Nugenix Ultimate Review

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Nugenix ReviewAre you looking for a testosterone booster that will give you great results? If yes, look no further for Nugenix is definitely what you are looking for.

What is Nugenix? It is a testosterone hormone that is highly recommended by physicians for purposes of assisting in testosterone boosting, particularly when traditional testosterone boosting methods such as intense cardio and weight training exercise fail to bring the desired results.

Among the many things that set Nugenix apart from other testosterone boosters out there is that it is an all-natural product which comes in pill form. In other words, Nugenix is made from natural herbs and extracts. It is manufactured by Direct Digital LLC, and it is made in US laboratories under strict FDA practices.

Nugenix Details

The combination of testofen derived from fenugreek seeds and the tribulus terrestris is basically what gives Nugenix its potent feel. It also contains other ingredients such as Zinc and vitamin B6, which are associated with muscle gain, sexual stamina, weight reduction and improved cardio among other health benefits that are linked with this testosterone booster.

The fenugreek seed extract, which is the main ingredient of Nugenix, produces fenusides which when combined with tribulus terrestris and l-citruline forms “Nugenix Testosterone Complex”. The special formulation can be utilized effectively like male enhancement products for purposes of boosting sexual stamina.

Testofen is also known to enhance the body’s ability to produce more testosterone on its own. A recent study revealed that men who took fenugreek seeds have a higher sex drive than their counterparts who never took fenugreek seeds at all.

The other common ingredients of Nugenix include tribulus terrestris and l-citruline (an amino acid). These two ingredients are quite common in tons of testosterone boosters and male enhancement products out there.

If you have decided to take Nugenix, then you should be ready to take in on a daily basis for you to get the results that you are looking forward to getting. The recommended dosage is 3 capsules per day. Once you purchase this product, you will get a free trial bottle which comes with 42 capsules, hence giving you up to 2 weeks to try this product out.

The standard bottle of Nugenix contains 90 capsules, and it can cost up to $70 per bottle. This makes Nugenix quite expensive when compared to loads of natural testosterone boosters on the market today. But considering how effective Nugenix is at boosting testosterone, then it is apparent that it is worth the extra money.

Are there some proven side effects of Nugenix? A good number of users have reported having a great experience with Nugenix. However, there are some reviews from some men that points out that there are users who experience a number of side effects after using this product. Some of the side effects that are associated with Nugenix include hair loss, stomach discomfort and headache.
However, it is apparent that there isn’t any way to be sure whether some of these side affects were caused by Nugenix or not. But a quick research on fenugreek seeds extract shows that fenugreek seed extract is attributed to a host of side effects such as coughing, nasal congestion, facial swelling and wheezing among many other side effects.

Nugenix isn’t a scam, but rather an all-natural testosterone booster that doesn’t contains synthetic testosterone. It basically helps the body restore healthy levels of testosterone production without causing liver damage or any other side effects linked with synthetic testosterone.

Advantages of Nugenix

Nugenix has several advantages over lots of testosterone boosters and male enhancement products out there. Below are some of the advantages that are linked with this product.

  • Made from all-natural ingredients-the fact that Nugenix is made from all-natural products means that it is safe for human use. Its ingredients have been proven not only to be highly effective as far as boosting testosterone is concerned, but they have most importantly been proven to be safe for human use. The product doesn’t contain harmful chemical ingredients and therefore it is safe for use.
  • Enhances muscle growth- Nugenix enhances muscle growth and maintains bigger muscle size even when one isn’t exercising.
  • Increases sexual stamina-Nugenix doesn’t only boost testosterone levels, but it further increases sexual stamina as well.
  • Increased sperm production-Nugenix is specially formulated for purposes of boosting testosterone, enhancing male vitality and increasing sperm production as well.
  • Offers a free trial-Nugenix is among a handful of testosterone boosters on the market that feature a free trial. The 14-days free trial can help you find out whether this product is ideal for you or not.
  • Helps boost overall mood- the ingredients contained in Nugenix also help in boosting overall mood while at the same time enhancing the body’s ability to produce its own testosterone.

Disadvantages of Nugenix

While Nugenix is quite effective based on testimonials and satisfied users, it however has a number of cons just like any other testosterone booster on the market these days. Below are some of the disadvantages that are linked with this product.

  • May not be effective if not taken in the right dosage-You may not reap the benefits of this product if you fail to use it based on the prescribed dosage.
  • The results may be somewhat temporary- Nugenix’s initial gains diminish with time, meaning that it is almost impossible to get permanent results with this product.

While feeding your body directly with testosterone provides a greater impact, Nugenix is however safe and it most importantly allows the body to produce testosterone on its own.


In as much as Nugenix may be a bit expensive when compared to other similar products on the market these days, it is however a great choice for any man experiencing low testosterone levels, which are responsible for weight gain, erectile dysfunction issues and energy loss.

Considering that Nugenix uses a special formulation of all-natural ingredients for purposes of boosting testosterone levels, increasing muscle mass and boosting energy, then it definitely means that this product is safe for your use. As such, purchase Nugenix today and take it in the right dosage and you will get the results that you are looking for.

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    nate Jun 15, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    Same thing happened to me reddish brown urine.. But not immediately..the next day.. Have quit taking it

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    Richard Feb 14, 2018 at 9:22 pm

    I quickly found there was a stimulation and growth factor. I knew the product was very effective.

    However at one time, I happened to not flush the toilet and what was a surprise to me. The urine in the bowel turned a dark reddish brown and at this point I stopped taking Nugenix. This turned the same color on other occasions.

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