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NameCheap Web Hosting ReviewIs NameCheap a Good Web Hosting Company?

NameCheap is a privately-owned web hosting company which operates from Los Angeles, California. The company has an ICANN accreditation and offers exclusive web hosting and domain name registrar services. So far, this highly dedicated and credible web hosting company claims to have more than three million domain names that are registered under their name. The company uses state-of-the-art hardware and SSD technology to provide high speed web hosting at very affordable rates. NameCheap offers a wide range of top-notch single-page website hosting, email hosting, Reseller hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

The company has among the most powerful hosting tools and dedicates into providing entrenched security. The company’s servers are loaded quite unconscientiously which ensures your website runs smoothly even in busy periods and can proficiently run complex scripts. Since NameCheap uses top-notch systems like CloudLinux to optimize its servers, using their hosting services ensure your website would not be crashing so regularly and will be free from runway scripts.

NameCheap History

NameCheap come into existence in the November of 2000. It’s core founder and CEO Richard Kirkendall has unparalleled experience and credibility on matters domain registrar and domain hosting. He is one of the world’s most talented web designers and internet entrepreneurs who understands all the technicalities and aspects of web design, web hosting and website registration.

Ten years after NameCheap was founded it was nominated as the most reliable domain name register in an opinion poll that was conducted by Lifehacker. Two years after this nomination, Lifehacker conducted another opinion poll which revealed NameCheap to be the world’s most popular Domain Name Registrar. In the March of 2013, Bitcoin was officially accepted as a legit method of payment by NameCheap.

In the mid months of 2014, lots of concerns were raised about the way Namecheap operated. Some reports revealed that the company was violating the Registrar Accreditation Agreement which they had with ICANN. Nonetheless, the company has since then maintained a good reputation and is today known as one of the web hosting companies that are spam free and safe. By the late months of 2015, Namecheap officially started registering domains on their own and has since then helped millions of people register and properly host their domains. The company’s records show that it is currently hosting over 500000 sites across its network and not less than five million domains.

NameCheap Web Hosting Details

NameCheap uses sophisticated and advanced software and hardware firewalls. The highly dedicated and professional web technicians working at Namecheap make regular tweaking and security checkups on all the Operating Systems that are run by their servers to maximize user security. They always make sure all websites hosted by the systems are safe and can be easily run on different web servers. NameCheap provides a range of reasonably priced hosting plans that meet and exceed your budget expectations. The company’s top-selling and best performing package plan is the shared hosting package which offers a range of benefits over other plans.

Shared Hosting Plan

The shared hosting plan is available in 4 different packages namely value, Professional, Ultimate and Business SSD. The Value package is priced at 9.88 dollars per year and offers supercharged hosting capabilities. When you purchase this package, you will get 20GB of SSD accelerated Disk Space, unlimited bandwidth and ability to host at most three websites. The professional package costs 19.88 dollars per year. Whenever you opt for this kind of package, you will get access to 50 GB of accelerated Disk Space, infinite bandwidth and at most 10 websites hosting capability. Ultimate is the third package and it’s normally priced at 29.88 dollars per year. This package provides users with the chance to run up to 50 websites, access unlimited SSD accelerated disk space and infinite bandwidth. The last package of the shared hosting plan is Business SSD and it is priced at 19.88 dollars per month. This package offers the fastest and most reliable business hosting service and guarantees 100% uptime compliance. It is best suited for e-commerce websites such as Prestashop and Magento. The package gives you access to 20 GB of pure SSD disk space, unlimited websites and 5000 GB bandwidth.

Reseller Hosting Plan

Reseller hosting gives you access to superior and super-effective servers to host diverse websites or become a pro hosting reseller. This hosting option comes in four different packages namely Reseller 1, Reseller 3, Reseller 3 and Reseller 4. Reseller 1 package is normally priced at 16.95 dollars a month and gives you access to free cPanel/WHM, 25 GB disk space, 25 resold accounts and 1000 GB bandwidth. Reseller 2 is the best selling package which is priced at 26.95 dollars per month and provides you with infinite resold accounts, 2000 GB bandwidth, free cPanel/WHM and 75 GB disk space. Reseller 3 is priced at 36.95 dollars a month and offers unlimited GB bandwidth, limitless resold accounts, free cPanel/WHM, WHMCS and 150 GB disk space. As for Reseller 4, it is priced at 46.95 dollars a month and gives you access to 300 GB disk space, limitless bandwidth, countless resold accounts and free cPanel/WHM, WHMCS.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a virtual private server plan offered by NameCheap which is available in 4 different packages. VPS Lite is the first Xen package which is priced at 19.95 dollars includes 1 CPU core, 100 GB bandwidth, 512 MB and 15 GB HDD SAS RAID 10. The second package VPS 1 cost 29.95 dollars and consists of 1 GB burst, 250 GB bandwidth, 1 CPU core and 30 GB HDD SAS RAID 10. VPS 2 is the third package and cost 49.95 a month and includes 2 CPU cores, 2GB burst, 60 GB HDD SAS RAID10 and 500 GB bandwidth. The fourth package is VPS 3 and it is priced 69.95 dollars a month and includes features like 750GB bandwidth, 2 CPU cores, 3GB burst and 100 GB HDD SAS RAID10.

