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Netfirms Web Hosting ReviewIs NetFirms a Good Web Hosting Company?

NetFirms was founded in 1998, and offers affordable web hosting packed with features. It is an industry leading company with the customer in mind, and their goal is to help ideas get on the Internet. More than 1.2 million websites are powered by NetFirms, which supports the company’s ideology of thinking big and focusing on growth and learning. They aim to do more with less, and to delight customers values reflected in the products and support on offer.

Web Hosting Details

Web hosting with NetFirms comes in three different plans tailored to the needs of different types of customers—the Advantage, Plus and Business plan. All of the plans come with at least one free domain, 24/7 support and a certain number of FTP accounts. Furthermore, the Business plan includes a dedicated SSL certificate. These are just a small number of the multitude of features included with web hosting from NetFirms, however, and many of them are common over the whole board. Some do differ between the plans, though, ranging from Plus featuring the least assets to Business featuring the most. That said, the plans mostly have the same features—with a few notable differences. This kind of split between different packages allows NetFirms to cater for a wider range of customers, from private individuals to large companies.

Web Hosting Features

All web hosting plans with NetFirms come with unlimited space and scalable monthly bandwidth. This allows any website owner the freedom to set up a small or big website as they please, and promote it without any limitations to how many visitors they can receive. The lack of restrictions on this front lets small websites grow bigger with no fear of hitting their limits, and is a good manifestation of NetFirms’ goal to help ideas get onto the Internet. Building a business or personal website can quickly get bigger than ever expected, and having a web hosting service that accommodates for that is vital to maintaining success.

Aside from limitless space and scalable bandwidth, all plans come with a certain amount of credits for various advertisement services—namely Google Adwords, Yellowpages, and Bing Ads. Creating a good starting place for small businesses and providing a bonus for already established companies, these credits allow website owners to begin promoting their website with no budget for such endeavours. It is a very good way of encouraging small businesses and individuals to grow online, as it provides a jumpstart. All of the plans come with the same amount of credits, but they would arguably be more valuable to small start-ups.

Unlimited email accounts are included in every plan. Providing a way of creating a professional outlook with a matching email and website, it also gives website owners a lot of possibilities in terms of interacting with visitors. Depending on the kind of website being built, it may be beneficial to have a member system or other way of assigning email addresses to regular visitors or particularly interested individuals. The email addresses can also be used for employees and other affiliates of a company, allowing them to use it for purposes relating to the business. On a smaller scale, a family website can, for example, assign an email address to each member of the family, which may be used as their primary email or as family-only contact points. All email accounts include spam filtering and virus scanning. Avoiding spam and viruses is necessary for any email account. Incorporating it from the beginning saves the hassle of having third-party virus scanners, and also encourage the use of the email addresses of other providers who may not have such precautions in place.

MySQL databases and PHPMyAdmin are integral components of a vast variety of websites. They can be used to set up many different business types, game websites and personal projects, and provide an interface and language that ranges from intermediate to advanced. They can be used for projects on a large scale as well as for smaller websites and will give the same advantages in both cases. Every NetFirms web hosting plan comes with a certain number of databases, the Business plan having unlimited, which can be used to support and build a website.

Still, in the development ballpark, NetFirms web hosting is compatible with several Linux, blog and forum features. PHP4, PHP5, Perl, Python, WordPress, PHPBB and bbPress are all supported regardless of plan, and allow website owners a lot of flexibility when choosing how to build their website. Regardless of their favoured method, they can likely use it with NetFirms, and if not, a close alternative may be supported. No matter what, the development possibilities are endless, and can be customized for individual projects and requirements.


NetFirms web hosting caters to many different types of customers, businesses and websites. It is a very adaptable service with many good features included in every plan, and while the difference between the Plus, Advantage and Business plans are few, they can be significant depending on one’s needs. Support by email, chat and the phone is available 24/7 to all customers, and hence there is no need to worry about what to do in case problems arise, no matter the time of day or in what time zone.


The disadvantages of NetFirms are few but should be noted. Only the Business plan comes with unlimited FTP accounts and MySQL databases, which may be relevant depending on the size of the business or website. Furthermore, the names of the plans could indicate more clearly what customer group they appeal to. At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish between the Plus and Advantage plan and recognise which is the middle-tier.


Web hosting poses a major decision for any prospective website owner, fledgling business or moving company. NetFirms provides a solid product in three different tiers, mostly containing the same features, but with a few notable differences. In terms of the company itself, NetFirms has a customer-centric philosophy and a can-do attitude—factors to be taken into account if choosing between different web hosting companies. All of the hosting plans come with basic features such as email addresses, compatibility with a lot of development solutions, at least one free domain, unlimited disk space and scalable bandwidth—the choice between them comes down to a handful of factors, which simplifies the decision-making process.

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