Liquid Web Hosting Review

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Liquid Web Hosting ReviewIs Liquid Web a Good Hosting Company?

Liquid Web is a private hosting company that focuses on small and large organizations website hosting service. It first joined the industry in 1997 and currently manages three data centers locaedin Lansing, MI in the United States. It also has an office in Scottsdale, Arizona. With slightly over 20,000 customers, we can say it is a fairly small company; however, that has not affected on the kind of service they offer. LiquidWeb has for the last few years focused largely on dedicated server hosting, virtual private server hosting and Smart Server that utilize cloud technology. Here is a little it about the service.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

1. Dedicated Web Hosting Packages

If you are out there looking to build your website on one of the strongest foundations, you will want to check out Liquid’s dedicated server offering. They come in a number of configuration starting from a single processor, which start at $179 per month to a quad- processor, which goes at a ridiculously jaw dropping $799 per month. Looking at those figures, it is evident Liquid web’s dedicated server are only meant for businesses that want impeccable performance and that have more money to spend on it. Some of the things users can net from their dedicated hosting plan is a base configuration that includes 8GB of RAM, 250 of storage, 1Tb back up drive and 5TB data transfers per month, unlimited email, as well as, domains among others things.

2. Storm VPS Web Hosting Packages

If you want servers with more power, but you don’t have enoughmoney to spend on Liquid Web’s dedicated servers, Liquid web’s virtual private servers is what you should be going for next. Unlike what most companies do, Liquid Web only charges for the number of days you use the service per month. This will come in handy if for any reason you choose to cancel your account.

As for the pricing, the low end Storm VPS plan start at $1.64 per day and this includes 50GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, 5TB monthly data transfers, unlimited domains and email. On the other end of the deal is one of Liquid Web’s high end Strom VPS plan. This one starts at $82.84 per day and includes 512GB RAM and another 1.8 TB of storage.

3. Managed WordPress Hosting

The company currently offers 3 tiers of managed WordPress web hosting, and just like what you would get from a managed WordPress host, Liquid has one click installs, hundreds of apps, automatic updates and WordPress plug-ins.



The company currently promises its VPS and dedicated customers a 100% network guarantee, a 30-minute hardware replacement guarantee and another a 30-minute response time. Impressively, the company will credit you with ten minutes the amount of time your site is downif any of those promise are not met. Amazing! isn’t?

Customer Support

Liquid Web currently takes the lead as one company with the bestcustomer support and care service team out there. Its support team features a squad of knowledge people who can assist you in within aminute if you reach out by phone. However, should you decide to submit a ticket you will get a replay in within 30 minutes. As if that is not even enough; the company’s site includes a huge information base which has been structured like a blog. While it is not one of the easiest sites to navigate through, the amount of information you can net is incredibly detailed and informative.

Security Features

If security is one of your biggest worries, Liquid Web has got you covered. The service offers firewalls, SSL, VPN amd virus scanningamong other excellent features. However, it is important to note that some security features are included in specific packages, and customers will be required to pay for other features. Impressively, the web host has free nightly backups, making sure you site is protected from massive damages.

Money Back Guarantee

The company currently offers a 30 day money back guarantee, and when you cancel your plan, refunds are made for full month’s service. However, you are required to give notice before your next billing renews for the period you wish to cancel.

Control Panel

Most of Liquid Web customers appear to use cPanel. Looking at its page, the company doesn’t say which control panel it currently use, but the company’s documentation shows that cPanel is in use. VPS and dedicated customers can decide what and when to install on their servers, plus, onCentOs cPanel has been listed as an optional and comes witha monthly fee.

  • Uptime guarantee
  • WordPress
  • ASP
  • PHP
  • MSQL


  • Outstanding customer service; If you have a not so good experience with the kind of customer service being offered by your current host, Liquid Web is where you should be heading to next.
  • Its customer service and support comes second to none.
  • Excellent dedicated and VPS hosting plans.
  • Its nightly back makes the company worth checking out; customers need not to worry about data loss.
  • High end specs and Linux or Windows based servers.

a) Lacks Shared hosting

One of the biggest of the biggest issues users have had with liquid has is that the service currently lacks shared hosting package.>

b) Expensive

If you are just getting started and you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a web hosting service, LiquidWeb is not right for you. Compared to what other service providers are charging for their services, Liquid web is relatively expensive, making it out of reach fr many people.

c) Cancellation Policy

Liquid Web’s packages are quite pricey and while it is good the service currently offers a 30-day cancellation policy in place, taking into account the kind of money they charge their customers, it would be nice to see much longer refund period. There are other players in the industry that offer a breathtaking 97 day money can cancellation period.

Final Thoughts

At the end; yes, it is true liquid web is highly expensive and lacks shared web hosting, but it is flexible and feature-rich web hosting service with thebest customer service and outstanding dedicated and VPS package. Liquid Web is clearly one service that looks at attracting high value clienst with big resources requirements and if you have enoughmoney, I wouldn’t have any problem asking you to go for this amazing web hosting service.

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