Dedicated Servers Hosting

The dedicated server hosting plan provides the best quality hosting performance, reliability and best quality server hardware. The servers offered here are provided with 100% network uptime assurance. This kind of hosting come with powerhouse hosting capabilities with premium quality hardware and software firewalls.

Email Hosting

This type of NameCheap hosting plan come in three different secure and reliable email hosting packages. The different plans offered in this package include lightweight and fast webmail interface that allows for effective email, contacts and calendar management. The first package is referred to as private plan and costs 9.88 dollars a year and includes 3GB email storage, 1 GB file storage, OX Drive, 1 mailbox, Anti-spam protection and OP/IMAP/Webmail. The second package is known as Business hosting plan and is priced at 28.88 dollars a year and have features like 10 GB email storage, full mobile support, 10 GB file storage, 10 aliases per mailbox and All-in-One email account. The last package in the email hosting plan costs 49.88 dollars per year and includes features like OX Text, OX Spreadsheet, 10 GB email storage, collaboration tools and 15 GB file storage.

NameCheap Web Hosting Features

NameCheap includes lots of effective and superior web hosting features. The features are made to make your hosting experience safer and smooth. The most common types of features offered by NameCheap hosting company include;

  • Uptime guarantee.
  • WordPress integration capability.
  • Hypertext Preprocessor support.
  • Quality access Logs.
  • Perl Support.
  • cPanel support.
  • Linux Support.
  • All around phone support.
  • Round the clock Live Chat.
  • High performance servers.
Benefits Of NameCheap Hosting

While we cannot truly say that NameCheap cannot compare with other hosting companies in terms of speed, performance, safety and reliability, we cannot dispute the fact that it is one of the most popular and highly in demand web hosting companies available today. The company is rated top as one of the most reputable hosting companies that guarantee fast and effective hosting capabilities. Past and current customers of this web hosting company said they found lots of interesting and remarkable things about the hosting services offered by this company.

1. High performance-So many people recommend NameCheap because of its effective and super fast web servers that range from Supermicro, Dell to HP. This hosting company is known to provide among the fastest and newest servers that are regularly managed to perform more effectively. The company offers lighter server loads that allow your site to run smoothly and effectively and without complex scripts.

2. Unsurpassed quality support service-NameCheap is known for offering best quality customer support services. They have a live chat support system where the personnel here endeavor into providing quick, friendly and reliable support services. You can always reach their customer support to get all your queries solved amicably and quickly.

3. Top-notch security-Namecheap has in place sophisticated software and hardware firewalls. Namecheap’s personnel have the technical expertise and professionally work to tweak and secure all the Operating Systems running on their servers to guarantee you of top security.

4. Great hosting capabilities-NameCheap uses top-notch network of infrastructure that delivers best uptime hosting capabilities. The systems are maintained professionally and regularly checked to ensure they are working perfectly. The company boasts in using best quality bandwidth switches, providers and routers to offer proficient hosting services at all levels.

5. Affordability-NameCheap offers best hosting services at very affordable rates. Besides providing great quality services at very low rates, NameCheap offer great discounts, coupons and promo codes to help make sure you make great savings when you choose NameCheap as your hosting company.

6. The company offers 14-day money back guarantee. All the products these company offers come with a 14-day money back guarantee that allows you to reclaim back your money in case you discover that the company does not offer all you are searching for.

7. The company has long-lasting credibility and is well-reputed. Many of those who have worked with this company before give lots of positive testimonials about the quality of services they were provided with. This means, when working with this hosting company, you do not have to worry about being conned.

Disadvantages Of NameCheap Hosting Services

Despite the fact that NameCheap is the perfect hosting company, there are a number of things which do not add-up about their hosting and name registrar services. A range of questions have been raised about the reliability and performance of NameCheap. So many others didn’t feel satisfied by the pricing of the hosting services this hosting company provides. Below I have outlined the main disadvantages of using NameCheap as your hosting company.

  • The company does not offer great discounts. When compared with other hosting companies the discounts and promo codes offered by NameCheap are not quite captivating and rewarding.
  • Their hosting services are lower but do not are a bit average. This clearly means that it is not the best hosting company to go for if you want on-budget hosting services.
  • They do not pay well on their affiliate programs. When you compare the cost of the affiliate programs offered by other hosting companies, those offered by NameCheap a bit lower.
  • Their hosting servers are not as much safe and reliable. If we are to compare the hosting infrastructure used by NameCheap hosting company and those offered by other companies, you will find that the security and effectiveness of their servers is somehow lower.

If you are looking for a hosting company that will provide you with top-notch hosting services at very cost-friendly rates, NameCheap is your number one option. The news about the effectiveness and credibility of this hosting company are all over the internet and lots of people are giving good testimonials about the quality of their support services and credibility of their support personnel. Most of their current clients say that this hosting company uses the top-notch hosting systems and utilizes sophisticated hardware and software firewalls to guarantee you of a safe and reliable hosting experience. With their highly trained personnel who understand every bit of the company’s hosting infrastructure, the company makes sure your Operating Systems are diligently tweaked and securely managed to guarantee secure hosts.

However, since not each of the NameCheap’s customers feels fully satisfied with the quality of hosting services provided by this company, you should always think twice before you make your decision. It is always best you take time to compare the different pricing packages offered by the company so that you be able to decide on which package to opt for. If you feel that you are not in a good position to make a wise decision, it is recommended you ask for assistance from the credible and professional personnel who are employed to work at NameCheap’s hosting company.

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