily maximum dosage-of 6 capsules. A dosage that has been recommended by sellers to those who need or want to lose a few more pounds, is a single capsule with an 8-oz glass of water right before every meal. For those wishing to lose much more weight in little or less time, two capsules can be taken at a time, 30 minutes right before taking each meal. A Lipozene bottle normally contains 60 pills.


  • Lipozene is all natural and it contains a super fibre called Glucomannan which is derived from Konjac root of the konjac plant grown mainly in Korea, India, China and Japan. This soluble fibre has been commonly used to treat obesity, constipation, high cholesterol and type-2 diabetes for many decades.
  • Just like with most weight loss products, weight loss usually varies depending on the individual. But here is where the Lipozene product is different. The manufacturers are so confident that you will lose the body fat and weight that if you are not fully satisfied with the results, you can easily return the Lipozene and get a complete refund for your money.
  • It is easy to take meaning those who are busy can get to enjoy its’ many benefits. It also goes together with any hectic schedule for those who have tight schedules. This can be mainly attributed to the fact that you will not need to spend your time exercising. If you happen to discover that the Lipozene capsules aren’t up to your body’s requirement, the online store will refund your money meaning you are rest assured that you will get the true-return for your money.


  • Some of the known side effects of the Lipozene capsules include: Pain in the abdomen, stomach disappointment, unease and some distress in your stomach and at times a feeling to throw up and puke.
  • Lipozene can cause a problem with swallowing and gulping: Sometimes the consumption of lipozene can make it hard to swallow or take it down dry. This may occur because of existence of glucomannan. Its’ ability to absorbs-water and to grow in size can at times produce some dire problems. For some people, it can so happen that they’ve an esophageal condition or may have a narrow-esophagus itself. In such a situation the capsule/pill could get easily stuck on-route causing swallowing issues or problems. This can be a life threatening problem and one should certanly be keen when taking the capsule.
  • It can cause fluctuation in the blood sugar levels: The key component in Lipozene capsules, that is glucomannan, is known to cause changes in ones’ blood sugar levels. At times it may reduce the sugar quantity in the blood, but it can also cause some rather high variations in the blood sugar. This product should be taken-by those with diabetes only when under a direction of a physician. It is best to seek advice and consult with your physician before starting to use any weight loss product, especially if you happen to have any other health condition.
  • Lipozene can cause unease when passing stool and also stool passing frequency: Some cases of diarrhea have been reported by users. This can lead to a great loss of fluids in the body leaving the user dehydrated. It is recommended to confer with a doctor when such incidences occur or before using the product.
  • The product can also cause some allergic reactions: Some users have reported irritation, swelling in the throat and mouth, hives, coughing and some other breathing problems. It’s advisable you seek immediate medical attention if any one of these symptoms occur. Those who want to start using this product must be well aware-of everything they are sensitive to or allergic to. At times it can happen that you’re sensitive or allergic to a component that’s present in lipozene.


Lipozene creates or makes a dietary fibre gel in the user’s stomach which makes one feel full so they are unable to eat much and they remain feeling full for a long time without feeling any hunger. This basically reduces the caloric intake and also adds healthy fibre to one’s diet. There are many reported successful uses and reviews regarding Lipozene. The key point about Lipozene is that it’s an all natural product. However, one should seek medical advice before taking this weight loss supplement.

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